Saturday, February 25, 2006

Colin Firth is just TOO irresistible...I wanna go back to Disney World!!

Okay, I just watched the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice! (I actually purchased it…) OH-MY-GAW! It’s absolutely fantastic!!!!!! Colin Firth is AWESOME! Of course I have the Sir Lawrence copy as well and I think Mr. Firth is as good!! And I’m a huge Olivier fan!!! (He’s still my favorite Hamlet!) This is, of course, the finest story!! And one of the few “romantic” books I admit to reading more than twice!! Eek!! I hate it, but it brings out every gushy, giggly, “girly” feeling I have. It’s truly embarrassing which is the reason I only watch it by myself or with other females so the estrogen just oozes everywhere! And I LOVE Jennifer Ehle she’s the perfect Lizzy! I remember seeing her in Sunshine (the Ralph Fiennes “package” movie) J in LA. She’s amazing! AND she’s from the states!!!!!! A nice Southern Belle!! I understand, via the IMDB that she and Mr. Firth dated after or during the making of the movie…I can see why! He’s honestly irresistible as Mr. Darcy! Heck, I wanted to marry him by the end of the movie!! HELLO!!!


Random Moment of the Day: Ya know I REALLY love the Disney commercial ‘Shhh, are you sleeping?” that’s playing on TV right now…it just makes me smile! It’s the one where the little brother goes into his sister’s room anticipating their trip to Disney and their mom comes in and says, “Okay, guys back to sleep.” And the little boy is SOOOOOO cute. I LOVE the way he says, “We’re too excited to sleep!” It almost makes me want kids….. J Okay fine I’ll probably have 1 one day, just not ANY TIME soon! ARG!!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Quickie - Jigsaw Karmyn

 Okay, Tim messaged me the other day (from Radio Gets Wild) and told me about a jigsaw puzzle of indie female artists. I thought…cool! So I downloaded it and it’s really neat. Tim, you did good!  (The misuse of grammar was on purpose, Dr. English!)   There are other puzzles to, not just us, but if ya want a link? Here is it:


PS – It took my mom a couple of hours to finish it…including the time it took her to figure out to program. (hint, you can choose to have a light “ghost” copy of it in the background for the pieces to match) I thought that was pretty fast! Mom’s getting more “techie” than I am…which is V-E-R-Y scary!  


Adam!!! France first? THEN London??!!!  Okay!!  

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Honestly, it's a miracle!! Too late, but too wired!!

Ya know it’s SO late….and I’m a nut for blogging right now! But, something cool happened a couple of nights ago! I got in late Friday night and was about to go to bed when my phone rang. I was going to let the voice mail get it and crawl into bed, but I thought…oh well…I’ll answer. It was Adam…in Orlando, Florida!!! So of course I was going to answer!!!


He said: “You will NOT believe what just happened!”


I said: “…uh…okay.” Thinking, “…man this better be good!”


He said: “Okay, so all of my family is over for my sister and brother-in-law’s birthday, right?


I said: “….okay….”


He said: “And Krissy asks, ‘So what kind of music does Karmyn sing?’ and I said well you know smooth jazz…traditional pop style….actually….it sound like this song on the radio….wait…..that really does sound like her song……WAIT… IS her song….I swear that’s Karmyn on the radio!! Then we hear the DJ say, ‘That was former Miss Louisiana, Karmyn Tyler singing Dancing in the Dark/Night & Day’ and we all freaked-out!!!!!!!!”


I said: “OOOHHH MY GAAAAW!!! No way!!


He said: “…uh YEAH!! That’s like the biggest jazz station in Orlando!!”


Needless to say I woke-up with my third wind of the evening! It was wild! After I got off the phone WHO did I wake-up and tell? MOM!! She was excited…but was more excited the next day when she asked me to repeat the story again and then really realized what I HAD said. I honestly thought….“Thank you God!!!”


Okay now, I’m off to bed!


PS – Tom, Kenny….I’m working on it!!! XXOOXXOO

PSS – Mom, I’ll fix the grammar later…for goodness sake!!!

Friday, February 10, 2006

College Daze: back at Centenary!! Also, Eban!!...George Clooney?? NO WAY!!! I SO didn't need to know that!!

I had an interesting experience yesterday. I was invited to speak at my old college stomp, Centenary College. It was at what we music majors call, R&R or Recital Hour. I was always curious as to why it had 2 “R’s.” Was it for Reading and Recital? Hmmm…I asked once and that was the response. Well, I spoke on what it’s like being an unsigned “indie” artist and all of the info I wish I had known at their age!  I was impressed at how many students were there! I think there was a head count of around 60. I know that when I was there, most of us skipped out on R&R. He had a certain number that we HAD to attend for credit, but skipped out on as many as possible. We were good students…just busy with other things…like watching movies, and…such!   (I’m not sure if I would have come to see…me…) ANYWAY, it seemed to have gone well! Thank you SO much to Dr. Smith for inviting me! Jen you’re an angel for suggesting it…and for introducing me!! I was a bit nervous about your intro, though! We’ve been best friends forever and you know E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G people would love to know about me…so shhhhhhhhhh!! Mums the word! Right?  You did great! And thank you to the students for being so receptive and good questions! (With what little time I had left for it…sorry, I’m a talker!) Even “Mr. Whistle-man’s” question!! I would have asked that! (You know who you are!)  And Dr. English!! You STILL look fantastic!! All the girls had a crush on him when I was there!  He looks just like Sean Connery AND he’s a fantastic vocalist and actor! Oye! You have it all!! (Thank you for your advice!) And Jen & Tom (a.k.a. Dr. & Mrs. Stone…same Jen as mentioned above.) I’m paying for dinner next time!!! ARG!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs and Kisses! See you Saturday!!


Random: Thank you Eban (with Reaching for Lucidity #140) for the…wow what’s the word…“strange?”… no…“hairy?” … no “scary?” …yeah, maybe…“scary” mental image of George Clooney!  Yikes! I only HOPE everyone was drunk!  And thank you for the play in #141! You STILL rock!!

Monday, February 6, 2006

LIVE! With Mick Jagger & Roseanne Barr?

So, I really love watching LIVE! (Ya know Regis & Kelly…)Of course, Regis is AWESOME and I’m VERY happy with Kelly (after K-L) and mainly because she says what I think! J HA! She was mentioning the Super Bowl…it was on…I didn’t really watch! But Regis started talking about the half time show…the Stones! OKAY! Before I knew they were doing the halftime show, a student…12 years old mind you who had no clue who ‘the Stones’ were except those, “old guys who still sing!” (I’m serious! She said that!) I told her that when I was her age they were making their first “come back.” They did this video called “Start Me Up.” (Thank you Kelly for reminding me!) and Mick Jagger’s dance movements really disturbed me! He reminded me of this dorky guy in Elementary school that…if he were to dance…would look like that! I couldn’t watch the video! I would go into the other room and wait for the next one!! And…as Kelly overtly mentioned…his big mouth freaked me out! I think it’s this Dracula fear-fixation I’ve had f-o-r-e-v-e-r-. (Thank you Diane, my sister!) For a kid, a big mouth equals a big monster that eats little children….run away…run away!! So I relay the “video story” to my student and she said, “I’ve seen him dance and you’re right! He’s freaky! I can’t watch him either!” So the Stone…who are fantastic in their genre…are now freaking out other little children. I find that interesting! It’s all about the effect on society…good or bad…cool or dorky…fear or safety! It doesn’t matter as long as you have an effect!!


…so what’s the deal with Roseanne Barr singing kid’s song? Oye!! (…down on the donut farm…?) So now it’s cool to be wholesome? What has Mel Gibson done to society???

Friday, February 3, 2006

Austin's "The Guest" & Adam!!!

Isn’t technology grand?  (when it works…) I was looking up random stuff and found some of my friends’ info online, so I HAVE to brag!! I have to admit that in high school I LOVED alt rock!! Well, of course, I dated the COOLEST and most talented guitarist in the universe!!  His name? Jonathan Dubois. Well, at the CAC gig last week Cliff & Jeff from Reaction (…gotta find their website) asked about bands I knew in Austin. Well of course The Guest came up and he freaked and said, “Yeah! We’ve filmed them a couple of times!” So I googled and found their website!! I am SO proud of them!! Jonathan and Matt and I graduated high school together…man do we ever have stories! (But I’ll never tell!)  Honestly, Jonathan IS really talented…he was then and he STILL is!! Kisses to you babe!! (Matt you are too!!)


ANOTHER one? Well, I actually missed his call tonight! Sorry, Adam! (The Adam I usually talk about…and to for that matter)  I have to brag and give a link to his IMDB site!  - I’ll talk to ya later, though! ;)


Without friends, life would not be!