Thursday, October 27, 2005

Wicked - Most Awesome!!

I have SO been meaning to blog this! For my birthday (thanks to you Momsie and Popsicle!) I went to see Wicked! The Musical! I have for quite some time been listening to the 2003 Original Broadway Cast Recording. I also watched Menzel and Chenoweth at the 2004 Tony’s with amazement and cheered when Menzel won the award for best female in a musical! Her voice is just fantastic!!


SO! I was, of course, excited to go and finally make sense of the musical and all of its idiosyncrasies. Stephanie Block was AMAZING!! Her voice was perfect!! She did not, however…at the performance I saw…hit the F in Defying Gravity, but I DID NOT CARE!!! She was STILL amazing! Her acting….practically perfect!! The control in her voice blew me away!!!  Equally Kandra Kassebaum was as good as Chenoweth!! She was too perky and too “good!” FANTASTIC!! “Loathing” was in a word was: HILARIOUS!! And “For Good” …I teared-up!! AND! I do have to say that the “Flying Monkey” actor during “For Good” was SO sweet!! His reaction to them was just right! Yes, monkey boy…or girl, I saw you and thank you!!!!! AWE!!! Also, Derrick Williams as “Fiyero”? H-E-L-L-O!!! (Can I just take you home with me??) The only voice I wasn’t excited about was an understudy for Nessa. She just didn’t do it for me. I’m sure she has a fine voice, but…maybe she had a cold or allergies? The state fair was going on and maybe it was the cattle dander? MY allergies were even going crazy!!


Ah-well! All in all, it was MAGNIFICENT!! Go see the tour!! You will NOT be disappointed!! You leave completely satisfied in EVERY area!! Even with that stupid girl from Kansas and her little dog…”Dough-dough”!! (HA!!!!)


Here are some photos of “zee group”!! Thank you Debbie and Jac for the pics!



Me & Jac:



Mom & Deb



Me being stupid:


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Connection Probs....

Well, misfortune seems to be the lot for me today. Oh well, these things do happen! RGW has some connection problem, so we are rescheduling the interview to November sometime. I’ve already canceled other appointments today so I thought…hmm…I’ll blog.


I’m actually watching the movie of Phantom of the Opera. I received it from a student, (Shannon…thank you!!!!) I meant to watch it when it was on the big screen, but didn’t get to. I’ve heard good and bad and having seen it on B-way was, I confess, skeptical. I saw it when I was in 8th grade and was blown away!! I knew I wanted to sing for the rest of my life! Thank you ALW!! I even loved Aspects! (Actually Michael Ball! Just ask Shane….huh…Alex Rain!) HA!! Anywho, it really does lose a lot, but if you didn’t have the live performance to compare it’s not bad at all!!! Personally, I think…gotta look at the DVD… Emmy Rossum has a pretty little voice. She’s what 17, 18? I can’t wait to hear her when she’s in her late 20’s. The phantom, Gerald Butler, brings a sexiness to the part that is….WHOA!! I had the same feeling I did watching “Titanic” (movie not musical). Was Billy Zane’s character THAT bad! He’s gorgeous!! Back to Phantom: The guy’s voice isn’t bad; in fact, “Pass the Point of No Return” is deadly!! Jai-kees!! (Had to repent after that one!!) Minnie Driver, although using someone else’s voice, is HILARIOUS!! I went to college with a few divas like her! (hee, hee!)


Ah-well! I saw the stage production of Wicked two weeks ago! That’s a blog for itself!! All I’ll say at the moment is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Calling London.....

This is SO cool! Technology is amazing. This Wednesday I’m going to be interviewed by a radio station in Europe via the internet. (Eek!) I talked with Dee, who will be interviewing me on her indie show, today and man it was strange! I’m thinking, here I am thousands of miles away in Texas talking over the internet to someone in London. Pretty freaky and COOL!


Well, if you want to know more about the show and the times, click here! Let’s all hope I don’t sound like an idiot! Yikes!!


Radio Gets Wild!!



One more thing, check out the time zones!

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

The Karmyn Kontroversy...eek!

First off, I’m up waaaay too early! Gotta love having a domestic pet…especially on trash day! ARG! So, I gotta an email from my mom. My mom who googles me about 50 times a day, (I guess that’s what mom’s are for!) found some interesting info on the comment posts that goes along with yesterday’s blog that…uh…sorta cleared a few things up on the …cover tune thing. So I wanted to share. Here’s that link:


I think it’s about 8 or so cells down on the controversy on playing my album tunes on Podcasts. It’s a bit weird that’s I’m having any type of “controversy.” I’m such a Libra!! “Make love not war!!” blah, blah, blah. But thank you Michael for the clarification. I am grateful that you explained “it” and that you played my tunes. God bless, man!!  


Okay, I’m going to have my 4th cup of coffee, now!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

ASCAP/BMI "2 cents"

I tried to post this on DSC wiki....but unsure if I did it right. Anywho, here's an idea:


Just a thought on the ASCAP and BMI thing: Perhaps some type of usage…rights…I don’t know the technical term…can be compromised for Podcasters and ASCAP/BMI similar to a nonprofit organization (where its $$ is all donations and free to the public). ASACAP/BMI can “donate” 15 licensed music tracks per month or 100 per year (…something like that). That way Podcasters can choose a certain number of licensed music tracks to play and still have the better percentage of their music from indie artists who need listeners. A company that has an interesting feature is Rhapsody where you can sign up to stream 25 tracks completely for free that reloads every month. You can listen to the entire song, but you don’t pay for it. So I guess there must be a difference with licensure between streaming and full fledged downloading. I’m still getting to listen to the song/piece in its entirety for free. WHAT IF, I had a digital recorder recording my favorite radio show everyday? I could upload it to a CD and listen to it in my car whenever I choose. Maybe I’m slow in this area, but I don’t understand the difference….


I’m sure this has all been covered before but wanted to put my 2 cents in.


Also, the “automatic” enrollment for artists to either ASCAP/BMI could work especially for BMI because it’s free to join. And, no, you can’t be a member of both.


I digress…

Monday, October 3, 2005

Daily Source Code (Part 2)

Wow, two blogs in one day. (See part 1 for more explanation.) Explanation 2: I was boring myself and thought…you would be too! ARG! So, on other things about the October 2nd Daily Source Code Pod. (hee, hee.) Thank you Patricia for enjoying my voice. You, by the way, are fantastic! Adam, thank you for putting me in her category. I’m honored, but Patricia has a sound all to herself that rocks!


The song “Make Believe” was chosen by the producer, and Chris and I wanted to make it…a little more...smooth. Bill (the producer) loves musicals (as do I) so most of the tracks on the album were from TV or stage musicals from the 1920’s. But, hey if you have any suggestions on song choices?….I’m ALL EARS!! I am working on the original stuff; I hope to get that out a-sap.


Oh, and yes, I have done plenty of lounge singing and the smoke…bad, bad; Adam…does take its toll on your voice. I’ve taken a least from the ones that allow smoking. (Plus my day job has been keeping me pretty busy.)


Country music? Hmm, well being from Texas I have sung at plenty of O’pry Houses especially when I was younger...and yes, I sang country music…usually along the lines of Reba, Juice Newton, and Roseanna Cash. Hey, I had fun! I had to stick to “clean country” (hee, hee) my parents wouldn’t allow me to sing, “Sleeping Single in a Double Bed” when I was 10.


Now, I really will shut-up!

Daily Source Code (Part 1)

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Hmmm…a lot has happened since my first Daily Source Code “airing” I guess you could say. And this blog is really geared toward that show and the October 2nd, DSC on which Adam and Patricia (Adam’s amazingly talented and beautiful…I might add…wife) aired “Make Believe” off of my album. They were gracious enough to list me on their “It” list. (way cool!) and…wow…what can I say?! It’s an honor.


There’s been a bit of a controversy about my album being played on Pods. First off if you’re unsure about what that is, please visit Adam Curry’s site and check that out. I am for it 100% I think it’s the greatest thing since network television! So much potential!! Anyway, the Podsafe network: I joined it pretty much because I’m an indie artist and, like any other indie artist, I wanted to get my voice out there. I was blessed in having a wonderful man, produce an album for me after he heard me sing “Big Time.” He wanted me to sing songs that his mother played and sang to him as a child. And he thought that it would be a great avenue for me and for Chris…basically to allow us to be heard. He told us that he knew how hard it was for “unknowns” to be heard and thought that doing an all cover tune album was the way to go. (The original stuff would hopefully come later.) Anyway, long story short, it’s been hard, getting it out “there.” And I, at first thinking that Podcasts were licensed like radio stations, added some tracks to the Network. Well, I was thrilled, as in the Sept. 17th blog, that people were playing the tunes and, of course, was overwhelmed that I was played on DSC. When I listened and heard Adam say something about the tune “Summertime” not being Podsafe…an obvious red flag went up. Then, Podsafe took the track off and through a couple of emails I found out the sad, sad, news.


Now if I understand correctly SOME Podcasts are licensed with ASCAP and BMI and CAN play cover tunes. Of course why would they play me, an unknown, compared to other well known artist…well they probably wouldn’t. Most radio stations can’t play tunes unless it’s charted and you have to have a tune played to get charted…go figure!!! I have had success with JazzFM, an internet radio station, who can play covers and…the last time we checked (actually my mom’s the only one who has time to do all that…I really have a great mom!) the song “Guilty” was in the top ten on their play list. So, there is hope out there for “unknowns.” If you are one of them…DON’T GIVE UP!! Be encouraged!


I really wish ASCAP and BMI would waive the fees or lower them for Podders. I understand the dilemma, but there HAS to be a compromise. I’m actually a member of BMI and should take that up with them. If I understand, all of the tunes that I’ve registered can’t be Podded at the moment…which sorta sucks! I wonder if I didn’t resister some of my others, got them played on a Podcast, if I would be kicked out. Hmmm…another question to ask them.


Anywho, I think C.C. took me off of the Podsafe site for now and I’m working on original stuff and actually some royalty free stuff that I’ve grown up with that…should be fun. We’ll see.


Okay, I’m going to shut-up now and sign off for the moment.


Small aside: I have to forgo the “letting anonymous bloggers comment.” I was getting loads of Viagra-crap blammed (Blam: Blog-Spam) on the site. Oh well, it only takes a few to screw it up for everyone else!