Sunday, May 28, 2006

A WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Had to share with all, so this is a double blog! (main blog & xanga) It’s another random one, so ya may want to skip it! (hee, hee!)


Okay, so I’m working on cutting some music down for a client and she was telling me about a family that she knew and for some reason we got on the subject of, “people who have strange or unusual pets.” So, she proceeded to tell me that one of the kids of this certain family had a tarantula, another had something like a ferret, but the last kid had a naked mole rat.


“A WHAT?” I asked.

“You know like the one from Kim Possible, a naked mole rat,” she said.

“Don’t you mean a hairless mole rat?” I asked with a chuckle.

With sheer honestly she said, “No, that’s what I’ve always heard them called a naked mole rat!”


Well, the more she said “naked mole rat” I just started to laugh!!  Now, yes, I’ve seen Kim Possible! (It was a while ago and my niece was watching it, so BACK OFF! Not to say that I don’t like or watch cartoons, but….whatever!)  So I remember the show, and I remember a pet that the guy had, but I DO NOT recall them calling it a naked mole rat! Come to find out, by asking several of my students, that there is not only a naked mole rat, there is also a naked mole RAP song!! AHHHH!! I roared with laughter!! The phrase (naked mole rat) just sounds like something you’d yell at someone who is being a complete idiot!! (Insert a “Hanna Barbara” type sinister voice) …you….youyou naked-mole-rat!! Of course you have to schmuck it all together like that!! BUT, to further add to my incessant attachment to this new exclamatory phrase, another student had to insert another viable bit of information:


So I asked her, “Does it (the naked mole rat) talk or anything?”

“Well,” she pondered, “it doesn’t really talk, it kinda beeps.”

To which she imitated…and was quite funny.

“Like this?” I asked, imitating back.

“YES!” she said laughing.

“But that’s more like a bleep, not a beep!” I said.

“Well, it really IS more of a bleep!” she said.

To which I ROARED!!


So now, not only is it a naked mole rat it’s a BLEEPING naked mole rat??!! AAAAHHHH!!! I literally doubled over in laugher!! Sooooooooooo, that’s my new exclamatory phrase!! So, if you ever see me out driving and a complete IDIOT gets in front of me, you will know what I am yelling!!! you…BLEEPING Naked Mole RAT!!!


Just thought I’d share!! (I gotta get a copy of that rap song!!!)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Xanga and "Guess-Boy!!" SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!! (but I'm probably a loss cause!) :(

Okay, a couple of things. First off, I’m so trying to blog on xanga too! It’s a little different than this blog, but hey, it’s me! I was getting some stuff together for a deal, so I decided to post it. I think this is my address…ARG!... …yeah, that’s it...still trying to understand it all! Oye!


OKAY, interesting evening! I went to my niece’s 8th grade graduation. So I’m finding a seat, seeing old teachers…(you look great Mrs. Martin!!)...very crowded. So I sit by my other niece and a dude…who looks a little familiar. So I proceed to scan the list o’ grads to see if I know any of them and a few names caught my eye! Then I remember this one last name and I thought, I wonder if their dad is that guy me, Kerri, Lori and every girl in school had the hots for! He was in 8th grade and we were in 6th, so he was older and REALLY cute…a few funny thoughts were running through my brain!! So I leaned over to my sister and asked her about it, and she said, “Yes! In fact, you’re sitting right next to him!” OH….MY….GAW!!! Okay, he was known as the “Guess Boy.”  He wore the tightest Guess jean which accentuated his VERY, VERY, VERY nice butt! (…“bottom” for the younglings). Probably why…to this day…I’m a butt girl! Ya know, nice arms, shoulders, and nice butt on a guy! We used to purposely find ourselves where ever he was and proceed to talk about how absolutely hot he was!.....SO, he obviously heard me speaking to my sister…I mean he’s right beside me! I had to smile, turn to him and say, hi! It went something like this…(thoughts in parentheses.)


Me: “Hi, are you *insert his name*?”
(Oh my gosh, I used to look at your butt!)


Guess-Boy: “Yeah!”


Me: “I’m Karmyn Tyler. I went here from 6th to…”
(somebody help me!!!)


Guess-Boy: “Yeah I thought that was you! How are you?”


Me: “Oh fine, so your kids are graduating?”
(Wow you have kids…and I SO used to look at your butt! AHHH!!)


Guess-Boy: “Yeah, it’s kinda weird. But this is a great school!”


Me: “Yeah it really is….”
(I’m going to BURST OUT laughing…!!!!!)


My sister: “Hey, there’s Kerri!”


Me: (Thank you GOD!)
“Oh my gosh, let me go say hi!”




How weird was that!! You never think when you’re in Junior High that the dudes you think are hot, grow up, get married, and change! He still looks good, mind you, and very nice…it’s just I had this image in my head…of the Guess triangle on his butt! AHHH!! I told Kerri about it and she was like… “oh, yeah, tight jeans…I remember!” I sat by him through out the entire ceremony, but I can tell ya, that I had self-control. And I can honestly say that I DID NOT look at his butt tonight! Pu-leeze!! For goodness sake! I’m SO going to bed, now!!

Monday, May 8, 2006

LDS and Nick Lachey

The MLP/LDS gig went really well!! We all had loads of fun!! I was surrounded by awesomely talented people!! Steve, Ross, Afton, Phil & Caryn, Peg & Penny, John, the magician (how’d you DO that…I’m SO keeping my card!!)…AH!...who did I miss? Mike, Sarah and Afton’s husband!!! (I’m sorry I forgot your name!! Shame on me!) Wow, President Merril, I was honored to be apart! Learning a dance number in 10 hours was a little harrowing, but fun!! “There’s No Business Like…..” And Afton, I’m SO glad that you got better! You are AWESOME!! And Phil & Caryn thank you for becoming mySpace friends!! You guys are amazing!! The Telephone Aria was ROCKIN’!!! Yeah!!! A, P&P you guys also rocked on the “Baby” material! It’s become one of my favorite musicals!! (Shout out to Eugene!!) Every woman says, “I Want it All!!” J


A bit random - Okay I was watching GMA today and heard Nick Lachey sing his song from his new album! And I really felt bad for him! I’m not sure what all happened with him and Jessica and it’s really none of my business anyway…nor is it anyone else’s. L But, I remembered all of the hoopla when they first got together….back in the day when Jess was opening for 98 degrees. I always wondered how that works. Two people in a business like that trying to make a go of their massive careers and trying to create a healthy marriage. (I probably only thought about it because of the sermon series our pastor is doing at our church with the cool title, “Desperate Households.”) J I’m obviously not anywhere close to their caliber of notoriety, but even with my limited involvement in “the business,” I see that if you don’t have a health attitude about “the business” it would be hard not to get “caught up” in the “idea” of the person and not the person themselves. If what I understand to have happened, happened; as soon as one (not naming which) got a taste of excess “attention” from other people in the “biz,” they couldn’t handle the pressure of being true to the “famous” one that they chose to be with first! How sad! And how horrible to have experienced all of that in the fish bowl of the media! They definitely are not the first and will definitely not be the last. This is a very girly statement, but I think someone should be attracted to a person’s heart and who they are on the inside. The outside changes and the roller-coasters of the music/acting biz are NOT glamorous! I see so many unhappy people…who by all means should be VERY happy! But I guess that filters over to other careers as well. I guess that’s why most in “the biz” choose to marry people in “the biz,” because they realize that they don’t wake up looking (or acting like) like they do in the movie or music video that they were in! I hate it for Nick & Jess, but it seems to have worked out for Paul Newman and Joann Woodward….so my mother keeps telling me!! J (But do you remember mom that he was married to someone else when he “fell” for Joann during the filming of “Long, Hot Summer?!” Hmmmmm……I watched the biography….)

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Why I wrote Drifting…

Thank you Ed for thinking of me on your new podcast, “Looking out the Window.” And yes, I’m okay…now…  Thank you for being concerned. (grin) The promo is really, really cool!  


The podcast is about why you write certain songs and since Drifting is the only one I have out… well….  Bad situation?, yes,…over it? Yeah, but talking about it was weird. It’s always hard to rehash a relationship that you’d really rather forget. Well, I don’t want to forget, I want to learn from and never, never be in the same situation again. Hmmmm…. its been one of those, “I need another dose of P&W to get through” moments for the past few days. Yuk!! (BTW – Dan (a.k.a. Tug) I can not even begin to tell you how awesomely effective those songs have been for me! THANK YOU!! I’ve needed them and they came at the perfect time! Bless you!) Not sure when the cast will be up, but needless to say, it will be weird for me! I may crawl in a hole for a few days…JOKING….sorta….


On a lighter note….the French Open is this month!! ROCK ON!!! Rafa rocks & Rafa rules the clay!!! VAMOS!!  I was watching highlights from last years match (boy, am I a sick puppy! hee, hee) and it was SO awesome! BUT, the highlights when he (Rafa) beat Federer???? AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! WAY too awesome!!!