Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Wow! It’s already Christmas again!! For the past few months,
I’ve been very busy with work and such that I have not had time to podcast or
write much for that matter. But, things are looking up. Hopefully this New Year
will bring even more Karmyn Kasts and more music. I want to thank everyone for
the wonderful Seasons Greetings and I want to wish everyone a very Merry
Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!



Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

So many things to be thankful for! Very glad for friends and family! Glad for those who take me as I am! Phew! Cause if ya didn't? I'd be a VERY lonely crazy girl!!! ;)

Hope everyone is having a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

People's sexiest man alive choice...

...yes it's been a while!....can't explain....loads of stuff!!

What gets me going today is my 110% agreement with People's sexiest man alive choice! Hot, talented, and loyal! Three HUGE OMG's for me....not sure about other females! I'm a weird cookie, so what I think may not be the average female status-quo!

We share the same birth date which is SO cool! (not the year...thank God!) :P But, the only other thing I would add to what I'm attracted to...a man's mind! Is he smart? Not just book smart but street smart....both are HUGE turn-ons! I was always more attracted to the nerds than the jocks....The jocks just made for better prom/Sadie Hawkins pictures and that made mom more happy!! (*grin*) AND if the 'nerd' is HOT? That's an added bonus!!! WOW!!

But the most important turn on (for me) is a man loyal and devoted to one woman! THAT'S SO FRIGGIN' SEXY and HOT!!! Especially for the woman to which he is loyal and devoted to!!! At least that's what turns me on and keeps me coming back for more!

Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT attracted to married men! I feel very strong about marriage! A bond between two people who choose, hopefully with passion as well, to be committed to each other til death! It's a HUGE thing and not to be taken lightly!! It's a decision I want to make once and only with a man I deem worthy enough!! So when ever I do get married, know that the man I AMAZING or I wouldn't be with him!!! Everyone else.....just wasn't man enough!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Thank you for the Birthday Wishes!!

I want to thank everyone for the Birthday Wishes all weekend long via mySpace, Facebook, email!! I felt very loved!!! You guys ROCK!!! Thank you for making this year extra special!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My contest standing!

First of all, thank you SO much for your votes!!! I can even begin to
say thank you! Plus, with my new job and computer break down it's been
hard to let everyone know where I stand! Mom's been doing a great job
though! Thanks mom! :)

Well, right now, I'm number 22 out of thousands! So I'm SO grateful you
everyone!! The last day of the contest is October 6th! So if you have
anytime, I would again be so grateful for a vote!

Here's the link again: Luv Me So

And remember to just REFRESH or RELOAD the page so that the votes get counted in the contest!

Thank you again!! Without music would be silent!

PS - I'm also putting this on my blog & related sites, so if you get a duplicate, I do apologize!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Vote for Karmyn's Song

Hey Everyone! I need your help with a contest again! 

This is what my mom is sending out! I would SO appreciate if you could
help us! You can vote as many times as you want per day! Just REFRESH the page or PRESS PLAY again to vote more! You also have to play the song all the way through! Thank you SO



Hey guys I need some serious support here!!

The soundtrack for Karmyn's original song, Luv Me So, has been entered
into a contest  to be a finalist for the Punisher: Warzone movie

The contest runs until September 29th, 2008 and each play constitutes a

Movie Punisher: Warzone

Please vote for her song  Luv
Me So
  by clicking on this link and help her song enter the
finals for the movie.

Me So

Thank you so much for your support,
Suzie Tyler

Monday, September 1, 2008

Adam Curry for President!!!

Ya know, I had a feeling this was going to happen!! But now I have the PROOF!! :) You go Adam!!

Adam Curry for President

Friday, August 8, 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008

Chuck Norris Will Kill Your Phone

Chuck comes out with a new mobile phone game that will kick your phone's @ss! Do phones really have an....oh!!...the battery....YEAH! Gotcha! :P

read more | digg story

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Great Mobile Sties to Check out!

In my quest to find something SIMPLE as in mobile applications....preferably WYSIWYG ones...I've found 2 really cool sites that you may want to check out!

The first is Zinadoo! You can create a FREE mobile website with limited ads and a nice, simple .mobi link. It creates a nice WAP site viewable on all types of mobile phones! (Looked great on my Smartphone AND my freebie WAP-only phone!)

-add video via youtube
-have a link to a telephone number (clicking it automatically dials the number from that persons mobile)
-VERY easy to use!

The site I made:
(check it out in your mobile phone)

Second is Beam it up Scotty

You can convert and upload files from your computer to your mobile phone for FREE!

-upload any type of file that your mobile phone can get (video, photo, documents...etc.)
-iPhone compatible
-you choose the compression rates
-it sends an SMS/text message link on your cell phone

These are pretty darn cool! Check the sites out if you are beginners in the world of making mobile!

Sunday, July 6, 2008 WIMBY champ!!!

Yeah, I cried!! How much could I handle!! The 2 rain delays......just AMAZING!!! I'm just WOW!!!!! No words! Roger did try everything! Both of these guys!! The best match EVER!!!! Seriously!!!!

Yep, back in 2005 (although the photos are gone for some reason!) I knew he was one to watch!!


Back Stage footage of Miss Louisiana 2008 production!

This is SO cool! My mom chatted this to me this morning! It's a glimpse behind the curtain viewing on stage! Apparently one of the cute, little muchkin mom's caught some footage! It's pretty weird seeing it from this angle! We did it Thursday, Friday and Saturday and this is from Saturday night. The kids were REALLY good and well behaved! I was SO impressed!!

Check it out!

Thanks mom for finding this for me!!

On to see Wimby this morning!! SO excited....and a little sleepy!!! Go Rafa!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Miss Texas 2008

Feeling much better today!! But wanted everyone to know about the Miss Texas pageant! It's going to be online LIVE tonight at 7pm CST and available all month! Just go to the Miss Texas Website or click here:
This link should work for today!

Arkansas's Outstanding Teen is going on too, but not online!

Break a Leg Klancy (teen AR) and Margaret & Brittany (Texas)!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'm beat tired!

I tried to do....nothing today!! I'm SO exhausted from this past month! Phew! I had fun, but it's now back to "normal"....whatever that is! :) I did play around with some stuff though and I'm not sure if I did this correctly, but I made a toolbar for this site and links AND I put a deal on YouTube with Audio Only (but with pictures) from the Miss Louisiana 2008 production with me, Linnea and Melissa!! Let me know what you think!!



**More stuff to come soon!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008


This is how I'm voting!

My dad brought this article home with him and had it laying on the table! So as I'm getting up this morning for my last day teaching the acting symposium, (...which gone very well! I have an EXCELLENT group of young thespians who are willing to work hard and delve deep!!), I started to read it! Check this article out. It's a great way to test a candidate and it's the way I have and will do this year!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Until I get back to put my photos up!!

Linnea was SO awesome to blog about the Miss Louisiana experience this year!!!  I have to say! She is SOOO amazingly talented!! I was so excited when Wayne said that she was doing the "green" part! I knew that she would be perfect!!!! She blogged about it on her site! Check her blog out and tell her I said, hello! :*

Here's her blog link:

Getting ready for the gig tonight! Should be fun!! A little teaching to do today and watching Wimby off and on when I can!! Nadal plays like...right now!!!! Aaaaahhhh!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Miss Louisiana '08 on TV too

TV channels for Miss Louisiana Pageant 2008

Television Stations in Ark-La-Tex:

Monroe/Eldorado - KNOE-TV channel 8
Shreveport/Texarkana - KPXL-TV Channel 21
New Orleans - WUPL-TV channel 54
Baton Rouge - WBTR_TV channel 41
Alexandria - KLAX-TV channel 31
Morgan City - KWBJ-TV channel 39
Lafayette/Lake Charles - KLFY channel 10

Miss Louisiana online Press Release!

45th Miss Louisiana Pageant Takes the Online Stage

Through a three-way cooperative endeavor, the Miss Louisiana pageant will have the most comprehensive nationwide coverage, featuring live webcasting and online voting.

MONROE, LA (JUNE 16, 2008)   The 45th Anniversary Miss Louisiana Pageant has many surprises sure to dazzle audiences of all ages.  But this year through a cooperative endeavor with the Miss Louisiana Organization, NiFTy-TV, and Hill Computing, the 2008 pageant will have comprehensive online coverage all three nights of the pageant.

Utilizing Network Foundation Technologies’ NiFTy Online Television product (, the Miss Louisiana Pageant will be broadcast “FREE-for-View” live via the internet.  Online users can download a small application to watch the pageant on virtually any computer.

Executive Producer Wayne Gentry says, “This is our second year to webcast and it has been a wonderful avenue to recognize our sponsors and share the hard work of our contestants, production team, and volunteer board.”

Darris Waren, Vice President of the Miss Louisiana Organization agrees.

“The Miss Louisiana Organization is proud to provide the opportunity for people all over to vote for their favorite Miss Louisiana contestant,” says Waren.  “We look forward to the excitement on Saturday night as we go live across the State of Louisiana and the world!”

Network Foundation Technologies (NFT) has developed a new kind of streaming media technology-- one that harnesses the power of distributed computing to bring the economics of traditional broadcasting to the world of online webcasting.  NFT technology empowers audio and video content providers, both large and small, with new opportunities to reach large audiences at a fraction of the cost of traditional webcasting solutions.

In addition to webcasting, internet users will have a new treat this year—the ability to select their own favorite contestant.  Provided by Hill Computing Associates (, the 2008 People’s Choice Online Voting will allow viewers the opportunity to select their favorite candidate during the two preliminary nights and finale.  The voting system boasts relatively high accuracy, utilizing two methods to ensure one vote per computer.  In addition, Hill Computing will be onsite all week to post photos, videos, news briefs, and other content online.

“It’s not just about creating a website anymore, it’s creating an interactive experience,” says Eric Hill, President and CEO of Hill Computing.  “These girls work hard to make a positive impact for our state, and we’re truly honored to help promote their efforts and that of the countless volunteers who help make it possible.”

Both Network Foundation Technologies and Hill Computing donate all services to the organization.
Preliminary nights of the competition will be held at 7:30pm Thursday, June 19th and Friday, June 20th.  The 45th Anniversary Miss Louisiana finale begins at 8pm, Saturday June 21st at the Monroe Civic Center, W.L. Jack Howard Theatre.   The webcast will be live all three nights at, with the statewide television broadcast on Saturday night.  Voting begins at 7:45pm Thursday, June 19th and will remain open until just minutes before the announcement of Miss Louisiana 2008.

For tickets, call the Monroe Civic Center Box Office at (318) 329-0001 or for more information about the Miss Louisiana Organization, visit the website at


Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Crowning baby....

Talking to myself.....So if I send to my regular blog will the photo show up in the rss feed or show up at all? IBlogharbor doesn't do a photo rss feed......I'm so stuck with them....if I move, I was told I will lose almost everything!!! :(
sent via mobile phone

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Just checking!

I'm just making sure I have this mobile thing down from my cell!
sent via mobile phone

a CRAZY month!

Well June is going to be a crazy month for
me! Loads of traveling and not much time to check emails! So I wanted
to let everyone know that if I do not answer your email quickly please
understand that I may not be able to!

Seriously this month I'm
doing something almost everyday!! I will have access to email, but I
may not have the time until July to answer back!! I'm so sorry about
this! I do get plain text emails via my cell phone and I'm able to
respond that way!

I do have some things going with some
folks...and you know who you are...and I have those emails tagged and
will try to get back asap!

Looking forward to July's podcast with LOADS to talk about!! YEAH!

Thank you so much!

PS - Wondering WHAT I'm doing? :) Check out the latest podcast! to view the video or call 831-480-3923 to listen!

Remote controlled sperm!

Remote controlled sperm!

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Kids on the WHOA!

A new and quite intriguing friend of mine jokingly gave me an
article on the newly re-united (did they ever break-up?) boy band I so loved in
my tweens, NKOTB or New Kids on the Block. I didn’t expect a rave review…no…rather
their “re-uniting” smelled of desperation (notice I didn’t say “reeked with”).
But really now, the boys…now men…do deserve some kudos for getting back on the
stage…together! For you see from my now learn-ed view of that music era that
their overproduced pop no-talent sound had some meaning in my tweeny life! Most of
us have those shallow moments of youth. (Okay, we all do and there are a lot of
‘em!) You know, those moments of hormonally driven feelings that further
encourage sexually curious brainwaves. And who better for our parents to swoon
over? Some guys we’ll never be able to have! (Talk amongst yourselves!) But
after all this time to come back on stage and reunite? Hmmm…not sure whose idea
it was, but if I were in the room, I’d have a different type of reuniting in
mind! Like why not go for a more Michael Buble feel guys? You wanted to create,
as all boy bands do, that “rat pack” feeling! Several members have tried to
continue the hot sexy “Justin Timberlake-like” solo career falling flat! Hmmm…I
always say that “sexiness” can not really be taught! You either got it or you
look like your faking it…BADLY! There are no in-betweens! Heck, sincerity masks
better as sexy than an adaptation of it!

Needless to say, the article was NOT kind and worse than
that, I believed the guy! It made me glad I didn’t go! Not that I would. I
don’t have time right now to be that brainless and reminiscent for more than 10
minutes a day and that’s usually when I wake up! No, I am saddened that they couldn’t
just let the past glories be. It’s fun to remember, but that’s what I want to
keep locked up in my tweeny closet! God forbid I’m running around on stage in
my near 40’s trying to recapture a pop sensation. Someone please shoot me! NO,
don’t do that, just tranquilize me. I’ll feel much better after a stint in

Sunday, May 18, 2008


If you want to know the actors' side of negotiations SAG is doing a great job at our website! In particular, check out the awesome job that Doug Allen did talking about the Negotiations process update on SAG-TV:

Also, watch Alan Rosenberg as he talks about the suspension! I think he's doing a FANTASTIC job as president!!

This is a great way for us to stay connected with our guild!

There is still a LOT to be done!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

AMPTP Suspends Negotiations with Screen Actors Guild

This was just emailed to all of the SAG members!


AMPTP Suspends Negotiations with Screen Actors

Guild Offers to Continue and Negotiate "Around the Clock" to
Complete Deal

Los Angeles, May 6, 2008 -The AMPTP
suspended negotiations with Screen Actors Guild today over the objections of
SAG's negotiating committee. The committee had urged that the AMPTP continue
discussion and had offered to negotiate around the clock if necessary in order
to secure an agreement.

The AMPTP declined to continue negotiations with
SAG claiming that it was necessary to turn their attention to negotiating with
American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA).

Actors Guild National President Alan Rosenberg said, "It is unfortunate and
deeply troubling that the AMPTP would suspend our negotiations at this critical
juncture. We have modified our proposals over the last three weeks in effort to
bargain a fair contract for our members. We are committed to preserving rights
that have been in place for decades and not giving the studios the right to use
excerpts of our work in new media without our consent and negotiation. Our
negotiating team is prepared to work around the clock for as long as it takes to
get a fair deal. We want to keep the town working."

Over the last four
weeks Screen Actors Guild negotiated in good faith and modified many of its
proposals to the AMPTP. To date, the AMPTP has offered only a few modifications
to its new media proposal which was submitted to SAG in three documents
containing 36 provisions that differed from the deals agreed to with the WGA and

SAG's National Executive Director and Chief Negotiator Doug Allen
stated, "We were hopeful that we could continue negotiations with the AMPTP and
reach a tentative agreement.  We modified our proposals in effort to narrow the
gap between us and now we need the AMPTP do the same.   SAG's objective is to
keep the town working and get a fair contract, so we are gravely disappointed
that we will now have to delay to a process that we started over three weeks
ago. We are willing to work for as long as it takes to negotiate a good
agreement for our members."

The AMPTP put forward a proposal that
differed substantially from the deals signed with the DGA and WGA.  Management's
clip demand would gut existing provisions regarding actors' consent to use of
their clips and would allow studios and networks to use or sell clips - going
forward and from their libraries - in any way they choose and without consent.

About SAG

Screen Actors Guild is the nation's largest
labor union representing working actors. Established in 1933, SAG has a rich
history in the American labor movement, from standing up to studios to break
long-term engagement contracts in the 1940s to fighting for artists' rights amid
the digital revolution sweeping the entertainment industry in the 21st century.
With 20 branches nationwide, SAG represents over 122,00,000 actors who work in
film and digital television, industrials, commercials, video games, music videos
and all other new media formats. The Guild exists to enhance actors' working
conditions, compensation and benefits and to be a powerful, unified voice on
behalf of artists' rights. SAG is a proud affiliate of the AFL-CIO.
Headquartered in Los Angeles, you can visit SAG online at <> .

Vote for Dave Barnes on Mtv!!

Hey!! Got an email from Razor & Tie about the competition! Go to Mtv to vote for his video!

Just scroll down a bit and as of right now, he's the second photo down!

Guys here's Dave Barnes "Until You" video!! How cool!!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Leona effect!

She is absolutely the best pop vocalist I have ever heard!
Raw talent, hands down! Unbelievably amazing! Even when she's ill she sounds
better that most of the pop divas of the day at their best! Who an I talking
about? Leona Lewis! winner of
the The X Factor!! (Simon's UK
version of an Idol competition)

I first heard of her on a Yahoo rss feed and didn't think much about it! Some
new singer touted to be the "next best thing" is constantly in our
foreground as the music industry attempts to discover the next new music-pop-culture

The next is when my [vocal] student Rachel went on and on about how awesome she
is! [Understand that Rachel currently goes to an Arkansas magnet school where she is exposed
to a LOT more culture than most young women in the south.]
So in my free time I began to follow her [Rachel's] advice and YouTube her! And

Not only was she a powerhouse vocalist she was unusually humble (and not
falsely so)! Which is SOOO refreshing! Words can not even explain how wonderful
I thought (and still think) she was! (You simply have to listen for yourself!)

Then I began reading the comments and was quite alarmed! It seems that
"we" American's are not happy with the "love" of this UK
Idol! Americans, I'm sad to say, are not welcoming her as a fresh, new and AMAZING
voice of all time, they are jealous of her sensation simply because she's an X
Factor winner!

There are comments like, "Our [American] idols are just as good!! In fact
better!" comments are not just wrong, but blindly wrong! As far as talent?
She takes the cake from ALL the winners of Simon's "Idol"
competitions. And, though I'm not a fan of the show, I do leave the radio on
when most "Idol Winners" songs are played! They are good top 40
songs. (Heck, we all know that a little talent and an AWESOME producer goes WAY
farther than great talent and crappy producing!) But, I, as a vocalist, artist
and teacher of voice, do recognize that her [Leona's] voice is light years
better then they are!!!!

It all boils down to this: Her marketability is tainted in America....just
because she's an X Factor winner!! And it proves that American's are yet again
too prideful and competitive to be accepting of another country that breeds

The ONLY thing I think is wrong...if you can use the word 'wrong'....with
Leona's voice is that it's TOO perfect!! Can that even BE a problem? In America, yes!
"We" go for the voices that are different! Interesting if you will!
Why do you think we fell in love with Amy Winehouse? Her voice is interesting!
Janis Joplin....interesting....Madonna...interesting....Streisand...interesting…Alisha
Keys….interesting! Their voices have a sound that is unique! You see, a great
song makes a quick one-hit wonder but an interesting vocal sound is poised to
make a pop star. Combine the 2 and you have the makings of a Diva or Devo!
(Devo e.g. Elvis, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, Elton John, Freddie Mercury…)
And ultimately…if their career is managed properly…a Legend! These singers were
not perfect, they were interesting!

Leona just needs time to find “her” voice! Right now, she’s
an AMAZING imitation of her contemporaries! Even better than! It’s like if
Mariah and Whitney had a voice-baby…it would be her!! But, we already have both
of those voices! 

And yes, it’s true that she [Leona] has a nice sized schnoz
(such an American thing…HELLO Streisand)…she is STILL a BEAUTIFUL girl!! All of
21 years and already singing like that, and let us hope and pray that “the
powers that be” in control of her career protect that voice from over singing!

All in all! This poor girl if reaping the negative benefits
of being an X Factor Idol winner! (…at least in America!! very sad!) It
would have been better for her to have been discovered my Simon randomly and he
just took her on without her competing in the competition! It just seems more
legit THAT way! I guess for us [Americans] it’s more of an “American Dream!” (Crazy,
huh?) Perception is VERY powerful!! Especially in the entertainment business!! And
especially in America!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


I poo-pooed an audition! Oye!!!

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Facebook Security Scare!!

Check this short video out! I got it from my friend Jim Farley!! People can use a Facebook game to get your personal info to get to your PRIVATE account information and rob you BLIND!

BE CAREFUL what you "play with" on Facebook! Or anywhere else for that matter!!!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ha!!! I love green bananas!!

I can barely stomach ripe bananas! Seriously!! When I crave a banana it's ALWYS  a green one! And I always get the same quote, "Green bananas will make your stomach hurt!" Ha! Dr. of the highly recognized health guru's o' stuff to eat says differently!

See mom!! They won't make me ill and they never have! The ONLY way I will eat a ripe banana is with peanut butter (have to be careful eating too much of that (pb)....slight allergy)!

So go eat cha some GREEN bananas!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

MeatLoaf - GoPhone Commercial!!!!! OMG!!!

This is SOOOO freakin' AWESOME!!!!!

Starbuck can't 'make the bucks' musically!

Well, well, well! Didn't we think Starbucks could do no wrong? Oopsie.....guess even 'they' can't figure out the new media music industry!

Starbucks to stop serving music

Coffee giant's Music label dismantles after 1 year


After just a year of operation, Starbucks is getting out of the recorded music business.

Operations for the coffee vendor's label, Hear Music, which released albums by Paul McCartney, Joni Mitchell and James Taylor last year, are being turned over to Concord Music Group, which has handled back shop operations for the imprint.

Ken Lombard,
who ran Hear Music as president of Starbucks Entertainment, has left
the company. Chris Bruzzo, chief technology officer, has been promoted
to senior vice president and will assume the leadership helm of the
Entertainment category.

Starbucks referred to the moves as a
restructuring of its entertainment business to focus on digital
strategy and core content with music and books. Starbucks will look for
ways to increase wi-fi related offerings and other in-store technology.

Starbucks will continue to work with the William Morris Agency to select book offerings for its stores.

Music Group has a family of labels including Concord, Fantasy and Stax.
Unlike other music groups, the individual labels do not have specific

Hear Music has about four or five more releases on its slate for 2008, among them a June release from Brit roots R&B singer James Hunter.

Hear and Concord most famously partnered on Ray Charles' final album, "Genius Loves Company," which sold millions and won four Grammy Awards.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

How Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy's Son Recovered From Autism

Saw this and was VERY interested! Although there is no autism in my family, the idea that a pediatric vaccines could trigger a predisposition is frightening! Got the email from Dr. Mercola!

How Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy's Son Recovered From Autism

autism, ASD, aspberger's, jim carrey, jenny mccarthy, evanIn
this CNN op-ed piece, actors Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy reflect on
their son’s recovery from autism in light of the recent federal court
decision which conceded that vaccines could have contributed to another
child’s autistic condition.

Carrey and McCarthy’s son, Evan, has been healed thanks to
breakthroughs that may not be scientifically proven, but have
definitely helped, such as a gluten-free, casein-free diet, vitamin
supplementation, detox of metals, and anti-fungals for the yeast
overgrowths that plagued his intestines. Once his neurological function
was recovered through these medical treatments, speech therapy and
applied behavior analysis helped him learn the skills he could not
learn while he was frozen in autism.

When Evan was re-evaluated after these treatments, state
workers were amazed by his improvement. But although Evan is now 5, not
a single member of the CDC, the American Academy of Pediatrics, or any
other health authority has asked to evaluate and understand how Evan
recovered from autism. Instead, they simply posit that he was
misdiagnosed and never had autism to begin with.

Carrey and McCarthy believe that autism is an environmental
illness, and that while vaccines are not the only environmental
trigger, they do play a major role. Even if the CDC is not convinced of
a link between vaccines and autism, changing the vaccine schedule
should be seriously considered as a precautionary measure.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

what i'm keepin' up with!!

Although I only have 1 link for this one, 2 current vocal stars are canceling tours because of vocal illnesses, Jordan Sparks (vocal hemorrhaging) and Alisha Keys:

SAG has extended it's negotiations with the studios...please, NO STRIKE! :(

And OMG! I did not know that Star Jones (formerly of The View) was getting a divorce! (how sad!)

OH! And one of my good friends told me about ChaCha for your cell! You have a question? ChaCha has the answer! Check it out!

More later!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Busy Week! Plus techy2 Promo!!!!

Having a really busy week! But thank you to everyone emailing me and calling and telling my parents that you saw me on Boston Legal last Tuesday! Cool! My dad still hasn't seen it yet, because he goes to sleep so early, so mom TIVOed it! :)

Also, working on a possible new podcast with Madpod!! Working on that!! It's all about new tech stuff!! My segment was fun to put together!! :) More on that later!!! But here's the link to the promo:

This link goes straight to the promo:

And for your reading enjoyment! Here are some articles I found quite interesting!

NEW Music Video Site featuring MAJOR LABELs

Studios are turning to books and MAGAZINES for new script ideas!

More later......

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Charlton Heston dead at 84! :(

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Charlton Heston Dead! :(

I just got this from a friend! It's weird! I met him and sang for him!! He was SUCH an awesome guy!! He even posed for a picture with me!!! Here's that email:

I just picked up on this and wanted to make it known. I had sent a
Christmas card to Mr. Heston in 2006 with an explanation of how we
might wish him to play a small role in the film series we are trying
to make happen this year. It seems so long ago so much has happened
since, but I do remember getting a response back. One of our group
actually played a role with Charlton. We discussed that several years ago.

Charlton Heston dead at 84

Charlton Heston, who won the 1959 best actor Oscar as the
chariot-racing "Ben-Hur" and portrayed Moses, Michelangelo, El Cid and
other heroic figures in movie epics of the '50s and '60s, has died. He
was 84.

The actor died Saturday night at his home in Beverly Hills with his
wife Lydia at his side, family spokesman Bill Powers said.

Powers declined to comment on the cause of death or provide further

Heston revealed in 2002 that he had symptoms consistent with
Alzheimer's disease, saying, "I must reconcile courage and surrender
in equal measure."

Friday, April 4, 2008

Clooney -Core

Okay, I'm in the dark! Had no idea Clooney went fi-core last fall!! So why was he coming out as one of the "powerhouses" to encourage SAG not to strike in June? Hmmmmm............ . Well, he's got an Oscar so he can do what he wants. WAIT!! He went fi-core with the WGA!!! Wow!!! I guess the WGA has more power than SAG! Read the article to see WHY I say that!!!!! I feel sorry for George!! Heck it sounds like he rewrote the script completely!! So he doesn't get credit for that?? That's NOT RIGHT!!!

OMG!!! NKOTB!!!!!!!!!

Freak out!! NKOTB is BACK!!! I SO wanna go!! Especially since when I went to a concert I tried to pull Jordan Knight off the stage in Dallas!! I was such a dork!! The body guard dude had to push me back! Knocked the wind out of me!! All I could think of was saying, "I'm sorry!!" he apologized for pushing me down, but I understood! It was a WEIRD moment!! Doh!!  Never tried THAT again!! Eek!! Jenny York, girl, if you are reading this!!! Are you with me on a concert???? HAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's the link:

Donnie was always my fav!! The blonde bad boy!! Go figure!! He still looks hot!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

NEW Dave Barnes Album Out!!!!!!!!

I got an AWESOME email from Mike, with Razor & Tie about Dave Barnes's new album!! You'll have to wait until KK37 to hear about it!! I'm SOOOOOOOOO excited I'm havin' a FIT!!!! But here's a link to his new album HERE! PLUS, don't forgot to check out his website: (His website ROCKS!!) He's just ROCKIN' AWESOME!!

PLUS, go to the Pod5 idol Page and listen to to me sing Until You (by Dave Barnes) which was the song I picked for the contest. (FYI - It's on his new album!!!!) You can vote for someone by emailing (Put the contestant’s name in the subject line.) All of the contestants donated $5 and the winner gets that money donated to the charity that they chose. I chose the ASPCA. I love animals!!

And I'm SO sorry!!! Yes, I've been late on stuff this week because of splitting the Ghost Hunting KK35 into 2 shows......KK36 - Part 2!! ARG!! Finally got KK36 finished...sorta and it will be available THIS weekend...I SWEAR!!! But I will also UStream about it soon so watch twitter...that's where I'll let ya'll know!!

FYI - I DID find EVPs in my apartment!! And I reveal them on the KK36!! I let you know what I think they said and you can let me know if you agree!! I have a good friend who is getting with me on the EVPs I found......he's a REAL ghost hunter, NO JOKIN' this time!!!