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Monday, October 22, 2007


Guys I am SO sorry for not mentioning my interview with Russel Hale on his podcast Ramble With Russel Podcast! I like just chatted me and told me that I forgot to mention it and I SO feel like a schmuck! I need 1 million lashes with a wet dirty noodle!! How STUPID of me!! Well, here is the link to his site: http://ramblingruss.libsyn.com/. And the Episode is 69!!! ALSO, here's what he put!!

This week I feature the Sultry Sirens of the Silver Screen.  First up is my movie review of the latest zombie thrilelr with Resident Evil : Extinction as the lovely Milla Jovovich kick undead butt.  Then we stay in Hollywood and catch up  with singer/actress Karmyn Tyler
as we talk about movies, song writing  and beauty pagents in the land
of glitz and glamour.  Music this week are two songs by Karmyn, Drifting and Just my Style.  You can find more about her by going to either www.karmyntyler.com, http://karmynkast.net or http://blog.karmyntyler.net.  Comments and suggestions are always welcome. 
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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Passion Fruit of the South!!

Since I've been here, I've started to miss things I can't get here! And of ALL things? Muscadines!! I found some juice here at the health food store and it's AWESOME!!!! here's bit of science to back up my love for this stuff!! The juices & wines are AMAZING! Of course, it may be an acquired taste! This was taken from the  health link at www.muscadine.com:

Muscadine Grapes--New Health Food?

Scientists with ARS and Mississippi State University have found significant
amounts of resveratrol in the skin, pulp, and seeds of muscadine grapes.
Resveratrol is the compound in French wines said to lower cholesterol and the
risk of coronary heart disease.

In the Southeast, muscadines are grown to make juice. But the researchers
are now using muscadine waste from juice processing to make products like
muffins, jams and granola cereal. One-half serving (two ounces) of unfiltered
muscadine juice, one serving of muscadine jam, one medium muscadine muffin, or
one-tenth serving of muscadine sauce give the same dietary amounts of
resveratrol as four fluid ounces of red wine, the researchers say. Their report
is in the American Journal of Enology and Viticulture (vol. 47, pp.

Muscadine puree—an excellent source of resveratrol, dietary fiber and
some essential minerals—is high in carbohydrates and low in fat and
protein. Powdered puree contains more dietary fiber than oat or rice bran. In
MSU studies, rats fed the powder had lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and higher HDL
(good) levels than animals in the control group.