Saturday, January 26, 2008

clear blue IS easy! Ha!!!

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America's Choice

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miss america delay! Sry!

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PMN Top 10 & Karm Kast 28

Hey!! Exciting news! Luv Me So debuted on  C-Dogg's PMN Top 10 as #3!! Yeah!! THANK YOU everyone!! I am SO EXCITED!! Wow!! It was fun to make and the good news is, I have more songs coming down the pipeline in a few weeks! (Waiting for a VST Instrument!)

ALSO, Karm Kast 28 is up! I do have a new feature on, a Pop-Up player!! (I LOVE Blip!!)  :) Let me know what ya think!! And have an AWESOME weekend!

BTW - ROGER LOST AT THE AUSTRALIAN OPEN!! ARG!!! OMG!! Didn't get to watch the match, but SOOO gonna when it's delayed later!!

((hugs & kisses))

Friday, January 18, 2008

I wrote a new song!!

Okay! The name of the song is, Luv Me So! It's not like anything I've done before so please be prepared!! I've very nervous, of course, but it was fun to make the track!! It's more of a dance/techno type of song. (And my mom even thinks it's 'cool' although it's not her 'type' of music!) :) Ah well, I can't please everyone!! Be sure to let me know what ya think!! :)

It's available on the Podsafe Music Network and listen to it on my mySpace page!

:) Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

U can B as cool as Mac!

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I'm falling in love!!!

As I browse the inner workings of the video service known as, I fall more and more in love with it! I've downloaded their UpperBlip program so I can upload more than 1 video at a time while including the title, summery, and tags on each....with the option to "apply to all" to certain features so I don't have to retype! Where have you been all my digital life? I place my hands on the smooth surface of my Mac and caress the keyboard gazing deep into the screen of my future episodes being uploaded, all this with out the commitment of payment. As I ponder how wonderful it would be to make that lasting (14 month) commitment a feel joy within me begin to stir! How can this be! All this for less than 100 a year.....14 months at that!! Do I, can I, make the commitment plunge?????
YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!! I CAN!!!!!!!

.................I really need to get out more!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Video Blog 5

KK 26 finally on Podshow WITH a hitch!! and Macworld AMAZING!! Video blog voa!
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Sunday, January 13, 2008


Wish I knew how to do 1 blog and it gets posted on all the froo-froo blogs that I have signed up for!!! :(

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Karmyn Kast 26!

Well, KarmKast 26 is up on and, but NOT on Podshow!! I tried all night, all morning and afternoon to no avail! I emailed them and let them know I was having a problem!!  If ya wanna see the video, you'll have to the sites mentioned above!! Sry!!! And it you want in on your iPod, you'll have to do it via as well!!

Wow! I wonder if I will ever get a podcast out without a hitch!!

I'm REALLY excited that I got to play Duran, Duran!! They really ROCK!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Reality Check for Miss America!!

Hmmm...I have not seen an episode yet, but I am VERY scared! This just seems to me like another  desperate attempt at saving what little integrity Miss America has left! So why has Miss America become the most laughed at and mocked pageant system in the Nation? tell me!!

Fact: It IS a pageant...always has been...
Fact: MAO tried to make "Hillary Clinton-types" out of all of the girls in the late 80's and 90's. (No offense to Hillary at all, it was just too homogeneous and self-deprecating for many girls! And quite honestly ugly to watch...poor girls!)

What I think Miss America SHOULD be! A group of 50 individually minded ladies with 4 purposes in mind: service, scholarship, style, and success AND how each woman emulates these areas as an individual, not as a homogenized robot! (That is in NO way a reference to Mrs. Clinton!! She is a highly admirable, strong, intelligent INDIVIDUAL female! We just couldn't all be her!)

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PS - Thank you mikejaysmith for bringing this to my attention!

*note: the Four Points of the Miss America Crown are service, scholarship, style, and success!
*Miss America Reality Check on TLC Fridays 10/9c

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

fixin' stuff

I've been desperately trying to shorten my "to do" list!!  So, I've not been twittin' or blogging (obviously) as much! I've been trying to do some marketing for the Karmyn Kast and such. I DO want to SO thank everyone who's signed up for the yahoo group! I was trying to decide between yahoo & Google and it seemed that yahoo just worked out better!

A long time ago I had a Karmyn Kast store to buy t-shirts and such, but got rid of the link because I hadn't figured out the right files and dpi so that the photos looked really great when they were printed! Well, I think I've figured it out!! :) I'm still in the process of adding things and working on the prices. (Their base prices are not cheap!) So if you want to view the progress I have a link on the side of the blog and (sorry Mike, I know it's stuff on the blog...) Just need to get it out there! Even if no one (except my mom) buys anything, it's funny that's it's actually available! I also need to clean up the podshow's a lot of work to figure all this out! BUT at least on the podshow page photos are easier to fix!! :)

So the long and the short of it, if you have any ideas on other pictures and such I can see what I can do! (for the Cafe Press store) I know that I can't use my professional pictures! The photographer's won't allow that! So the pictures will only be one's that Image Forward has taken of me! (I love you Debbie!!) :)

Wow! This turned out longer than I thought!! Sry!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

JOY, RAPTURE!!!! I've discovered!!!!!

Okay! I uploaded the BIG HONKIN' file to and here it is!! I couldn't believe that they took THAT many MBs!! I'm blown away!!!!!


VidBlog #4

Here's where I video blogged about my icky day yesterday!!!:(

Saturday, January 5, 2008

out of sync!

It's out of sync on iTunes and Zencast! It works okay on podshow when I play it through their player. I wish I could do something, but I've honestly given up!! Sorry everyone!! It should be better next time!! :(

Stick a fork in me.......I'm done!

Karmyn Kast 25

Well, it's up on Podshow after a LOT of issues!!!!!!! So many issues that I had to rearrange my life!! OMG!!! Next time? miniDV ALL THE WAY!!!! Geez!!!!

...I think I'm going to bed!! (video) or iTunes &/or Zencast (audio only)

problems with the latest Kast...

It's finished! In fact I could post the audio on the page, but the audio is not matching my mouth in the video!

I tried to use my webcam going straight to my computer and use the pro mic for good audio quality all going straight into Vegas. Well, even if I used just the webcam for the audio.....IT DOESN'T WORK! At least not on my system! Next time will be miniDV ALL THE WAY! :) That DOES work!!

For some reason, I'm not that fact I've let it go! I'm going to try something else and if it doesn't work, I'm just going to upload it as is!! Sorry!! It works when I render to a wmv file, but iTunes won't play that!

I'll make something work!! :) it could always be worse!!! :) (hee, hee!) And I'm learning SO much by my mistakes!! :)

Friday, January 4, 2008

New VidBlog

Okay here's the blog from hades! ARG! Loads of tech issues today!! Working on KK25 (audio issues!) I apparently didn't save the original properly so it's a bit fuzzy! :( (wheeeeee!!) Enjoy! I have a crazy weekend so I had to get it out today or not at all!! :) (talking about KK25)

Thursday, January 3, 2008


I have to say......well, well, well! Mike Huckabee seems to have won (it's not official, but he won) the Iowa Caucus (Republican). Pay attention! The thing one panelist (for Huckabee) said is that he identified with Huckabee! He basically said, "Huckabee is me! He is what I would want to stand for if I were running for president." can take that 2 different ways! 1) Heck, why would I want someone like me! I want someone who is fit for the job, not me! I'm not fit for the job! OR 2) you can understand that on a really basic, personal level the AVERAGE AMERICAN identifies with this man! They identify him as the person they WANT to exemplify! Someone who has excellent character, immense integrity, and is still a down to earth person who cares about (me) the average person. He's qualified and REAL! Now THAT'S something you  can't buy, you can't create, and you can't control.  All I can say is that it seems that the hand of a greater power is on this man!

All this without spending the money that the other candidates have! Hmmmmmm..........ya laugh at the grassroots, God-fearin', conservatives but it's AMAZING how powerful & many they are!!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Phew! Into the New Year without a hitch!! Well, almost! I did get the Karmyn Kast out! Yeah!! I had a bit of trouble with the audio (with the Hollow Horse most AWESOME song) that I didn't realize until I uploaded it! I quickly deleted it, re-rendered and uploaded it again! So, there may be some issues with iTunes & Zencast! Jim Farley had some issues with iTunes and had to delete the subscription to the Karmyn Kast and resubscribe! I'm so sorry about that! (BTW - Sorry about the ENORMOUS size! You may just wanna got to and view it so you don't waste your space!

Enjoy! PLUS! I'm putting up a new feature on the the blog AND site! A free-standing player! So, you can listen & still surf the net! (I think it's the audio only, though!) More on that as soon as I'm able to get that code in!

Anywho, that's it for now! More video blogging (THANK YOU MADPOD!!), fun videos with my nieces, live streaming and podcasts coming up!! :)