Sunday, October 29, 2006

Episode III - The Halloween Episode!!

Okay so the 3rd Episode is out!! Full show notes the first few comments are at It just seems easier that way right now! I tried Wiki.....eek!! So, I got Castblaster and I like it so far!! :) Still working out the bugs!!!

Thanks to everyone for all of the awesome feedback!! I’m using my gmail for all of the Kast stuff!! It’s Gmail is REALLY awesome!! I’m also using for the Kast as well! :) (That was my mom’s idea!!) :P But...if you listened to the 2nd kast....I have the (what a mess THAT was!) just to listen to the cast and to show links to subscribe.....I honestly have no clue when the next one will be. I have enough info for 2+ episodes, and the time to actually do one.......ha, ha....hee, hee, hee........HAR, HAR...!!!!!!! Oye!! :)
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