Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tennis Time!!! My picks...but not exactly because of the way they play...hee, hee...go figure!

As you tennis fans know, Wimbledon is ON!! I haven’t gotten to watch many matches because of my schedule, but I’ve checked…as OFTEN as I possibly could!!!


All that matters is that Andre is STILL in!! I saw an interview with him yesterday…amongst the “who will Brad Gilbert be coaching” episode!! Oye!! He (Andre) seems SO happy & fulfilled!! As I watched, I remembered one of the MANY reasons I like him!! His smile!! It’s so honest and real!! It’s probably one of the best smiles I have ever seen! He just beams!! (Julianne don’t start with me on the whole Brooke & Andre thing…now’s not the time!!!) But he’s retiring this year…his last Wimbledon!! How AWESOME it would be if he won!!!!!!! And how sad that I will never see him play again…well not as an ATP man!! L One of “goals” is shot!! Ah well!! Such is life!! But I really am bummed about it! Maybe if I can get to the US Open this year….but I don’t see that happening…(sigh) L


Who I’m watching?

Agassi (of course, THE MAN!!)

Nadal (the “clay” boy wonder!) – and thank you bgilter for the Nadal update!! (HA!!) Pour-ting!

Blake (my hero!)

Federer (the genius!)

Nalbandian (GOOD player and tough for Fed-head!)

Ancic (because he’s just GOOD too!)

Hewett (just don’t be a jerk to Blake or I will have to start hatin’ & THAT’S not good!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Watching but not much hope for:

Bracciali (your cute, although the “mug shot” on the site looks pretty…muggy!!)

Murry (go Andy!! The Brit’s love ya & so do the Scots!!!)

Haas (hmmmm….very interesting!! How far this year??)

Roddick (don’t get me started, although good game today! Talent is talent…but humility is a beautiful thing & right now you’re not even very pretty!!) L


Oops for:

Hanman….sorry man!

Philippoussis…grow up…that’s what you get for dating Paris’s girl-toy! (whoa! That wasn’t very nice of me, now was it!! Don’t worry, I’ll repent & apologize….later!! Okay!! Sorry Nicki!!) L (for the record I heard he wasn’t very nice to her!! What a JERK!!) L

Sanguinetti…you have a really cool name!!! J


Who I’d LOVE to see in the finals? Agassi & Nadal! Who will probably get to the finals? Federer & Nalbandian. Now, I’m NOT dissin’ Andre, I just worry about his physical health!! Although for thirty…what 36 now?? You look DANG good…. & play well too!! J (hee, hee!)


And that’s it for now, pal!!

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