Thursday, December 27, 2007

Annie Commercial!!

Okay!! Yes, I was ill today!! BUT, I did get my niece, Molly to get an Utterz and got them both to do a quasi commercial!! it was an idea we can up with at dinner and decided to do it! :) I thought it turned out really cute! Revver has to review them, so Maggie put it on her mySpace! I'll use that for now!! Apparently Revver won't be reviewing anything until after the New Year! Which is cool! They need a holiday too!

Molly Minter - actress
Maggie Minter - voice over artist/script writer
Annie Tyler - doggie actress
Karmyn Tyler - producer/videographer/editor
Diane Minter & Sue Tyler - moral support!
Music from Mac iLife

Revver Update! They finally got it on! Not sure I like the quality! They didn't do it wide screen!

my commercial!!!! =)

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Eek!! Stickam works!!

Karmyn live on Stickam Webcam?? Okay, my mom SO freaked out!! In the Stickam box in the top right hand corner I can go live!! With a live chat!! OMG!! It feels a little creepy!! Should I only let members and Stickam friends watch?? FREAK OUT!!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dallas Morning News Endorses Huckabee!

Hey guys & gals! Just thought you'd like to know that the DMN endorsed huck!!

got a message from Uncle Shag!!

Here's a message from Uncle Shag that I got! He's a one cool cat!!! Also check out his stuff! (not just because he played me....but because he's cool!!)

Hi Karmyn,

Just a short note to let you know "Silent Night" is included in Longtown Sound 259.

put a link to the show in your blog. This helps both of us by
increasing The Google and Technorati ratings for Karmyn Tyler and

the link is:

Saturday, December 22, 2007



Karmyn Kast 23 - THIS CHRISTMAS SPECIAL is out!!

Phew! I got this one out just in time! :) I'm tellin' ya about the podcast as well as having an opportunity to show you pictures of my pooch!! :)

*I do have a special Christmas hymn that I wrote for this Christmas on the Podcast!! I hope you like it! Nope, it's not perfect, but I wanted to let you hear it!! :)

Merry Christmas!

PS - The pictures should show up on the bottom right! :)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Video Blog 3 - SOUND CHECK!!

*Amendment! The mp4 was SO much better synced that I switched it on the blog!! But here's what I wrote:
Once I did this I realized that I could capture with my camera and selecting my Pro mic into Sony Vegas NO SYNCING! Phew! Yes, one of my 'dork,' moments, but I learned!! :) PLUS I've uploaded an mp4 too!! The sync with the sound just wasn't working!! ARG!! Check the mp4 to see if it's better!! May leave both up! The other one is called: Sound Check - mp4. As soon as it loads it should be good to go! Click here to find it:
Please fill out the poll! THANK YOU GUYS & GALS!
(Refresh this page to see results!)

Watch the WMV Here (NOPE! it's the mp4!):

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Everyone has really liked what I did for Steve Webb on his "Why Christmas Podcast," so I thought I'd let you have a listen. The video is VERY simplistic.....for a reason! I hope you enjoy my gift to you!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Karmyn Kast 22 is OUT!!!

Well, KarmKast 22 is done!! Let me know what you think! And give me some ideas for a Christmas show next week!! Video may be possible!! not sure! I do have a few ideas and songs I wanna play! But again, any ideas will be fantastic!! (Plus, you know me, I always mention the names of those who help! So let me know if you DON'T want your name mentioned....that actually happened before...they were just, I don't know, not wanting recognition!)


Friday, December 14, 2007

New PROMO!!!

Okay after much debate! Here's what I can up with!! I had a few awesome ideas...this one just seems to happen! So I went with it!!

Here's the link to listen:

Here's the info about it:

Music from the Podsafe Music Network:
Beau Hall's "No Sleep Funk"

Adam Curry - DSC: Daily Source Code
Ron Ploof - Griddlecakes Radio
Paul the music Lover - Indie Music Sampler
Tim Kretschmann - The Pageant Cast
Curtis Cross - Sleeperberth
my friend Wayne Cook

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Video Blog 2

Okay, my day was "cramped" but tomorrow is another day! Oye!

Video links I talk about:
From Mike -

From Jimmie - (btw - I SO hope that wasn't your REAL address!!) Oye!!

PSA – Socks Without Partners

The Marshall Goes Undercover

DSC 697!!!!

(& I felt ALL of those emotions!!)

PS - Working on getting better video quality! Learning a LOT!!! Don't worry, I'll share!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

SOFTWARE VIRUS!!!! (video!)

Christopher Penn, you ROCK!! Thanks for tellin' us about this!! I LOVE IT!! A MUST watch!!

Part 1

Part 2

In all honesty, I have NOT been happy with my Norton Virus Protector! Gonna get something NEW SOON!!!!

Mike Huckabee? Why DO they love him?

Yep, I know him! He's a good guy! Adam Curry mentioned him! Even if he (Adam) thinks that Huck may be ( up for media slaughter! But, I DO like him! That I WILL say!! :) ;)  He's the real-deal!,9171,1692057,00.html?imw=Y

My aunt gave me this article!

Variety reports: Stirke KILLING Latenight TV!

Yep, this will be interesting! IMHO :) We watch shows out of habit! Ya get used to something (because of the stars in the show or concept of) and 'come rain or shine' you watch it unless it gets WAY out there and stupid! Case with me, I LOVED the X-files and I followed it for years, even through the crazy Titanic-type episode, but I finally had to say nix and started watching something else...don't even remember what! I (IMHO yet again) think that if one finds an alternative the odds of us coming back to their "old" show depends on the length of it's absence, unless there is a date scheduled for it's return (anticipation) and the quality of the program after the absence (and that one's up for debate!) But, here's the article that got me going saying...yep it's gonna start rumbling!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Oops!! Miss California who??

Mike, ya freaked me out when you emailed me this & I watched!! WHOA!!

Check it out!

Karmyn's 1st Official Video Blog!

Okay! My first video blog is up!! Take a look! here are some links to stuff I talk about:

Karmyn Kast
Zack 'the Mothman' Daggy
Ed Ovett - Ed's Mixed Bag
Pod 5

And BTW - Revver doesn't like my Quicktime made from my Mac! So I had to change it to an mp4 because Quicktime can make it hiccup and not sync the sound correctly!! ARG!! Ah, well, now I know & so do YOU! And THANK YOU Zack for telling me about VisualHub! It's saving my butt!!

Karmyn Kast 22 is UP!!! Oops! I mean KarmKast 21!!! (Thank you Neil!)

Okay boys & girls!! KarmKast 21 is...OMG up!!! I tried to make sense of the SAG New Media Agreement and any questions are welcome!! Just ask right here and I will get you all the help I can!!

I've also changed up the blog and podcast pages! Hopefully to make them a little more inviting & user friendly! I'm wanting to get some more podvideo on the sites and would love some feed back on that as well! let me know!!

Got some cool links that I made for easier access too!! Man, I was telling Steve Webb how time consuming it is, but SO MUCH fun and EXTREMELY fulfilling!! He agreed! Here they are:


Leave me a message!
This last one was fun because I'm getting the hang of Image Ready! Not great at it, but just enough to make me dangerous!! ARG!!

SHOUT OUT to mom for doing the show notes!! I love you mom!!

And apologies to Ed Ovett and Zack 'the Mothman' Daggy! I just couldn't fit it in!  The 'kast' was an hour!!! NO one needs to hear me that much!! ARG!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

First Video Promo....sorta!

Okay, I made a video promo for the Karmyn Kast. It's actually my first attempt, SO, bear with me!! MORE TO COME on that too! I'm SO multitasking today! :) It's gonna be a good day!!

Check it out!!

MUSIC: "Family Thang" by Brother Love!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

SAG New Media Agreements!!!

I'm hopefully going to get a podcast out tomorrow or Wednesday sometime about the MOST awesome meeting I attended tonight on Dramatic Web Content!! (i.e. Webisodes, Mobicasts, Animation of the dramatic, theatrical kind....)

Bottom line is this:

1) Yes, SAG does cover web-media and new media (mobicasts)!!
2) No, you don't have to pay anything! Just treat your actors with respect under simple if it's going to be a 6 hour session...feed them!!
3) And YES, YES, YES, it is EASY (& a quick turn around) to do a SAG agreement!! REPEAT - it's SIMPLE to do and you will have a pool of FANTASTIC PROFESSIONAL actors to be in your web or mobi-content!

You (SAG members & Indie producers!!) have been LIED to you!!

SAG wants to help!!! Just make the phone call!!!!

More to come!!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

interesting start of the day!!

Car won't start...ignition issue, I'm sure!  Waiting for AAA, but found this little article of interest while surfing & waiting!!

Friday, November 30, 2007


Write our troops for Christmas!!!

My dad emailed this to me and I think it's an AWESOME idea!!!! I'm doing it!!!

When you are making out your Christmas card list this year, please include one
or more cards to the following:

A Recovering American soldier
Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C.

Strike talks are slow but at least they are happening!

My sister and her family are slowly piecing their lives back together. Thank you again for all of your well wishes, prayers and concerns! Just keep them in those thoughts and prayers!

A bit on the strike! It's slowly moving......well, at least they are in talks! Still!! Here are some links for more information! I got an email from an Acting resource that said that the end was soon....not sure where they are getting that bit of info!

Story from the LA Times

One other thing!!

Networks set for $120m from web ads

By Matthew Garrahan in Los Angeles

Published: November 29 2007 01:58 | Last updated: November 29 2007 01:58

four US television networks in a pay dispute with Hollywood television
writers over online video advertising are in line to generate $120m of
revenues in 2007 from free web streaming of their content, according to
a leading media buyer.

The networks have been reluctant to
acknowledge the size of their streaming businesses, partly because
online video advertising has become a sticking point in pay
negotiations with the writers, who have been on strike for almost a

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Please Pray for my sister...her house burned down!!

First off thank you everyone for your prayers and encouragement!! I could explain everything, but the local newspaper had it on the front page today! It's very sad!  The good news is that no one was killed!!

Here's the link:

People have been asking where to send clothes and such! Anything would be a huge help right now! My sister is a size 10 (medium) and the girls are sizes 4/5 (small). You can send things via my mom!

Diane Minter
c/o Sue Tyler
PO Box 374
Nash, TX 75569

Bless you all!!

Friday, November 2, 2007


So it begins!


'What's the biggest issue? Internet and New Media

What are we asking for in Internet and New Media? Two things: 1. Residuals for reuse of content (like replaying tv shows) on the internet. We're asking for residuals of 2.5% of revenue
-- that means for every dollar they get paid, we'd get 2 and a half
cents. It's a flat percentage, so if they're right and they're never
ever going to make a penny, well then, we won't either. No harm, no
foul. Since 2.5% is our starting point, in any normal negotiation we'd
end up somewhere between what they want to pay (.3%) and what we're
asking for (2.5%). I'd guess 1 to 1.5 %. 2. Coverage and protections for original content (new stuff we create for the internet.) We're asking for basic protections so that when we write original stuff for the internet, we have rights -- health and pension, minimum amounts, credits and separated rights
(so if we make some amazing character or show, we get the right to
share in its success.) We're just asking for the same protections we
already have for writing in TV or film. Nothing new or weird. Just the

What are the other issues? DVDs: Currently we get .3% per dvd, we're asking for .6%. Translation: now we get 4 cents per dvd. We are asking for 8 cents per dvd. Since most DVD's cost at least 10 bucks, that doesn't exactly seem like a bank-breaker. Whatever. Enforcement of Coverage:  There
are lots of shows, like game shows, documentaries and talk shows, where
writing is supposed to be covered under our contract. The companies
sometimes just ignore the contract -- which means folks don't get
health and pension, and if they ask for it, they get fired. We want
them to stop that, and honor the contract they signed. Expansion of Coverage: We
want to cover stuff where writers are working without coverage, which
means without health and pension and other protections. The two big
areas are animation and reality. We think those writers should be covered.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Monday, October 22, 2007


Guys I am SO sorry for not mentioning my interview with Russel Hale on his podcast Ramble With Russel Podcast! I like just chatted me and told me that I forgot to mention it and I SO feel like a schmuck! I need 1 million lashes with a wet dirty noodle!! How STUPID of me!! Well, here is the link to his site: And the Episode is 69!!! ALSO, here's what he put!!

This week I feature the Sultry Sirens of the Silver Screen.  First up is my movie review of the latest zombie thrilelr with Resident Evil : Extinction as the lovely Milla Jovovich kick undead butt.  Then we stay in Hollywood and catch up  with singer/actress Karmyn Tyler
as we talk about movies, song writing  and beauty pagents in the land
of glitz and glamour.  Music this week are two songs by Karmyn, Drifting and Just my Style.  You can find more about her by going to either, or  Comments and suggestions are always welcome. 
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Category: podcasts -- posted at: 9:23 PM

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Passion Fruit of the South!!

Since I've been here, I've started to miss things I can't get here! And of ALL things? Muscadines!! I found some juice here at the health food store and it's AWESOME!!!! here's bit of science to back up my love for this stuff!! The juices & wines are AMAZING! Of course, it may be an acquired taste! This was taken from the  health link at

Muscadine Grapes--New Health Food?

Scientists with ARS and Mississippi State University have found significant
amounts of resveratrol in the skin, pulp, and seeds of muscadine grapes.
Resveratrol is the compound in French wines said to lower cholesterol and the
risk of coronary heart disease.

In the Southeast, muscadines are grown to make juice. But the researchers
are now using muscadine waste from juice processing to make products like
muffins, jams and granola cereal. One-half serving (two ounces) of unfiltered
muscadine juice, one serving of muscadine jam, one medium muscadine muffin, or
one-tenth serving of muscadine sauce give the same dietary amounts of
resveratrol as four fluid ounces of red wine, the researchers say. Their report
is in the American Journal of Enology and Viticulture (vol. 47, pp.

Muscadine puree—an excellent source of resveratrol, dietary fiber and
some essential minerals—is high in carbohydrates and low in fat and
protein. Powdered puree contains more dietary fiber than oat or rice bran. In
MSU studies, rats fed the powder had lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and higher HDL
(good) levels than animals in the control group.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I'm such a DORK!!!

This is just for Ramblin' Russel! I SO remembered your message via ODEO!! (Man, I need to keep up the the services I have!! ARG!!!!) So, oopsie and I emailed ya man for a follow up and hopefully and interview!! BUT Michael Moss is first in line!!! Then, I will be more than happy to do an interview!! .....good grief! .....that was back in July!! I'm a sad case, cookie!

Send me a Message!!

Hey! I got a cool message the other day and just realized it!! hee, hee!! Snappy, you're a sweetie!! So, I'm puttin' up for everyone to hear and let other people send me a message! I'd LOVE to put it on my next podcast!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

An AMAZING update!

Wow, I would have blogged before now, but I’ve been a bit in
shock….good shock!   The amazing news? I have a Commercial Agent!! YEAH!!
I’ve VERY excited!! I can’t even begin!! I’m so excited about ‘going out’ and
having an AGENT again! I wasn’t sure how I was received at the interview….we
were all in a group and talked about ourselves and read in front of each other
while the agents looked on! Of course since they are Commercial/Print we read
sides (short bit of a script) from a Commercial. I read it, and then….since I
was from Texas….was
asked for me to read it in my East Texan accent! I obliged and everyone
laughed!! It was funny too, this guys beside me was like, “That’s SO great!” I
thought to myself…..”Well, I’m from Texas (East Texas and Southwest Arkansas) so I should be able to have a heck of an accent in my pocket just a-waitin’ to
use!” Oye!! He was gorgeous though……model…..yeah!  Anyway, talk about a miracle!
There are people out here who don’t have an agent period! Granted, commercial
agents are the easiest to get…..not really easy…..just about 15% higher probability
than a theatrical agent, but hey, it’s a start. It was 6 months to the DAY that
they called and said that they wanted to represent me! If you’re not in the
business…you may not understand what a miracle that IS!! There are people who
have been up here for years and still can’t snag one! What’s funny? I prayed
that it would take 6 months. In fact, I kinda gave God a date! (Ha!! Like that
ever works!) 
I was thinking August 30th, but the funny thing was I wrote it on my
calendar wrong….I put 9/30/07 instead of 8/30/07. Well, thank goodness God
likes to joke! 
NOW…I can’t WAIT to be submitted on spots!! I really do LOVE commercials! They
are SO much fun!!! YEAH!!!

Oh, also, I have worked on 2 other sets…just another FYI –
this past week I worked on Boston Legal and Desperate Housewives and I have to
say….it’s a toss up as to how nice the cast and crews were! They were both
AMAZING and SOOOO nice! And I’m NOT just saying…typing that!! 

It all feels VERY good!  Thank you guys and
gals for the thoughts and prayers coming my way!! Keep ‘em coming! I’m STOKED!! 

It’s just a miracle from God!!!!! Thank you – Praise you