Monday, December 4, 2006 NOT working...

I'm not sure why, but not only is not working, but Infinology, who hosts the site, is not coming up either! This may be a perfect opportunity to switch to godaddy!! ARG!!!! I tried calling Infinology and their line is busy!! What a MESS!!!!!

Also, my Student site is not working either!

Sorry guys, will do what I can ASAP!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Danica update...

FYI - Danica (Inspector Mom....Winnie on the Wonder Years....hello!!) is going to be on 20/20 tomorrow night....something about celebrities renewing their careers...and what they are doing now! :) Yeah!!

KarmKast6 - Happy Thanksgiving!!

Well, KarmKast6 is about to be out! I’ve finally recouped from the “cold.” OYE! Have some real cool songs on the cast!! My right forearm is absolutely killing me or I’d type it all out!

And of course more “random/mindless” talk! I’ve GOT to find a better way to organize myself!! ARG!!!

Chris? Kel-Bel is my cousin!  (hee, hee!!) If ya can get pass family?? You may be in!

more later......karmyn

oh, and about the JVC? Jon said - NO! so I’m taking it back tomorrow!  Sony would be better!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I have a confession to make!

I’m addicted! To Christina’s Podcast!! Christina who?? HELLO get a life!! :) (or maybe i should...ouch!!!) Anywho....Christina Curry....Pod Save the Queen! Take a listen!! L-O-V-E! She ROCKS!!! Take a listen! Awesome music too!!! :)

Christoph.....are you my blogharbor-boyfriend?? Have you past the Kell-Bell test?? Hmmmm.....she MUST be told!!! I’ll do that today sometime.........she’s family....lilke blood!! Give her a SHOUT!!!! Kell-Bell! (She gonna FREAK!!!) EVERYONE give her shout out!! She's funnier that I am!!! Seriously!!!!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How COOl!!!

So my shows only been up a few hours and I've already gotten a lot of downloads and response! (I'm SO excited!!) I HAVE to mention this, but I got a cool email from a listener and she emailed the COOLEST picture of her and her sister with Elvis in the 70's! WOW!! THE KING!!!

Thank you SOOOOOO much Lorie!! You've made me REALLY big!!!

KarmKast5 out.....a quickie!

i couldn't get the movie file on yet, so i uploaded it here!

bear with the stuffy nose! soooo sorry!! still fighting it......get better then worse again. :(

Monday, November 6, 2006

Michael Moss & Maurice Zondag!! :)

Cool! i just got finished talking with Michael Moss of Podsafe Music Hour
on good ole Skype! (played his promo on the 1st kast) Mike's so cool! Take a listen to his latest cast!! He also showed me another cool cast: Podologist!! :)

Also, just heard the Sunday Sundown with Maurice Zondag! (played his promo on the 4th kast) He's so sweet! He's featuring the Karmyn Kast for the month of November!! How cool!! So take a listen there too!!! :)

going to back to bed....I have a cold!!!!

Sunday, November 5, 2006

a bit random....

Check out the entire K&J "Movie." HA!! Very stupid and funny!!!


have had for forever but finally using the Mac!! Still confused!! Any other suggestiong of Mac ftp instead of Fetch??

Saturday, November 4, 2006

Christoph is...............

So this is one of the pictures that Christoph gave me to...put in my living room.  

** check out KarmKast4 ** i talk about his fan mail!

Okay, Christoph, if this is really you...because this is the internet....I think everyone will agree are VERY good fact, you are a HOTTIE!!

BTW - my mom said you look better than Brad Pitt!  

100% Podsafe Show....

I finally did a 100% Podsafe Show!! Hmmm....only thing i didn't mention was the Grey's episode thursday night!! ARG!! All I'm going to say.....commitment.....eek!!! Certain things I'm NOT ready to commit to......and OMG you can watch the episode again on!!!!

anywho - show should be up by now! (I should start paying my mom more!! hee, hee, i should double her pay!!) She's able to do SO much on the computer now.....well.....I may become obsolete! :)

good night....need sleep................teetering...........

Monday, October 30, 2006

glitch with play times....

I know, I know! There is a glitch with the number of times a podcast has been played on the site! i called godaddy and they are working on it!! Should be working in a few days!! :)

Thanks again for the most AWESOME feed back!! :)

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Episode III - The Halloween Episode!!

Okay so the 3rd Episode is out!! Full show notes the first few comments are at It just seems easier that way right now! I tried Wiki.....eek!! So, I got Castblaster and I like it so far!! :) Still working out the bugs!!!

Thanks to everyone for all of the awesome feedback!! I’m using my gmail for all of the Kast stuff!! It’s Gmail is REALLY awesome!! I’m also using for the Kast as well! :) (That was my mom’s idea!!) :P But...if you listened to the 2nd kast....I have the (what a mess THAT was!) just to listen to the cast and to show links to subscribe.....I honestly have no clue when the next one will be. I have enough info for 2+ episodes, and the time to actually do one.......ha, ha....hee, hee, hee........HAR, HAR...!!!!!!! Oye!! :)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

...oops, I did it again!!

Okay, okay, I know it's only been a few days, but I'm HOOKED!! I already did another podcast!! And I also have a site were you can listen and/or subscribe via Odeo and and I believe at least the 1st one is available via iTunes!! (man, that's crazy!!) just goto: to take a listen.

shout out to BillG!! You are AWESOME!! Thank you for your review!! I'm listening and going to try and do all that you suggested!! rock on!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

okay I'm SUCH a dork!!!!

Yeah, like a URL would be nice on a promo!! Thanks guys for the heads up and WHOA!! on the overwhelming response!! You guys ROCK!!!

okay...hear the promo....

like i said, it's not's my first one...and i'm not even sure how much better it's going to get!! ARG!!! or how often i can do a karmkast!! hee, hee!! but i uploaded the i STILL love editing!! :) i'm not terriffic, but it's just fun for me!! :)

later all and BE NICE, it's my first time!!! :P

karmyn made a podcast!!!!!!

Yes, it’s been a while since I have blogged...way too much to go into, but I can give a little insight! First off, I seriously debated doing a podcast instead...because sometimes I just write WAY too much, and listening would be SO much easier! And talking would be so much easier arms hurt when I write or type for any length of time! In fact...I may just do that....

lapse of A LOT of time!!

....okay, so I made a’s called the Karmyn Kast or KarmKast for short! Here’s the link:

Already tried it should be working!! :) If not, please let me know!!! Enjoy and give me a few SHOUT OUTS guys!!! :) :*

Thursday, September 28, 2006

just a quickie....

A quickie…been very busy….IM set has been SO much fun!! More on that later…..hee, hee!!

Hmmmmmm……..Grey’s is just AWESOME!! And though I’m not like Meredith in “certain” ways, her “dating” dilemma…………………Helloooooooooo nurse!!! I forgot how fun dating could be!! ? HA! And it's SO much nicer when ever one knows what's going on!! But  continuing on, hmmm…….who’s in my Six Degrees?? I have NO idea, but it’s exciting to think about!!


Thursday, September 7, 2006

tennis pain....

Okay it's like happening again!!! In the dark ages there was a time when i watched Andre play and he would do really well!!!!! Okay, it's SOOOOOO happening again! And even though James did not win!!! I had to so go and run some major errands so i watched, had to leave, called to get the score, freak-out, went to where i had to go and BEGGED Mr. Mike to let me watch...freaked out even more...(3rd set tie break)...oh my GAW!!...hurried home to watch the rest...James gave a little more and... Well, basically, in my opinion, had I watched the entire game with out the interruptions, James would have won!! And, man, i don't even care about the potty break!! For goodness sake, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go!! :) Also, random, but there was a slow-mo shot of James hitting a 2-handed backhand and OH MY GAW, if there is anyone who hits that shot like Andre, it was SO right in that moment!! Whoa!!!

Obviously i've been watching the US Open, but not able to really blog because of...well a lot of things! Yes, i watched the last Andre match, but i didn't cry, i did tear-up though!! i have such a link to him in SO many ways!! (Kim I will so DIE if you EVER tell one of them!!) :) ARG!!!! So, it was hard to watch him leave, but hopefully, i'm only hoping, he'll do some commentary!! that would be awesome!! And there's always his children!!! Like I said before, I'm already a fan of their kids!! That's the type of love I have of this man!! And i don't even know him! it's pretty sad, though when you think of it!! But i liken it to die hard football fans of a certain team...i just don't have a team, just a guy!! i'm so gonna miss watching him.....i counted it up.....12 years i watched this guy play!! through the complete immaturity to the coming of age to the man who retired!! It's been a long relationship!!!

(random - love that "Heart Out" song playing at the end!!!)

Anywho, does James replace Andre? No, no one could, I'm just hoping for another player that i could follow as strongly...because i really love the game!! So much in the mind it's unbelievable!!!! James is right up there though! And I'm actually feeling some love for Andy too! Although it pains me a bit!! But Hewitt said some crappy things about James once and it really bugged me. I know i should forgive, but it was a racist one, and that REALLY grates on me!! So, Andy, here's kudos to you, man for bust his BUTT!!! HA!!!!!!! Now, if ya don't mind, please get in the finals.

And yes, i know Nadal is out! But, for some reason, my love is failing for him!! I'm so fickle! Hmmmm......the Spanish flame died on me!

And Andy, if you pull this off....i just might fall for you!!! Though it would pain me!! It'll be a love/hate relationship, i can already tell!!! OYE!!! And would you get privilege that Andre had....that spoke with Kim about....uh....NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Andre was my first long time celebrity love!! it's over now, but I'm not upset, i have the videos i can pull out!! Which is EXTREMELY sad!! HA!!! (if anyone thinks i'm actually going to do that....their nutz!!! But, i may be tempted!!)

Oh, and even though Grey's is great........not tonight!!! :) I have my priorities!

RANDOM: I wanna see Flyboys!!!! Looks like an awesome movie!!! Cool!!!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Grey’s Anatomy is AWESOME!!!

Okay I don’t even need to explain this, but I am an IDIOT for stopping the Grey watch!!! For SO many reasons!! ARG!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Old Friends Getting Drunk Who Found You!

I’m sitting here with Debbie, one of my most awesome friends! And I’m looking over my email!! Well, I can’t lie, but my is filtered by…uh…my manager, so I got a forward from her about an email from some of my friends from high school!! I read it, shared it with Debbie and we both BAWLED laughing!! Oh my GAW!! Because. They HAVEN’T changed in ALL the years since high school!! So guys, I’m putting your email on my blog! HA!!! To those with small children, please understand that this is adult material!! DO NOT let them READ!! And PLEASE, please, please, do not try this at home!!! And NOTICE it went to my SPAM folder!!!


Here’s to NBHS:

From: Andrew Martin [mailto: Couldn’t do that to ya man!]
Sent: Saturday, August 19, 2006 2:28 AM
Subject: [SPAM]Old Friends Getting Drunk Who Found You!


Hey Karmyn,


It took us a couple of times to write you name and this email as we are all drunk at the moment.  This is from Jason Milton, Andrew Martin and Thomas Bell.  Remember us??  We are now an architect, a doctor and a an entrepreneur of the first degree.  hope things are well.  Give us a holler if you ever get the hankering...hell if you ever actually read your own email?!?!?  Glad you're taking care of yourself. 


drew, jason and T

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Just Breathe.......

Okay, I FINALLY got to see the season finale/premier of Grey’s Anatomy. Long story on how I HATED the 1st season ending and the fact that I was being obsessive about seeing it every week!! Every time I feel like I’m getting obsessive about anything, I try to stop to make sure that I’m in control and not simply moved….so I’ve come to the realization that I LOOOOOOVE that show!! Okay yes, it’s the actors, but the WRITING!! OH-MY-GAW!!! It’s SO exactly on!!!!!!! They’ve got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeeze!! So unexplainable, now I have to buy the 2nd season and watch it one weekend!!! OYE!!!!!! I so cried on a day I wasn’t supposed to!




BTW – Rafa won……


RAFA'S ON ESPN2 right NOW at the Western & Southern Financial Group Masters playing Tommy Haas!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

More later!!!  

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Karmyn & Jennifer actin' CRAZY!!!

Okay…this is scary…Jen & I were playing with Tom’s new iMac and messin’ with iSite! I LOVE Macs….have I mentioned that before?? Uh, yeah… so here’s a starter….


Oh and OMT – YouTube is SO cool!!

Friday, August 11, 2006

WAIT!! One more AWESOME line!! Family friendly version….for the kids.

You may have to suffer through the previous blog to get the entire “feel” of why I like this line!!!


Fox: “The whole purpose of places like Starbucks is for people with no decision making ability what-so-ever to make 6 decisions just to buy one cup of coffee. Short, tall, light, dark……caff, decaff……….low fat, non fat…etc. So people who don’t know what the “heck” they’re doing or who on earth they are…..can…for only 2-95……get, not just a cup of coffee….but…. an absolutely defining sense of self. Tall…..decaff…..cappuccino!!”


SOOOOOOO True!! What do I get at Starbucks? A tall, Passion TAZO Tea…HOT!! Usually no sweetener…


WAIT!! Okay another line….that I find myself saying:

Typewriter Man: “….you are a lone reed…”

That’s all I’m putting about that scene…VERY funny!!


Ok, and I’m tired, so…. “good night dear void….” And good night Fox!! Whoever you are!! F-O-X!!


WAIT….good grief….one last one…..

KK: “Ya know the world is not driven by discounts, believe me, I have been in business forever, I mean I started helping my mother after school here when I was 6 years old and I used to watch her. And it wasn’t that she was just selling books, it was that she was helping people become whoever it was they were gonna turn out to be…because when you read a book as a child, it becomes part of your identity, in a way that no other reading in your whole life does and I’ve…. I’ve gotten carried away…”



This is SO random….are you surprised? No!! Obscenely TOO long!! Don’t even read this one!!

Ya know today was one of those days where I just wanted an evening to veg…or vedge! (How do you spell that anyway!!?? You know what I meant…) I was supposed to go see some friends of mine, but I just had so much on my plate for today, I just had to cancel! SO, I got most of what I needed to do, done, so I’m sitting here relaxing on my bed, sipping Chamomile tea & watching TNT! And what happens to be on? You’ve Got Mail! Now, I’m not one for romance movies, but this one, I have to admit…I love!! And I am SOOOO Meg Ryan….well….Kathleen Kelly’s character! (But at least I know it!!) I have a “typewriter” friend…one that’s been in my life for years…life imitating art…hmmmmm…. Moving on…I’m at the “you are nothing but a suit” speech!! In my opinion it really is a smart romance movie! Like, as the movie mentions and alludes to life imitating art AND my favorite classic book, Pride & Prejudice, it’s smartly done! (Abigail….HUSH!!!)


RANDOM LINE: “…a hotdog is singing…you need quiet when a hotdog is singing!?” This is a GREAT scene….“YOU forgive ME???” Life imitating ART!!! I’ve SOOO had this conversation!! And one of the best estrogen lines of the movie: “There is the dream of someone else….” And yeah, chic at the closing, I loved Anne Shirley too….Anne with an “e.” Which is probably why I like red-heads….also because of my sister! J


More great lines:

“People are always telling you that change is a good thing, but all they’re really saying is that something you didn’t want to happen at all…has happened!…the truth is, I’m heart broken. I feel as if a part of me had died…and no one could ever make it right.”


…and yes a baby Gap IS depressing!


I swear I’ve seen this movie a zillions times!! And I should mention that the soundtrack is GREAT!!!


What do Martini’s taste like?…never mind, I don’t wanna know….watching the movie as I type…obviously!


Other GREAT Lines:

Papa Fox: “I just have to meet someone new that’s all…that’s the easy part.”

Little Fox: “Oh yeah, right! A snap to find the one single person in the world who fills your heart with joy.”

(fade in to MUSIC: Signed, Sealed, Delivered!!) One of the BEST, MOST AWESOME songs in the universe!! Stevie, you ROCK!!!!

Papa Fox: “….have YOU??”

(…here I am, Signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours!!)


hmmm….he has a big nose in the door-lookey-outtie-thingy!! J HA!!!


and daisies ARE the friendliest flower!!


Another LINE moment!! I say this one all of the time!!!

Fox: “It wasn’t personal!”

KK: “What…what is that supposed to mean? I am so sick of that!! All that means is that it wasn’t personal to you! But it was personal to me. It was personal for a lot of people! I mean what is so wrong with being personal anyway?….my head is starting to get fuzzy…”

Another GREAT scene!!! Not experienced that one…at least not that I’ve realized…and NO internet dating! ARG!!! I do remember when they were powerful words to me though….“you’ve got mail.”


Another GREAT line:

KK: “I’ve been thinking about this…and I think we should meet!”

Fox: “We should meet, & we will meet….but I’m in the middle of a project that needs…tweaking.”

(this one just makes me giggle!! “Tweaking!!” HA!!! I now love that word!!!)


152….HA! Great scene! The WHOLE scene is AWESOME!! HA!!! “…is she a pilot???”


You know, the classic film that this film was taken from is good too!!


And the BEST scene?? From the “He’s primed you!”

Fox: “Ya know, sometimes I wonder.”

KK: “What?”

Fox: “Well…if I hadn’t been Fox books and you hadn’t been the “Shop Around the Corner,” & you and I had just met…”

KK: “I know,”

Fox: “Yeah, yeah, I would have asked for you number. And I wouldn’t have been able to wait 24 hours before calling you up and saying, yeah how ‘bout…..oh, how ‘bout some coffee or, you know, drinks or dinner…or a movie….for as long as we both shall live.”

KK: “………………Joe….”
Fox: “and you and I would have never been at war….and the only thing we’d fight about would be which video to rent on a Saturday night.”

KK: “…well who fights about that?”

Fox: “well, some people….not us….”

KK: “we would never…”

Fox: “if only…”

KK: “….hmm…I gotta go!”

Fox: “…well let me ask you something…how can you forgive this guy for standing you up, and not forgive me for this tiny little thing….of putting you out of business….oh how I wish you would.”

KK: “I really have to go!”

Fox: “Yeah, well, you don’t wanna be late.”


Why does she wear so much grey at the end of the movie??

And the BEST line!! (while playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow!)

KK: “I wanted it to be you, I wanted it to be you so badly!”


I struggled over the grammar of that sentence forever and a day!! I am SUCH a boring person!! :P


It was an AWESOME cast too!!! Great acting! In my opinion!! Real, but real good! J


A RANDOM not-about-the-movie remark: My left thumb is…trembling. It doesn’t really hurt, but it’s a muscle thing I think…it started this morning when I woke up and is still trembling! Am I typing too much?? Hmmmmm…..


Oh and one more line…from the beginning…on why Fox Books is gonna “get ‘em in the end…”

Fox: “…because we’re gonna sell them cheap books and legal addictive stimulants….”


Thursday, August 10, 2006

My iPod holder.....Zee PED2!!! :)

Okay I HAVE to tell you this!! Pretty much because it’s awesome!! J First off, visit this SO cool website! Okay, it’s a dorky picture of me, but…all well!! The cool part is this thing called a PED2! It holds your iPod so that you don’t have to “lay it down” to charge it or be hooked up to your stereo system. In fact, it saves SO much space and I don’t have to worry about it falling off of the speaker because I’m jammin’ too hard! J ALSO, is giving away FREE CDs to those who buy a PED!! So, Mike had asked me if I would be interested in being a part of that promo, I said, SURE! Sign me up!! So, when you buy a PED right now, if you want my CD, you’ll get it for free!! Of course, there are other artists to choose from as well…REALLY cool ones too!! (Should I mention Brother Love??? Uh, YEAH!!! Hee, hee!!) J BUT, they have PEDs for all KINDS of devices!! It’s just REALLY cool!! You should SO check it out!!! Anywho….more later…..maybe…..okay…sure!!! J

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

one more thing!!!

Okay, I forgot to show this picture....i was just impressed my camera phone worked right...i SOOOO need an upgrade!! ARG!!! Anywho, Lew was SO funny, when I was talking to him on the phone he kept saying....

"Okay, when you get into town I want to you look right in front of the Salt Palace!! Don't forget, you HAVE to's something REALLY cool!!"

So, being intrigued, I simply HAD to look!! And what did I see? THIS!!

(hee, hee) No wonder the "cool check-out girl at Brookshire’s" made such a big deal! That was SOOOO sweet, Lou!! Thank you again!   

Monday, August 7, 2006

Grand Saline!!

Okay Grand Saline was really fun!! Everyone was SO nice!! It’s a small town where everyone knows EVERYTHING about EVERYONE!! Which can be cool…or not so cool according to a really cool check out girl at Brookshires! J  I completely understand though!! Everybody in “your” business? Eek!! She was so funny! Well, I stayed at an AWESOME Bed & Breakfast called Little Fannie’s! (…the story about it is AWESOME too!!) Anywho I went into town to get some vittles for in the morning….because I’m picky…(hee, hee)…and when I was checking out she (the really cool check out girl at Brookshires) said…so you’re the girl who’s picture’s been all in the paper! I was like….uh yeah, I guess that’s me! (Eek!!)


Anyway, the concert was SO much fun!! And people actually danced!! (Yeah!!!) I did however goof on Dancing in the Dark/Night & Day!! I’m not sure what happened, but I lost it…the words…I know I said something…in rhythm…and as I understand…it even rhymed!! ARG!!! I thought only my mother and producer, Bill (who came…thank you SO much you are SO awesome and having my first “Canton” experience with you was FAN-TABULOUS!!! I love you, Bill!! And I LOVE my gifts!! And I can’t WAIT to see the dresses Reggie has for me!!!!….insert music…..“I feel pretty, oh so pretty…..”) Okay, back to the concert….I thought no one would know, but….JOSH!!! Lew’s cool son with REALLY awesome hair…came up to me and said, “so, did you change the words to Dancing in the Dark/Night & Day?” I was like, oh my gosh, yeah, I had a brain laps. And Josh told me that he had listened to my CD quite a bit and so he knew I messed up, BUT he said that unless you knew, you wouldn’t have even guessed!! Mom and Lew told me the same thing!! YEAH!! Oh well, no one’s perfect!! And sometimes that’s hard for me to deal with!!!! At least…ME being perfect!! (hee, hee!!!)


More later, but Grand Saline…was awesome!! Thank you Grand Saline for making me feel so special….i’m SOOOO honored that you asked me!!!

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

...get me some cig-rettes!!

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s been awhile since I “really” blogged. But I can tell ya some cool stuff that’s happening. First off, I’m working with an amazingly talented brass musician and composer, Dr. Tomas Stone!! (Who happens to be my best friend, Jen’s hubby!! They are SO adorable together!! And in all honestly they could and SHOULD do stand-up comedy together! I laugh so hard I hurt every time I’m with ‘em!!…………“Baby, go thru Starbuck’s & get me some cig-rettes!!” ROAR!!!!) Last week Tom & Chris (…sorry, I can’t remember your last name at the moment…but your wife sounded nice on the phone!!! J) informed me that one of the tunes I wrote was a NO, R&B song….well….COOL! All I knew was when Chris (last-names-less) played on it, I was like…uh, that’s like EXACTLY what I’m hearing in my head!! (Which is actually a scary thing…no one needs inside my head…not even ME sometimes!) Anywho, Tom’s brass sounded PHENOMINAL on it….yeah, Tom’s brass….(Jen……stop with the comments!!!) HA!!! Ah well, enuff for the moment, maybe more later…

Saturday, July 29, 2006

...a most wonderful movie!!!

Young Catherine: It's been years since I've seen this movie!!! I LOVE IT!! Julia Ormond was AWESOME! I just wanted to watch it again I did. Amy S., do you remember talking about this movie in 1st period? Girl, thank you for shall I put this?...cultured!! J (HA!!) We watched that movie so many times…OYE!! I know it perfectly!! WE know it perfectly!! And HELLO, when I bought the movie…after recording it off of TNT…they took out MY FAVORITE SCENE!! ARG!! But, I’m still watching the one I bought.


And, well, there is…was…Mark Frankel…how tragic! What an amazing actor…and beautiful man!! How very, very sad…we talked about him too!! J When I saw, Kindred the Embraced, on TV, my heart nearly stopped!! And then….how very sad!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I know it's been awhile...

Yeah, I know, I haven't blogged on this one in a bit. But I do have a cool story to share on my xanga blog. Check it out and I'll try to get something out on this one ASAP!


PS - Yeah, yeah, yeah....Nadal still did AWESOME!!! (But I still love Andre MORE!!!)  

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Lizzy WON!!!

Lizzy Blum WON the Four-Points cover model contest!!! YEAH!!!! Go Lizzy!! You guys, THIS is an outstanding young woman!! I'm SO happy for her!! (Did I mention that she got in top ten at Miss New York this year??) And she’s an OUTSTANDING vocalist!!! Oh my gaw!!!)

More later...just had to quickly spread the joy!!!

Click HERE to see!!!

Monday, July 3, 2006

Bummed...but not for too long!!!

Major bum on Saturday!!! Andre….lost….but I’m sure the world knows that by now!! I was seriously bummed too!! Thanks BG for the vote of sympathy!! BUT, I’m still very happy for Nadal. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, he (Nadal) lost in the 2nd round last year. So I wanted him to fair better, but NOT to beat Andre to do it!!!!!!!!!! BUT, again, a Rafa – Fed-head final…..SWEET!!! But until then, I’m going to watch the tragedy unfold…yep, I taped the fatal match…and I may cry!! Well, maybe not…IF it were the US Open, I would SOOOOO cry!!!! L


Okay the Miss Arkansas’s Outstanding Teen thing was so much fun!! The panel was so great too!! We jelled and were honest with each other about what we were looking for!! To my understanding it was the best top ten they had ever had…and to be 100% honest it was probably one of the most talented top tens I’ve seen in EONS!!!! What is in the water with the tap dancers!!?? WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Ya know, sometimes judges don’t jell and it’s a horrible mess!! But I’m sure our winner, the beautiful Dorothy, will do AWESOME at Nationals and perhaps bring home the crown!!!! And with Mr. Mac on your side, there’s NO stoppin’ ya!! Man, if ANYONE in the universe can prepare a girl its Mr. Mac!! Mac, you ROCK!! And thank you Mr. Mike for all of your help getting us to and fro…you and your wife are SO sweet, not to mention your most adorable “Gerber-Baby” granddaughter!! (Oh my gosh, you HAVE to see this baby!!!) And Meghan!! You are SO beautiful & talented!! And I’m SO mailing your graduation gift; I completely forgot to bring it!! Sorry!! Have fun at UT!!! And Paula…you are STILL gorgeous girl!! 2 kids and a figure like that!! I should be so lucky!! J


Oh! This is cool!! Thank you Ken for emailing me this!! It’s a video of the crowning! Click here!! OH and CONGRATS to Lizzy Blum for getting in top ten at the Miss New York Pageant!!!! YEAH!!! I SO knew you could do it!! We just need to get the crown next year!! J Yeah!!!


Random - Okay I just saw the Kelly Ripa/Mark Consuelos “Tide” commercial they are SO adorable!!! I swear Kelly and I are kin!!! I act just like her!!! So I guess I need to find a Mark Consuelos. Uh, HELLO!!! (tee, hee!)

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Buh-NAH-nuh!! (hee, hee!!)

Okay, I’m really sleepy so this will be as quick as possible! HA!


Cool day! Everyone was great!! Or as Julie says, “phenomenal!” If you don’t know what I’m talking about visit my xanga!


Okay the moment I wanted which would not have been possible in a final because they are in the same draw…pay attention, Karmyn…Agassi vs. Nadal!! ARG!! And I’m going to MISS it!! It’s gonna be on SATURDAY!!!! So….if you see it, feel free to scoff at me!! Although I will be doing something really cool….I SO want to see that match!!! Well, I’d have to watch the scoreboard thingy on the net anyway!! That’s what I had to do today for the Nadal/Kendrich match! WHOA!! 25 aces for Kendrich?? H-E-L-L-O!!! I caught Nadal on his 6th!! J Anyway, I had to listen to it via internet and watch the live scoreboard…..which was interesting!! And a bit cool!! But the scoreboard was more “live” that the radio, which was NOT cool!! The dude irritated me because he kept mispronouncing Nadal’s name…Nay-DELL!! Uh, NO, it’s Nay-DOLL!! It reminds me of when they used to mispronounced Andre’s name…they’d say a-GOSS-see instead of A-guh-see. OYE!! The girl made me laugh, because when Kendrich’s girlfriend got him a blue drink and a banana….Well, I just ROAR when a Brit says, Buh-NAH-nuh!! HA!!! It’s just SO cute! BTW – Does anyone remember, Banana-man? And Dangermouse for that matter!! You know the one with Penfold?? OYE! Am I the ONLY ONE WHO REMEMBERS THOSE CARTOONS?? Also how about the Tomorrow People??? They were all Nick shows…or at least on the Nick channel!!!!


Man, I need to go to sleep…I’m really exhausted!! More later….

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tennis Time!!! My picks...but not exactly because of the way they play...hee, hee...go figure!

As you tennis fans know, Wimbledon is ON!! I haven’t gotten to watch many matches because of my schedule, but I’ve checked…as OFTEN as I possibly could!!!


All that matters is that Andre is STILL in!! I saw an interview with him yesterday…amongst the “who will Brad Gilbert be coaching” episode!! Oye!! He (Andre) seems SO happy & fulfilled!! As I watched, I remembered one of the MANY reasons I like him!! His smile!! It’s so honest and real!! It’s probably one of the best smiles I have ever seen! He just beams!! (Julianne don’t start with me on the whole Brooke & Andre thing…now’s not the time!!!) But he’s retiring this year…his last Wimbledon!! How AWESOME it would be if he won!!!!!!! And how sad that I will never see him play again…well not as an ATP man!! L One of “goals” is shot!! Ah well!! Such is life!! But I really am bummed about it! Maybe if I can get to the US Open this year….but I don’t see that happening…(sigh) L


Who I’m watching?

Agassi (of course, THE MAN!!)

Nadal (the “clay” boy wonder!) – and thank you bgilter for the Nadal update!! (HA!!) Pour-ting!

Blake (my hero!)

Federer (the genius!)

Nalbandian (GOOD player and tough for Fed-head!)

Ancic (because he’s just GOOD too!)

Hewett (just don’t be a jerk to Blake or I will have to start hatin’ & THAT’S not good!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Watching but not much hope for:

Bracciali (your cute, although the “mug shot” on the site looks pretty…muggy!!)

Murry (go Andy!! The Brit’s love ya & so do the Scots!!!)

Haas (hmmmm….very interesting!! How far this year??)

Roddick (don’t get me started, although good game today! Talent is talent…but humility is a beautiful thing & right now you’re not even very pretty!!) L


Oops for:

Hanman….sorry man!

Philippoussis…grow up…that’s what you get for dating Paris’s girl-toy! (whoa! That wasn’t very nice of me, now was it!! Don’t worry, I’ll repent & apologize….later!! Okay!! Sorry Nicki!!) L (for the record I heard he wasn’t very nice to her!! What a JERK!!) L

Sanguinetti…you have a really cool name!!! J


Who I’d LOVE to see in the finals? Agassi & Nadal! Who will probably get to the finals? Federer & Nalbandian. Now, I’m NOT dissin’ Andre, I just worry about his physical health!! Although for thirty…what 36 now?? You look DANG good…. & play well too!! J (hee, hee!)


And that’s it for now, pal!!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Best in Show!

I went to my first dog show today!! Why? You ask. My cousin shows American Eskimos. They’re BEAUTIFUL!! Ya know, I’ve never heard the word….well, I just can’t type it out….you know - witch with a “b”. (So, I’ll just substitute, “b-witch”) Well, I have NEVER heard that word said so many times in one day and NOT be used as a curse! ARG!! It was unnerving at first, and then I was okay. The phrase, “Wow, that’s a really nice b-witch!” had a whole different meaning for me. And I agreed with the person saying that on many occasions.


I remember in college my roommate and I getting caught up watching Westminster’s one weekend! Then our friends came over and we all got into it too…it was weird! So I still watch it occasionally. I like watching them at home because Annie barks at all of the dogs.  Anyway, it’s really just a pageant for dogs!! And MAN do these people take it seriously! (Anyone remember the movie Best in Show!? Christopher Guest…nailed it!!!!! I should rent that movie again sometime!) Although my cousin’s not a freak about it, she does have beautiful dogs!! One of her dogs, Maggie, won BOB!! (Best of Breed). It was kinda dorky, but I was really excited for her!!! (hee, hee!!) Eek!! OH, and BTW, they have “show-moms” like “pageant-mom’s” too. And they are B A D!! Can’t people act like adults!! Sheesh!!


Janie said she'd “cut me a deal” on one of her puppies…I’ve seriously considered it!! They are SO adorable!! Speaking of that I saw this really cool bumper sticker the other day that said: Dogs are for life not just for Christmas! And I agree 100%! My dog is like my child…to a point, but I she is!! J

Friday, June 16, 2006

Big Brass Sports Band!!!

Okay, first of all, last night was a BLAST!! It was one of those…I’m supposed to be here…moments. Ya know!! I was just honored to be with those guys…and 2 girls (HA!)…it was just WOW! Live instrumentation, all of that crazy focused energy…whoa! I have to admit: The Setzer number was one of my FAVS!! Have the CD and it’s AWESOME!!!! And Mark flippin’ ROCKED!!! (Jen & I asked if we could kiss his fingers!!) I’m SO listening to the track right now!!!! And, uh, Mr. Setzer….I believe Mark SO ran you OFF!! And MIKE!! My mom is in love with you….not like THAT, but in love with your trumpet playin’!!! Jen & I sat back down from a potty break and mom turned to me and said, “I’m in love!!” Ya see where I get it??? Oh, and, I prevented her (my mother) from dancing on any more tables!! (hee, hee!! For those who needed to know that bit of info…and you KNOW who you are!)

Oh and Jim!! Mr. College basketball coach, you are SO COOL!!! Forgoing the FINAL to come hear us?? Now THAT’S friendship! (Although we know you TiVo-ed it & will “study” it sometime today!) And I HAVE to meet your wife!! She sounds SO COOL too!! Anywho, thank you for the insight!! Jim, Tom’s best friend, is the absolute coolest coach I’ve EVER met!! Jen, Jim & I talked about “performance levels” of singers/actors and the similarities of sports athletes and it was one of THE most intriguing conversations I have EVER had…all this at 1am in the morning, mind you!! (And YES, we talked about tennis!!) He SO psychoanalyzed my performance and it was the COOLEST thing!!!!! (You asked me questions that I never realized were so…“sports medicine”!!) And thank you for the compliments!! Jim, I’m SO gonna call you guys!! And I’d like to officially ask you to be my life coach!! J (hee, hee!) Thank you for the encouragement and “the talk”!  

And thank you Bill Causey for asking me to do the gig!! And MAN, can you not ever PLAY!!!! AAHHH!!! And you’re so “cool” when you do it! And Jen-Jen, I LOVE YOU!!! Your girls were AWESOME!! You are a magnificent talent and teacher and just a beautiful person inside & out!!!! And Tom!! Thank you for YOUR compliment!! Ya know, your mom can tell ya something, but when a fellow musician tells ya something…wow! Thank you! I SO respect your AMAZING talent!! WOW!! I was just blessed. It was a good evening!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006


OH MY GAW!!! While I’m about to get my “beauty…uh vocal rest” for tomorrow, I just HAD to blog about the Summer Band rehearsal!! Jaw-dropping, flippin’ out, oh my gosh!!! SO Jen, mom and & I go to the rehearsal hall in time to hear, Mike Williams, uh the LEAD TRUMPET PLAYER for the Count Basie band!! HELLO!!!! He hit notes I could not BELIEVE!! WHOA!!!!!!!!! Absolutely Amazing!! People where so flippin’ out they were calling people and letting them hear him on their cells… He’s just…OH MY GOSH!! No words!! And THEN, I get up to rehearse and the band just blows me way!! They are flippin’ amazing!!! The charts were PERFECT!!! PERFECT!!!! And THANK YOU Vicki for helping me “corner” the Ella song! It SO worked!!! BUT, in the middle of Big Time when the guitar solo hits….Mark Griffith…ripped it up!!!!!! I was like peeing on myself…well not really….but WHOA!!! I was so in AWE that Bob…sorry I don’t know your last name…the sop. sax player had to remind me to come back in and finish out the song!!! I just thought, man, I am SO blessed!! Anyway, I’m off to dream land while my mother and best friend go out partying!! When I work, I don’t play!! Well, only on stage because it’s part of it and FUN!! But, I can go out tomorrow night AFTER the job is over!! See, I’m a good girl!! (seriously….you have NO idea!!) J

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Okay I just HAD to blog again because of an email and voice message that I got from 2 really cool guys!!

1st a shout out to Robert Trudeau for an awesome “blog-write” on the show this week in Shreveport! THANK YOU!! You are SO sweet!! I am REALLY excited!! Plus the fact that I get to work with my best friend, Jennifer Dowd-Stone and her husband Dr. Tomas Stone! (hee, hee! The Finale track was awesome, Tom!) It should be cool…well not outside! I have to find my favorite sun dress to sing in…cause we gonna be sweatin’!!! And Tom, let us hope that I do your favorite song justice!! Maybe as well as Ella?….well almost as well…she’s was just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!


And 2nd-ly a shout out to Bill in Austin!! How funny!! Yes, it’s tiresome to read the Nadal banter! I understand!! And concur! My mom said I came out of the womb boy crazy…and it seems to run in our family genes! But, I’m not THAT freaky!! I’m a very excitable person at heart. Plus, it’s just fun to pretend! And THANK YOU for your encouragement with Nadal!! (HA!) We just need to start a petition to him!! Hey, I’m right in Texas! I could live in Spain! I’ve always wanted bilingual children! J (hee, hee!) “…only Make Believe…” And, of course, that’s what it is…..(sigh). I’m just being a silly-bear!  


To all - feel free to download the voice mail!! I laughed SO hard...while I was trying not to have a wreck driving down the street!! (Hee, hee!) And Bill, thank you for taking the to time read my blog! I am honored! BTW - I trust you will get to your destination safely! Gotta love flying!


Hmmmmm….should I start my own podcast? Aaron…where are you? J I think I know who my first guest would be!! I talked to her today!!! Hmmmmm.......

The Queen Mother............

Oh my GOSH!!! Check out this podcast!! My mom is now been dubbed the “Queen Mother” on RLF!!! AAAHHHHHHH!! J


Nuff Said Just listen!!!! Hee, hee!!!

Eban… are beyond awesome!! And thank you for all of the awesome emails of encouragement!! They really help!! Bless you!!! I mean that!! Here’s a HUGE hug from Texas!!!
RLF Royal Court



Monday, June 12, 2006

Part Deux and not much shorter!!! In fact, it’s just as long, I think…..or longer…

Off court RANDOM:

Nadal seems so shy and unpretentious off the court, but on court…hello! BAM!! And that’s like really attractive!! And Roger seems like SUCH a nice guy!! I know he used to have a lot of anger problems in the juniors…it’s really sick that I know that…but he’s such a gentleman…and that’s really attractive too!!


Okay moral dilemma! I don’t think of “bad” things when I think of Nadal…compared to some people’s idea of “bad” like “really bad!” But, OYE!! He’s SO hot!! And thank you Eric (Cohen) for the email on Nadal or…how did you put it? “You’re hot hunkie tennis guy won the French!” If he were “MY” tennis guy I would be the happiest girl in the universe! (forget Gerard Butler!…seriously….I’m SO fickle!….story of my life!!) Oh and Eric…thanks for reading the blog!! AND thank you for playing my music…could ya play “Make Believe” for me as a dedication to Nadal!! J I’m SOOOO serious!! (S.W.A.K.!!) WAER Jazz 88 Rocks!! Kudos, man!!


Nadal, BTW, is the ONLY 20 year old I would consider!! Even my mom said, uh, yeah, that would be fine with me!! Not for her…GROSS, but for me!! We’d have such awesome tennis kids!! Nadal think about it!! (HA!!) One of my dreams is to spawn a #1 ATP tennis player!! The other is marry a HOT guy!! He (Nadal) SOOOO fits the bill!! (Oh WAIT, commercial for Andy…Roddick….uh……NOPE! Don’t think so!! Nadal is MUCH better! Andy’s too cocky! And that’s so UNattractive!! Date yourself, man!! )


AAHHH! I’m seeing Roger without a shirt on!! This is SICK, but I remember the first time I saw Andre without a shirt on….AND without a shirt IN PERSON….not like THAT….(that would only be in brain…but I’ve repented since then!)…anyway…ugh….too much hair on your chest Roger….eeeek!!!  Nadal, however….not so bad!! J When ya see his cute belly button as he hits his most awesome 2-handed back hand…angels sing in my head!! (not really…but it’s a cool thought!!) 


Hee, hee! I think the chair ump just told everyone to “shut-up” in French! Cursing sounds so much better in French! Not that my teacher in college, hello Mr. Reuset, told us any of them…..hee, hee!!


Ugh this commercial is getting on my nerves!! Go away Geico gecko and take your “pie & chips” with YOU!!! AAAHHHHH!!! Fast forward, fast forward!!!! (Poor Roger!!)


Nadal is SO anal!! (that could rhyme!) We’d SO get along! He straightens his water bottles before he goes to the other side!! ARG!! AND he’s a family guy!! Oh, he’s perfect…okay at this moment in time I think he’s perfect!! It’ll go away tomorrow!! But come back when I see him play again!! J


Uh-oh, 4th set…Roger mentally breaking down… “pour-tang.” MISS HIT!! Whoa, Roger, what’s wrong?? (khhhee..hheee, hheee!) Tight shot on Roger’s face in anx!! (As in anxious…duh!!)


WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nadal making Fed run EVERYWHERE and Roger…standing-O on defense!!! I HAVE to watch that again!!!!!!!!!!! That was….a turn-on!! H-E-L-L-O!!!! Breaking back…..but I know the outcome and you’re a LOSER!! (I kinda feel bad for typing that….okay not too bad!! B/C you need to lose SOMETIME!!!)


Ya know…barring any physical injuries on Fed’s part….I envision Fed-Head coming back next year and winning! Beating Nadal….and won’t the victory seem SO much sweeter being that it took so much hard work and patience!! I know I’d appreciate it more!!!


Tie Breaking ACE!!!!!!!!!!!! Nadal, you’re IT!!!! (I know the out come and my heart is STILL beating fast!!!) 


AAAHH!! The WIN!!! Covered in CLAY he’s ever HOTTER!!!!!!  VAMOS!!!!!!


Awe, he’s hugging his family!! I bet he STINKS to high heaven!! Yuk!! I’d have to pinch my nose!! Eeeee-yoou!


Okay SPEECH!!! Roger – second place!! Awe, he’s so humble!! That’s really cool!!


Nadal: Is he going to speak Spanish, French or English? His English is actually getting REALLY good! He kisses the trophy!!! (hmmmmm…..never mind!) AWE!!! He’s crying!! He has SUCH beautiful features!!! I’m going cry with him!!!! Daddy & uncle are crying too! Spanish men are SOO sensitive!! It’s beautiful!!!


Okay, Roger, you’re really HOT speaking French!! OYE!!!!!!! Okay and that’s the second time you’ve turn me on, Roger….OYE!! I’m just going to have to ignore it!! J Rafa, in Spanish! Arriba!!! He’s SO nice to Roger!!! How sweet!! And he bites his nails!! (**sigh**)


Phrase of this blog by Nadal:

Yesterday: “If I wasn’t playing today, I’d be rooting for Roger!” &

Victory Speech: “Roger is the best on ALL surfaces!” (to which most of the crowd boos…)


Righteous humility is a BEAUTIFUL thing!!


Good night Nadal! Think about me!! (HA! I wish!!)  

Repenting would be a good thing….right before I fall asleep tonight!! (hee, hee!!)

WAIT!! He’s biting the trophy????? Uh……NO comment!!! Repenting, yet again!!!!! God HELP me!!!!

If you don’t like tennis or me drooling over Nadal….don’t read this!!

This is loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong! Just a warning……may separate it!! OYE! It really is noxious! I’ll read this a few days later and mentally vomit, I know!!!


Part 1


I am a sick puppy! I soooo had to Tivo the French, and I thought…man this is going to be anticlimactic. I actually found out who won via cell phone at lunch and I FREAKED OUT in the middle of Applebee’s! Woo-Who!! 60 straight clay court wins!! AMAZING! RAFA!!!!!!! And he’s SO flippin’ cute!! When I looked at the score I though,  “WHOA I HAVE to watch this!!” He won, 1-6 (eek!) 6-1 (ahhhh!) 6-4 (SWEEET!) 7-6 with a 7-4 tiebreak!!


Nadal & Federer are polar opposites!! Nadal has enough energy for 50 people at once and Federer acts like he could play tennis and “do his nails” at the same time!! It is just amazing to watch tennis…a rage of focused energy!! L-O-V-E it!!


How cute!! In the middle of a matches, Nadal has this funny little habit….he constantly, constantly, let me say it again, constantly has a wedgie! It’s like, “can I help ya with that, babe? I’d be happy to help! (and he has SUCH a nice derriere…. Me being the “butt” girl  that I am! (Oh my gosh!!…RANDOM: everything sounds so much better in French….I just don’t want to sing it!!!!) Anyway - just let me be the towel girl!! Or wedgie-girl…whatever…I’m there for ya!! And what’s with this new facial hair thing?? Hmmmmm…. he’s now in his 20’s and trying to look more masculine!! Babe, ya don’t have to try!!


AWESOME point at the 1-6; 1-0 1st deuce!! AAAH!!! Net action!!!!!

(I’m so blogging as I watch!) 


Mary Carillo…AAAHH!! Phrase of the day!! In reference to Nadal and the turn-around in this (the second) set: “He (Nadal) found his “happy place!” ARG!!! That is just too funny!!


Jennifer & Vince are there!!!??? I’m impressed!! Vince is SO tall!! Every time I see him, I think: DODGEBALL!! (HA!)


My goal for next year!! See both of these men play LIVE!!!!! And Andre one more time!  Random aside!


One really cool thing I learn from tennis: Ya can’t let a bad point ruin the way you play the rest of the set!! Ya let it go and move on!!! Another thing….whether you lose by 0-6 or 6-7….you still lose! They have both been playing for a couple of hours and are now going to be even…again….like when they started!! Only they have 3 sets left to try & win! OH and yet another thing! Court surface changes EVERY THING!!


UGH! People are being SO loud…how do you say “shut-up’ in French!! If you’re going to be loud (like me when I watch tennis) watch at home on TV!!!


Listening to Nadal yell at every point SO reminds me of Andre!! (Such fond memories!! But I’m SO ready for some new ones!!!)


Oye! Fed-Head! His eyes like a HAWK!! It’s like Harry Potter looking for the snitch!! For goodness sake!! Nadal is so baseline, baseline, baseline and Roger is SO…..anywhere!


Okay, I'm separating it!!


Stay tuned for….Part deux!

Friday, June 9, 2006

smart & sexy!

Too sleepy (and giggly) to mondo-blog…more on that later….but NEWS FLASH…not really, but yeah…been watching the French….pretty predictable….(boo-hoo) but Nadal/Federer wanna see it!!!!! And WILL!!!!!!!! AAAHHH!!! This should be AWESOME!!! Who do I go for? Rock star or athletic genius?….Judging by the TV shows I like….the athletic genius, BUT one of my favs. (TV) Numb3rs…that guy is just TOO cute & sexy...and SMART!!!!! He’s like Federer & Nadal combined…in the field of mathematics mind you…man if HE was my math tutor in school…..AAAAHH!!…he makes me giggle!! And the info gleaned from the show….(ah)…makes my brain expand…I LOVE that feeling!!! Oye!! I need to go back to bed…at least its dark now!!! Still crushin’ on Nadal though….Vamos! It would, however, a most historic moment for Roger…..I would honestly be happy for him!!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

A WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Had to share with all, so this is a double blog! (main blog & xanga) It’s another random one, so ya may want to skip it! (hee, hee!)


Okay, so I’m working on cutting some music down for a client and she was telling me about a family that she knew and for some reason we got on the subject of, “people who have strange or unusual pets.” So, she proceeded to tell me that one of the kids of this certain family had a tarantula, another had something like a ferret, but the last kid had a naked mole rat.


“A WHAT?” I asked.

“You know like the one from Kim Possible, a naked mole rat,” she said.

“Don’t you mean a hairless mole rat?” I asked with a chuckle.

With sheer honestly she said, “No, that’s what I’ve always heard them called a naked mole rat!”


Well, the more she said “naked mole rat” I just started to laugh!!  Now, yes, I’ve seen Kim Possible! (It was a while ago and my niece was watching it, so BACK OFF! Not to say that I don’t like or watch cartoons, but….whatever!)  So I remember the show, and I remember a pet that the guy had, but I DO NOT recall them calling it a naked mole rat! Come to find out, by asking several of my students, that there is not only a naked mole rat, there is also a naked mole RAP song!! AHHHH!! I roared with laughter!! The phrase (naked mole rat) just sounds like something you’d yell at someone who is being a complete idiot!! (Insert a “Hanna Barbara” type sinister voice) …you….youyou naked-mole-rat!! Of course you have to schmuck it all together like that!! BUT, to further add to my incessant attachment to this new exclamatory phrase, another student had to insert another viable bit of information:


So I asked her, “Does it (the naked mole rat) talk or anything?”

“Well,” she pondered, “it doesn’t really talk, it kinda beeps.”

To which she imitated…and was quite funny.

“Like this?” I asked, imitating back.

“YES!” she said laughing.

“But that’s more like a bleep, not a beep!” I said.

“Well, it really IS more of a bleep!” she said.

To which I ROARED!!


So now, not only is it a naked mole rat it’s a BLEEPING naked mole rat??!! AAAAHHHH!!! I literally doubled over in laugher!! Sooooooooooo, that’s my new exclamatory phrase!! So, if you ever see me out driving and a complete IDIOT gets in front of me, you will know what I am yelling!!! you…BLEEPING Naked Mole RAT!!!


Just thought I’d share!! (I gotta get a copy of that rap song!!!)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Xanga and "Guess-Boy!!" SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!! (but I'm probably a loss cause!) :(

Okay, a couple of things. First off, I’m so trying to blog on xanga too! It’s a little different than this blog, but hey, it’s me! I was getting some stuff together for a deal, so I decided to post it. I think this is my address…ARG!... …yeah, that’s it...still trying to understand it all! Oye!


OKAY, interesting evening! I went to my niece’s 8th grade graduation. So I’m finding a seat, seeing old teachers…(you look great Mrs. Martin!!)...very crowded. So I sit by my other niece and a dude…who looks a little familiar. So I proceed to scan the list o’ grads to see if I know any of them and a few names caught my eye! Then I remember this one last name and I thought, I wonder if their dad is that guy me, Kerri, Lori and every girl in school had the hots for! He was in 8th grade and we were in 6th, so he was older and REALLY cute…a few funny thoughts were running through my brain!! So I leaned over to my sister and asked her about it, and she said, “Yes! In fact, you’re sitting right next to him!” OH….MY….GAW!!! Okay, he was known as the “Guess Boy.”  He wore the tightest Guess jean which accentuated his VERY, VERY, VERY nice butt! (…“bottom” for the younglings). Probably why…to this day…I’m a butt girl! Ya know, nice arms, shoulders, and nice butt on a guy! We used to purposely find ourselves where ever he was and proceed to talk about how absolutely hot he was!.....SO, he obviously heard me speaking to my sister…I mean he’s right beside me! I had to smile, turn to him and say, hi! It went something like this…(thoughts in parentheses.)


Me: “Hi, are you *insert his name*?”
(Oh my gosh, I used to look at your butt!)


Guess-Boy: “Yeah!”


Me: “I’m Karmyn Tyler. I went here from 6th to…”
(somebody help me!!!)


Guess-Boy: “Yeah I thought that was you! How are you?”


Me: “Oh fine, so your kids are graduating?”
(Wow you have kids…and I SO used to look at your butt! AHHH!!)


Guess-Boy: “Yeah, it’s kinda weird. But this is a great school!”


Me: “Yeah it really is….”
(I’m going to BURST OUT laughing…!!!!!)


My sister: “Hey, there’s Kerri!”


Me: (Thank you GOD!)
“Oh my gosh, let me go say hi!”




How weird was that!! You never think when you’re in Junior High that the dudes you think are hot, grow up, get married, and change! He still looks good, mind you, and very nice…it’s just I had this image in my head…of the Guess triangle on his butt! AHHH!! I told Kerri about it and she was like… “oh, yeah, tight jeans…I remember!” I sat by him through out the entire ceremony, but I can tell ya, that I had self-control. And I can honestly say that I DID NOT look at his butt tonight! Pu-leeze!! For goodness sake! I’m SO going to bed, now!!

Monday, May 8, 2006

LDS and Nick Lachey

The MLP/LDS gig went really well!! We all had loads of fun!! I was surrounded by awesomely talented people!! Steve, Ross, Afton, Phil & Caryn, Peg & Penny, John, the magician (how’d you DO that…I’m SO keeping my card!!)…AH!...who did I miss? Mike, Sarah and Afton’s husband!!! (I’m sorry I forgot your name!! Shame on me!) Wow, President Merril, I was honored to be apart! Learning a dance number in 10 hours was a little harrowing, but fun!! “There’s No Business Like…..” And Afton, I’m SO glad that you got better! You are AWESOME!! And Phil & Caryn thank you for becoming mySpace friends!! You guys are amazing!! The Telephone Aria was ROCKIN’!!! Yeah!!! A, P&P you guys also rocked on the “Baby” material! It’s become one of my favorite musicals!! (Shout out to Eugene!!) Every woman says, “I Want it All!!” J


A bit random - Okay I was watching GMA today and heard Nick Lachey sing his song from his new album! And I really felt bad for him! I’m not sure what all happened with him and Jessica and it’s really none of my business anyway…nor is it anyone else’s. L But, I remembered all of the hoopla when they first got together….back in the day when Jess was opening for 98 degrees. I always wondered how that works. Two people in a business like that trying to make a go of their massive careers and trying to create a healthy marriage. (I probably only thought about it because of the sermon series our pastor is doing at our church with the cool title, “Desperate Households.”) J I’m obviously not anywhere close to their caliber of notoriety, but even with my limited involvement in “the business,” I see that if you don’t have a health attitude about “the business” it would be hard not to get “caught up” in the “idea” of the person and not the person themselves. If what I understand to have happened, happened; as soon as one (not naming which) got a taste of excess “attention” from other people in the “biz,” they couldn’t handle the pressure of being true to the “famous” one that they chose to be with first! How sad! And how horrible to have experienced all of that in the fish bowl of the media! They definitely are not the first and will definitely not be the last. This is a very girly statement, but I think someone should be attracted to a person’s heart and who they are on the inside. The outside changes and the roller-coasters of the music/acting biz are NOT glamorous! I see so many unhappy people…who by all means should be VERY happy! But I guess that filters over to other careers as well. I guess that’s why most in “the biz” choose to marry people in “the biz,” because they realize that they don’t wake up looking (or acting like) like they do in the movie or music video that they were in! I hate it for Nick & Jess, but it seems to have worked out for Paul Newman and Joann Woodward….so my mother keeps telling me!! J (But do you remember mom that he was married to someone else when he “fell” for Joann during the filming of “Long, Hot Summer?!” Hmmmmm……I watched the biography….)