Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Passion of...Karmyn??? Eek!!! The interview on The Big Show w/Aaron!!

WHOA! I had my first Pod-interview yesterday!! It was on the BIG SHOW with Aaron Bates!! I think he told me it will air on Podcast #51. If the number changes, I’ll fix the banner. Any way, I’m SO hoping I didn’t sound like a complete idiot!!  ARG!! He did his homework and we covered a lot of ground. Seriously, we talked about music, or course, acting, pageants, speaking Spanish, and The Passion of Christ…you name it! Oye! We did the interview, via Skype, and I have to admit, I’ve had a better time with Yahoo Messenger than Skype. In fact, Tim, from RadioGetsWild, told me as much, and man, you were right! By the way, here’s a little plug for RGW: I have an interview with them this Wednesday. I think it’s my interview week, because I have an interview scheduled with C-Dogg on Tuesday. It’s kind of fallen that way. The first interview with RGW was delayed because of technical issues, so the reschedule happened to fall this week.


Ya know I remember my first official on-camera interview on the Shreveport station KSLA-12 when I was 11. I got the lead vocals in a PSA music video called “For Kids’ Sake.” Of course my mom recorded it and I was mortified!! I didn’t really say anything stupid; it was just that my East Texas accent was horribly T-H-I-C-K!!!  Man is that ever blackmail material!! Anywho, I decided right then and there that public perception was powerful and started listening to “The Sound of Music” and “My Fair Lady” over, and over and over thinking that it would help round out my strong dialect!! (Hey, I was just a kid!!)  Even then I was fascinated with the voice and why it worked and why some people liked the sound of certain voices and others were annoying.


Ah, well, RANDOM: This is SO old news, but Nalbandian beat Federer at the Masters!!! WHOA!!!  Ya know of all the 50 some odd sports channels I get with Dish, ya’d think I’d be able to watch the match....but NO!!!  This is one, though, I will watch even though I know the outcome. I just want to see the how, why, and wow of the whole thing!! I was listening to the Podcast For What it’s Worth with Steven and Dawn and Steve mentioned that iTunes lets you download shows that you’ve missed on TV! I wonder if I could get the Master’s final!!! Hmmm…I will definitely try!!!!


Way too long & way too late for me at the moment….going to sleep now!!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

(I'll Be There) On Christmas Day...lyrics...Slau...& Pilotdrift

Yes, it’s 2:30am and I’m up!  But there is good reason!! First I am SO grateful to Kelly Carr of Pilotdrift!!! Kelly you SO rock!! He allowed me to use his home studio to rush some dry vocals to Slau for the PMN Holiday song!! It’s pretty cool! Slau wrote the song and it’s really AWESOME! A bunch of people were asked to sing on it and I found out about it pretty late in the game. Oh well, I am very honored to be asked and am excited about the song. All of the proceeds will go to UNICEF. I was a bit tired so the vocals may not be the best, but hopefully he can find something to put in.  


BTW – If you haven’t heard Pilotdrift? You are SO missing out!!!!

And another thing...this is an awesome website for uploads:



Okay, here’s the lyrics to (I’ll Be There) On Christmas Day:


Oh, it's Christmas time again

How I miss you

I wish I hadn't been so far away

I'll be coming home

how my heart so longs to see your face

Yuletide carols reminding me

of lovers wistful, bliss

so while you're patiently waiting

do remember this


I'll be there I'll be there

Though it seems I'm far away

I'll be there I'll be there

I'll be there in your heart on Christmas Day


How I love this time of year

joy and laughter

the holidays are here and I know

as this season now begins

You’ll see lovers underneath the mistletoe

Children snuggling in their beds

Are waiting for the time

to hear Santa's reindeer

from their window right outside


I'll be there I'll be there

Though it seems I'm far away

I'll be there I'll be there

I'll be there in your heart on Christmas Day


So here's to you on this holiday

may your every wish come true though

I'm far away my heart will be with you


I'll be there I'll be there

Though it seems I'm far away

I'll be there I'll be there

I'll be there in your heart on Christmas Day

I'll be there in your heart on Christmas Day

Friday, November 25, 2005

C.C. Chapman's U-Turn Cafe-Holiday Show!

Well, writing a Christmas holiday song has got to be listed as one of the toughest things to do.  I wanted to write a song…like a carol…that you could hear Bing Crosby or Rosemary Clooney sing. I toiled and toiled over every detail. I think I honestly irritated my mom. She’s a pianist and knows how much of a perfectionist I am and probably got sick of my melody, chord and lyric variations. She’s my mother, but also my second worst critic. I had to let it sit for days at a time while I “stepped away” and worked on non-holiday songs.


Well, last weekend, Chris heard it, put in the “Chris factor” and that was it! I guess one thing that made me really happy is that Chris really liked it…and he’s a HARD man to please musically. We drove around in the car to hear the levels from a typical car stereo and he commented on how he honestly liked the song. (PTL!!)


Now, to C.C. and the U-Turn Café. C.C. was the first podcaster to play the song and he is AWESOME.  Not only that, I am so honored to be on the #5 show because the other people on the cast are F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!!  Matthew Ebel, Chaz, and Allison Crowe…WOW! They rock! So, even if you don’t like my song, please listen to the podcast for the other artists. THEY ROCK vocally and musically!!! I am truly honored and humbled!!!


Here’s a link to the U-Turn Cafe. It's podcst show #5:


Be blessed and safe on your return travels home!


Oh and C.C., my eyes change colors with what I wear…so sometimes they are blue and sometimes they are green! (Ya have to listen to the podcast to get it...)  

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving! I spent most of the “off” day I had today trying to hook up my JX-10 to my computer! ARG! What a headache!  (…may ask for help on this one!!) Anyway, I have a new page on the website: I’ve been getting quite a bit of response for Drifting and am honored! Hopefully this way, Chris and I can put a little more food on the table! We have also recorded a Christmas song (DEMO-ed) that will be put on the PMN after Thanksgiving. I’ll blog more on that later…THAT was an experience!  (hee, hee!!) It’s not like Drifting; I really wanted it to feel like an old traditional holiday song, but always allowing the “Chris-factor” to make it extra special. (Yeah!!) So, grab your cocoa, snuggle by the fireplace with the one you love and enjoy!


Thank you again for enjoying our music! And I’m SO sorry for the blog maintenance scheduled tomorrow! (Sorry ‘bout that Jeff!!)  But, everyone will be spending time with their friends and family anyway! Enjoy!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Poor Rafa!

Poor Rafa! He had to bow out of the Shanghai Tennis Masters Cup because of an injury! You’re still adorable!  Take care of yourself so we can watch you…and Federer play at the Masters…and let us NOT forget Andre!

Monday, November 7, 2005

RadioIOJazz Shout-out!!

I have to give a shout-out to Dr. Mike of RadioIOJazz!



You are SO awesome! He featured our album all last week! And now...they are playing Drifting! Whoa!! Thank you SO much!!! He was also kind enough to put the Drifting single artwork (made my Debbie) on the page. It's toward the bottom!  


I can honestly say that the music on RadioIOJazz is great!!! AND go ahead and invest in SoundPass!! It's worth it!! The sound is a zillion times richer!!

Friday, November 4, 2005


Okay, a word about my song Drifting. In response to the Podcast issue, I wrote a smooth jazz song, had Chris arrange it and put it on the PMN. Well, Bill heard it, really liked it, and wanted to start another album with some original music. (Eek! No pressure!) Well, with Chris and I having day music jobs, it may take awhile…such is life. But, I did want to go ahead and blog about it because I’ve been getting a pretty good response from the PMN! (Shout out to Adam Curry, C.C., the PMC Top Ten, The Big Show with Aaron Bates, and all you guys playing the tune!) It’s so surreal!! Also, blogging gives the platform to share like this…


The inspiration for the song? That’s easy, heartache. We’ve all had it and it’s usually difficult to put in words or song. I tried…and here are the words:



Words/music Karmyn Tyler (BMI)

Arrangement Chris Meeks (ASCAP)

© 2005


The rain trickles down the corners of my mind

Heaven was not so distant a find

Your sweet melody

Playing close to me

Is gone

Now all I have in me

Are all those memories

of song


Drifting far away from you

Drifting, what am I supposed to do

My heart is still entwined

Oh yes, my love was blind

But now I realize

We’re through


Clouds roll in my mind so mistily

You said you would remain close to me

We said our last goodbyes

With tears in my eyes

No more

It can’t be a mistake

Oh how my heart does break

Non amour


Click here to hear a clip.
Or…visit the PMC (Podmusic Music Countdown) for October 29th! Drifting is #8 on the countdown. (Wow! Thank you Podcasters!!) My last name’s spelled wrong…but who cares!

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

A Quickie!

I literally just talked to Dee and the (European) interview has been changed to November 30th.


Check out Radio Gets Wild! They are really awesome!! (And not just because they play my stuff! I’d listen even if they didn’t!!)


Going to teach! (la, la, la!!)