Thursday, December 22, 2005

2 Quick Shout-outs to Kenny & David!!!

A few shout outs!!


Kenny Little of Hollow Horse! Thank you for that email! It really brightened my day!! If you haven’t heard of them, check them out!! My personal fav? “Littledove Hill.” Wow!!


Also, David Begnaud!! Shaw-boy, you moved from South Louisiana! You’re up in my territory now! Not mention Ed’s!! Hee, hee!! (David and Ed Walsh emceed Miss LA last summer! And are sweethearts!!) David you are just TOO adorable, but I’ve told you that!!


More to come…I’m feeling better and will probably have to back-blog. Click below to see Davin in action!!


Search for Missing Children

You'll need a version of Windows Media Player 7 or higher to view the video. If you need to download it, go to The video player is supported by Microsoft IE 5.0 and above.

Christmas eCard, The Queen of Eban's Royal Court, The Big Show interview, RadioIOjazz & RedJazz Radio

Merry Christmas!


I hope everyone is having a terrific holiday! I’ve been battling a cold off and on, one with a mean desire to keep my ears stuffed up!! My head feels like a balloon and it sounds like I’m listening to cotton move around in my ears all day long! Without having cotton in them! Actually it sounds like I’m in a silent classroom when all you hear is the soft buzz of the overhead lights…only through cotton! ARG! At the bottom is a quirky card I made to send out and for the parentals to send out. The funny thing about making it was finding the “best” picture of Annie!! J Mom, a.k.a. “Nana” to the dog, wanted a cute picture of the baby! SO after futzing trying to take several pictures, Nana finally caught the baby being cute AND looking at the camera! (Oye! my dog’s a genius!)


Two things:


1. Eban (Reaching For Lucidity) emailed me the coolest news! I’m like the queen of his Royal music Court! How cool is that! THANK YOU!!! Click here for a list of everyone.

My personal favs? Brother Love! and Adrina Thorpe! Awesome artists!! I’m very honored! I joke with him about the B-slap saying that I hope I never have to have one! Maybe I’ll have immunity for awhile! (hee, hee!) I’m sure my mother…and sister for that matter have both thought I deserved one or two or three….! J (Listen to the podcast if you don’t understand! Not suitable for younger audiences…unless supervised…even then…probably not suitable.)


2. On the interview with Aaron (The Big Show), I mentioned that podcasts have been more receptive to indie artist than any radio stations. Which is true, but I meant traditional radio stations. Internet radio stations (i.e. RedJazz and RadioIOJazz) have been and just ARE AWESOME!! And some traditional stations do play indie artists. It’s just harder to get traditional radio airplay because the playlists are pretty much dictated to the DJs and not by the DJs. Of course request hours are great! Anyway, I just wanted to clarify that.




PS – Enjoy the LIGHT!!!


Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Still too sleepy! Christmas, Podsafe for Peace, Radio Gets WIld Interview, C-Dawg...and colonics?

Man have I ever been sick!! Today is the first day I felt almost 100%! PTL! The Christmas play is this weekend and being sick…is NOT an option!  (Thank you cuz for the getting better “hook-up” I’m cured!) ;) BTW - The play is going to be SO cool!! Click here and go to calendar to find out more info.


OKAY!! Podsafe for Peace is out!! Yeah!! Okay, how AWESOME was it to be apart of that!?!? Oh my gosh, you have NO idea!! Okay, if you are a Pod-musician, you have some clue. Anywho! It’s being played on loads of Podcasts!! C.C. Chapman – Accident Hash; Adam Curry - Daily Source Code…you name it they are playing it!! And the song is REALLY great!!  Slau is an awesome writer and musician! Kudos to you for doing the really hard work…getting it together!! 96 different artists contributed to it!! Can you imagine the mixing!!! ARG!!! Website hopefully coming soon!


Okay, so the Radio Gets Wild interview happened…I was sick as a dog, but going back listening to it, I didn’t sound that hoarse. Although I felt like I sounded like a 90 year old Camel smokin’ grandma from the Bronx! Oye!! It was SO weird using Yahoo! We did the…click and talk thing. I SO talk with my hands….arg! I was have MAJOR withdraws!  But Dee said it went fine. My mother said….well she said I was stiff at first and then began to loosen up. When I explained the hand thing…she completely understood! Then the interview with C-dogg…I always want to type out “C-Dawg”….didn’t work for some reason. Ah well, I think he was using ODEO. I’m not completely sure, but hopefully we can do it again sometime. I need to check that ODEO thing out. 


Anywho…it’s late and after listening to Dan’s…uh Tug’s….(hee, hee) booger songs, (HA!!) I need to unwind, blow my nose and go to bed!!  Dan you BETTER bring me that CD of yours tomorrow!!! Oh and Todd, M.D.…sorry to bring up the colonics thing! Dad said you’d be the man to know that department! As I heard you say once before…I’m just the plumber! Speaking of…Larich Plumbing! You guys ROCK!!! And to the dude whose dad went to school with my mom…you SO rock!! Thank you for fixing my bathtub!! I can FINALLY take those long bubble baths again! Yippee!


I'm WAY to sleepy to typing ANYTHING!!!

This is random….if you know me, you find out that “random” usually always means the “that’s really stupid, Karmyn; you need to get some sleep and/or seek professional help” category….well….RANDOM:


Okay, so I bought a paper cutter the other day…it works fine…it’s not industrial grade or anything…you know to trim up photos, paper, blah, blah, blah. Well, I was getting ready to put the packaging away…not throw it away in case something happens and I need to take it back. But while I grabbed the packaging, I saw something…interesting. On the box it had…quite ‘pridefully’ indicated…that this product has a “limited lifetime warranty.” Hmmm…what kind of oxymoron is THAT!? So, I read it and it’s for random things that go wrong with it from the manufacturing side; not for the “out of the ordinary” things that happen. I guess they just had one too many guys who took a blow torch to it in hopes that the warranty would kick in. (Can ya imagine?) Or for those folks who were trying to cut things other than those listed…paper, photos, cardstock, plastic…..oh wait….it specifically says…”AND MORE.”  … paper, photos, cardstock, plastic, AND MORE!!! So I wonder what “and more” could be? Would they be objects with the same chemical make up as the former or could they include…MORE…like cheese? Could I cut cheese on it…the blade get gummy therefore messing it up…could I then get to make use of that limited lifetime warranty? It says “paper cutter” so you would assume paper, but plastic is also mentioned….so what thickness or toughness (there’s gotta be a better word for ‘toughness’) but at what level would one know to or not to use plastic in this paper cutter? Hmmmm….thank goodness for lawyers who sort all of those things out of everyone. They can even make the biggest idiot look and feel like they are justified in what EVER they have CHOSEN to do. Hmmm…I’m going to sleep!