Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Danica update...

FYI - Danica (Inspector Mom....Winnie on the Wonder Years....hello!!) is going to be on 20/20 tomorrow night....something about celebrities renewing their careers...and what they are doing now! :) Yeah!!

KarmKast6 - Happy Thanksgiving!!

Well, KarmKast6 is about to be out! I’ve finally recouped from the “cold.” OYE! Have some real cool songs on the cast!! My right forearm is absolutely killing me or I’d type it all out!

And of course more “random/mindless” talk! I’ve GOT to find a better way to organize myself!! ARG!!!

Chris? Kel-Bel is my cousin!  (hee, hee!!) If ya can get pass family?? You may be in!

more later......karmyn

oh, and about the JVC? Jon said - NO! so I’m taking it back tomorrow!  Sony would be better!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I have a confession to make!

I’m addicted! To Christina’s Podcast!! Christina who?? HELLO get a life!! :) (or maybe i should...ouch!!!) Anywho....Christina Curry....Pod Save the Queen! Take a listen!! L-O-V-E! She ROCKS!!! Take a listen! Awesome music too!!! :)

Christoph.....are you my blogharbor-boyfriend?? Have you past the Kell-Bell test?? Hmmmm.....she MUST be told!!! I’ll do that today sometime.........she’s family....lilke blood!! Give her a SHOUT!!!! Kell-Bell! (She gonna FREAK!!!) EVERYONE give her shout out!! She's funnier that I am!!! Seriously!!!!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How COOl!!!

So my shows only been up a few hours and I've already gotten a lot of downloads and response! (I'm SO excited!!) I HAVE to mention this, but I got a cool email from a listener and she emailed the COOLEST picture of her and her sister with Elvis in the 70's! WOW!! THE KING!!!

Thank you SOOOOOO much Lorie!! You've made me REALLY big!!!

KarmKast5 out.....a quickie!

i couldn't get the movie file on yet, so i uploaded it here!

bear with the stuffy nose! soooo sorry!! still fighting it......get better then worse again. :(

Monday, November 6, 2006

Michael Moss & Maurice Zondag!! :)

Cool! i just got finished talking with Michael Moss of Podsafe Music Hour
on good ole Skype! (played his promo on the 1st kast) Mike's so cool! Take a listen to his latest cast!! He also showed me another cool cast: Podologist!! :)

Also, just heard the Sunday Sundown with Maurice Zondag! (played his promo on the 4th kast) He's so sweet! He's featuring the Karmyn Kast for the month of November!! How cool!! So take a listen there too!!! :)

going to back to bed....I have a cold!!!!

Sunday, November 5, 2006

a bit random....

Check out the entire K&J "Movie." HA!! Very stupid and funny!!!


have had for forever but finally using the Mac!! Still confused!! Any other suggestiong of Mac ftp instead of Fetch??

Saturday, November 4, 2006

Christoph is...............

So this is one of the pictures that Christoph gave me to...put in my living room.  

** check out KarmKast4 ** i talk about his fan mail!

Okay, Christoph, if this is really you...because this is the internet....I think everyone will agree are VERY good fact, you are a HOTTIE!!

BTW - my mom said you look better than Brad Pitt!  

100% Podsafe Show....

I finally did a 100% Podsafe Show!! Hmmm....only thing i didn't mention was the Grey's episode thursday night!! ARG!! All I'm going to say.....commitment.....eek!!! Certain things I'm NOT ready to commit to......and OMG you can watch the episode again on!!!!

anywho - show should be up by now! (I should start paying my mom more!! hee, hee, i should double her pay!!) She's able to do SO much on the computer now.....well.....I may become obsolete! :)

good night....need sleep................teetering...........