Thursday, June 29, 2006

Buh-NAH-nuh!! (hee, hee!!)

Okay, I’m really sleepy so this will be as quick as possible! HA!


Cool day! Everyone was great!! Or as Julie says, “phenomenal!” If you don’t know what I’m talking about visit my xanga!


Okay the moment I wanted which would not have been possible in a final because they are in the same draw…pay attention, Karmyn…Agassi vs. Nadal!! ARG!! And I’m going to MISS it!! It’s gonna be on SATURDAY!!!! So….if you see it, feel free to scoff at me!! Although I will be doing something really cool….I SO want to see that match!!! Well, I’d have to watch the scoreboard thingy on the net anyway!! That’s what I had to do today for the Nadal/Kendrich match! WHOA!! 25 aces for Kendrich?? H-E-L-L-O!!! I caught Nadal on his 6th!! J Anyway, I had to listen to it via internet and watch the live scoreboard…..which was interesting!! And a bit cool!! But the scoreboard was more “live” that the radio, which was NOT cool!! The dude irritated me because he kept mispronouncing Nadal’s name…Nay-DELL!! Uh, NO, it’s Nay-DOLL!! It reminds me of when they used to mispronounced Andre’s name…they’d say a-GOSS-see instead of A-guh-see. OYE!! The girl made me laugh, because when Kendrich’s girlfriend got him a blue drink and a banana….Well, I just ROAR when a Brit says, Buh-NAH-nuh!! HA!!! It’s just SO cute! BTW – Does anyone remember, Banana-man? And Dangermouse for that matter!! You know the one with Penfold?? OYE! Am I the ONLY ONE WHO REMEMBERS THOSE CARTOONS?? Also how about the Tomorrow People??? They were all Nick shows…or at least on the Nick channel!!!!


Man, I need to go to sleep…I’m really exhausted!! More later….

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tennis Time!!! My picks...but not exactly because of the way they play...hee, hee...go figure!

As you tennis fans know, Wimbledon is ON!! I haven’t gotten to watch many matches because of my schedule, but I’ve checked…as OFTEN as I possibly could!!!


All that matters is that Andre is STILL in!! I saw an interview with him yesterday…amongst the “who will Brad Gilbert be coaching” episode!! Oye!! He (Andre) seems SO happy & fulfilled!! As I watched, I remembered one of the MANY reasons I like him!! His smile!! It’s so honest and real!! It’s probably one of the best smiles I have ever seen! He just beams!! (Julianne don’t start with me on the whole Brooke & Andre thing…now’s not the time!!!) But he’s retiring this year…his last Wimbledon!! How AWESOME it would be if he won!!!!!!! And how sad that I will never see him play again…well not as an ATP man!! L One of “goals” is shot!! Ah well!! Such is life!! But I really am bummed about it! Maybe if I can get to the US Open this year….but I don’t see that happening…(sigh) L


Who I’m watching?

Agassi (of course, THE MAN!!)

Nadal (the “clay” boy wonder!) – and thank you bgilter for the Nadal update!! (HA!!) Pour-ting!

Blake (my hero!)

Federer (the genius!)

Nalbandian (GOOD player and tough for Fed-head!)

Ancic (because he’s just GOOD too!)

Hewett (just don’t be a jerk to Blake or I will have to start hatin’ & THAT’S not good!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Watching but not much hope for:

Bracciali (your cute, although the “mug shot” on the site looks pretty…muggy!!)

Murry (go Andy!! The Brit’s love ya & so do the Scots!!!)

Haas (hmmmm….very interesting!! How far this year??)

Roddick (don’t get me started, although good game today! Talent is talent…but humility is a beautiful thing & right now you’re not even very pretty!!) L


Oops for:

Hanman….sorry man!

Philippoussis…grow up…that’s what you get for dating Paris’s girl-toy! (whoa! That wasn’t very nice of me, now was it!! Don’t worry, I’ll repent & apologize….later!! Okay!! Sorry Nicki!!) L (for the record I heard he wasn’t very nice to her!! What a JERK!!) L

Sanguinetti…you have a really cool name!!! J


Who I’d LOVE to see in the finals? Agassi & Nadal! Who will probably get to the finals? Federer & Nalbandian. Now, I’m NOT dissin’ Andre, I just worry about his physical health!! Although for thirty…what 36 now?? You look DANG good…. & play well too!! J (hee, hee!)


And that’s it for now, pal!!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Best in Show!

I went to my first dog show today!! Why? You ask. My cousin shows American Eskimos. They’re BEAUTIFUL!! Ya know, I’ve never heard the word….well, I just can’t type it out….you know - witch with a “b”. (So, I’ll just substitute, “b-witch”) Well, I have NEVER heard that word said so many times in one day and NOT be used as a curse! ARG!! It was unnerving at first, and then I was okay. The phrase, “Wow, that’s a really nice b-witch!” had a whole different meaning for me. And I agreed with the person saying that on many occasions.


I remember in college my roommate and I getting caught up watching Westminster’s one weekend! Then our friends came over and we all got into it too…it was weird! So I still watch it occasionally. I like watching them at home because Annie barks at all of the dogs.  Anyway, it’s really just a pageant for dogs!! And MAN do these people take it seriously! (Anyone remember the movie Best in Show!? Christopher Guest…nailed it!!!!! I should rent that movie again sometime!) Although my cousin’s not a freak about it, she does have beautiful dogs!! One of her dogs, Maggie, won BOB!! (Best of Breed). It was kinda dorky, but I was really excited for her!!! (hee, hee!!) Eek!! OH, and BTW, they have “show-moms” like “pageant-mom’s” too. And they are B A D!! Can’t people act like adults!! Sheesh!!


Janie said she'd “cut me a deal” on one of her puppies…I’ve seriously considered it!! They are SO adorable!! Speaking of that I saw this really cool bumper sticker the other day that said: Dogs are for life not just for Christmas! And I agree 100%! My dog is like my child…to a point, but I she is!! J

Friday, June 16, 2006

Big Brass Sports Band!!!

Okay, first of all, last night was a BLAST!! It was one of those…I’m supposed to be here…moments. Ya know!! I was just honored to be with those guys…and 2 girls (HA!)…it was just WOW! Live instrumentation, all of that crazy focused energy…whoa! I have to admit: The Setzer number was one of my FAVS!! Have the CD and it’s AWESOME!!!! And Mark flippin’ ROCKED!!! (Jen & I asked if we could kiss his fingers!!) I’m SO listening to the track right now!!!! And, uh, Mr. Setzer….I believe Mark SO ran you OFF!! And MIKE!! My mom is in love with you….not like THAT, but in love with your trumpet playin’!!! Jen & I sat back down from a potty break and mom turned to me and said, “I’m in love!!” Ya see where I get it??? Oh, and, I prevented her (my mother) from dancing on any more tables!! (hee, hee!! For those who needed to know that bit of info…and you KNOW who you are!)

Oh and Jim!! Mr. College basketball coach, you are SO COOL!!! Forgoing the FINAL to come hear us?? Now THAT’S friendship! (Although we know you TiVo-ed it & will “study” it sometime today!) And I HAVE to meet your wife!! She sounds SO COOL too!! Anywho, thank you for the insight!! Jim, Tom’s best friend, is the absolute coolest coach I’ve EVER met!! Jen, Jim & I talked about “performance levels” of singers/actors and the similarities of sports athletes and it was one of THE most intriguing conversations I have EVER had…all this at 1am in the morning, mind you!! (And YES, we talked about tennis!!) He SO psychoanalyzed my performance and it was the COOLEST thing!!!!! (You asked me questions that I never realized were so…“sports medicine”!!) And thank you for the compliments!! Jim, I’m SO gonna call you guys!! And I’d like to officially ask you to be my life coach!! J (hee, hee!) Thank you for the encouragement and “the talk”!  

And thank you Bill Causey for asking me to do the gig!! And MAN, can you not ever PLAY!!!! AAHHH!!! And you’re so “cool” when you do it! And Jen-Jen, I LOVE YOU!!! Your girls were AWESOME!! You are a magnificent talent and teacher and just a beautiful person inside & out!!!! And Tom!! Thank you for YOUR compliment!! Ya know, your mom can tell ya something, but when a fellow musician tells ya something…wow! Thank you! I SO respect your AMAZING talent!! WOW!! I was just blessed. It was a good evening!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006


OH MY GAW!!! While I’m about to get my “beauty…uh vocal rest” for tomorrow, I just HAD to blog about the Summer Band rehearsal!! Jaw-dropping, flippin’ out, oh my gosh!!! SO Jen, mom and & I go to the rehearsal hall in time to hear, Mike Williams, uh the LEAD TRUMPET PLAYER for the Count Basie band!! HELLO!!!! He hit notes I could not BELIEVE!! WHOA!!!!!!!!! Absolutely Amazing!! People where so flippin’ out they were calling people and letting them hear him on their cells… He’s just…OH MY GOSH!! No words!! And THEN, I get up to rehearse and the band just blows me way!! They are flippin’ amazing!!! The charts were PERFECT!!! PERFECT!!!! And THANK YOU Vicki for helping me “corner” the Ella song! It SO worked!!! BUT, in the middle of Big Time when the guitar solo hits….Mark Griffith…ripped it up!!!!!! I was like peeing on myself…well not really….but WHOA!!! I was so in AWE that Bob…sorry I don’t know your last name…the sop. sax player had to remind me to come back in and finish out the song!!! I just thought, man, I am SO blessed!! Anyway, I’m off to dream land while my mother and best friend go out partying!! When I work, I don’t play!! Well, only on stage because it’s part of it and FUN!! But, I can go out tomorrow night AFTER the job is over!! See, I’m a good girl!! (seriously….you have NO idea!!) J

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Okay I just HAD to blog again because of an email and voice message that I got from 2 really cool guys!!

1st a shout out to Robert Trudeau for an awesome “blog-write” on the show this week in Shreveport! THANK YOU!! You are SO sweet!! I am REALLY excited!! Plus the fact that I get to work with my best friend, Jennifer Dowd-Stone and her husband Dr. Tomas Stone! (hee, hee! The Finale track was awesome, Tom!) It should be cool…well not outside! I have to find my favorite sun dress to sing in…cause we gonna be sweatin’!!! And Tom, let us hope that I do your favorite song justice!! Maybe as well as Ella?….well almost as well…she’s was just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!


And 2nd-ly a shout out to Bill in Austin!! How funny!! Yes, it’s tiresome to read the Nadal banter! I understand!! And concur! My mom said I came out of the womb boy crazy…and it seems to run in our family genes! But, I’m not THAT freaky!! I’m a very excitable person at heart. Plus, it’s just fun to pretend! And THANK YOU for your encouragement with Nadal!! (HA!) We just need to start a petition to him!! Hey, I’m right in Texas! I could live in Spain! I’ve always wanted bilingual children! J (hee, hee!) “…only Make Believe…” And, of course, that’s what it is…..(sigh). I’m just being a silly-bear!  


To all - feel free to download the voice mail!! I laughed SO hard...while I was trying not to have a wreck driving down the street!! (Hee, hee!) And Bill, thank you for taking the to time read my blog! I am honored! BTW - I trust you will get to your destination safely! Gotta love flying!


Hmmmmm….should I start my own podcast? Aaron…where are you? J I think I know who my first guest would be!! I talked to her today!!! Hmmmmm.......

The Queen Mother............

Oh my GOSH!!! Check out this podcast!! My mom is now been dubbed the “Queen Mother” on RLF!!! AAAHHHHHHH!! J


Nuff Said Just listen!!!! Hee, hee!!!

Eban… are beyond awesome!! And thank you for all of the awesome emails of encouragement!! They really help!! Bless you!!! I mean that!! Here’s a HUGE hug from Texas!!!
RLF Royal Court



Monday, June 12, 2006

Part Deux and not much shorter!!! In fact, it’s just as long, I think…..or longer…

Off court RANDOM:

Nadal seems so shy and unpretentious off the court, but on court…hello! BAM!! And that’s like really attractive!! And Roger seems like SUCH a nice guy!! I know he used to have a lot of anger problems in the juniors…it’s really sick that I know that…but he’s such a gentleman…and that’s really attractive too!!


Okay moral dilemma! I don’t think of “bad” things when I think of Nadal…compared to some people’s idea of “bad” like “really bad!” But, OYE!! He’s SO hot!! And thank you Eric (Cohen) for the email on Nadal or…how did you put it? “You’re hot hunkie tennis guy won the French!” If he were “MY” tennis guy I would be the happiest girl in the universe! (forget Gerard Butler!…seriously….I’m SO fickle!….story of my life!!) Oh and Eric…thanks for reading the blog!! AND thank you for playing my music…could ya play “Make Believe” for me as a dedication to Nadal!! J I’m SOOOO serious!! (S.W.A.K.!!) WAER Jazz 88 Rocks!! Kudos, man!!


Nadal, BTW, is the ONLY 20 year old I would consider!! Even my mom said, uh, yeah, that would be fine with me!! Not for her…GROSS, but for me!! We’d have such awesome tennis kids!! Nadal think about it!! (HA!!) One of my dreams is to spawn a #1 ATP tennis player!! The other is marry a HOT guy!! He (Nadal) SOOOO fits the bill!! (Oh WAIT, commercial for Andy…Roddick….uh……NOPE! Don’t think so!! Nadal is MUCH better! Andy’s too cocky! And that’s so UNattractive!! Date yourself, man!! )


AAHHH! I’m seeing Roger without a shirt on!! This is SICK, but I remember the first time I saw Andre without a shirt on….AND without a shirt IN PERSON….not like THAT….(that would only be in brain…but I’ve repented since then!)…anyway…ugh….too much hair on your chest Roger….eeeek!!!  Nadal, however….not so bad!! J When ya see his cute belly button as he hits his most awesome 2-handed back hand…angels sing in my head!! (not really…but it’s a cool thought!!) 


Hee, hee! I think the chair ump just told everyone to “shut-up” in French! Cursing sounds so much better in French! Not that my teacher in college, hello Mr. Reuset, told us any of them…..hee, hee!!


Ugh this commercial is getting on my nerves!! Go away Geico gecko and take your “pie & chips” with YOU!!! AAAHHHHH!!! Fast forward, fast forward!!!! (Poor Roger!!)


Nadal is SO anal!! (that could rhyme!) We’d SO get along! He straightens his water bottles before he goes to the other side!! ARG!! AND he’s a family guy!! Oh, he’s perfect…okay at this moment in time I think he’s perfect!! It’ll go away tomorrow!! But come back when I see him play again!! J


Uh-oh, 4th set…Roger mentally breaking down… “pour-tang.” MISS HIT!! Whoa, Roger, what’s wrong?? (khhhee..hheee, hheee!) Tight shot on Roger’s face in anx!! (As in anxious…duh!!)


WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nadal making Fed run EVERYWHERE and Roger…standing-O on defense!!! I HAVE to watch that again!!!!!!!!!!! That was….a turn-on!! H-E-L-L-O!!!! Breaking back…..but I know the outcome and you’re a LOSER!! (I kinda feel bad for typing that….okay not too bad!! B/C you need to lose SOMETIME!!!)


Ya know…barring any physical injuries on Fed’s part….I envision Fed-Head coming back next year and winning! Beating Nadal….and won’t the victory seem SO much sweeter being that it took so much hard work and patience!! I know I’d appreciate it more!!!


Tie Breaking ACE!!!!!!!!!!!! Nadal, you’re IT!!!! (I know the out come and my heart is STILL beating fast!!!) 


AAAHH!! The WIN!!! Covered in CLAY he’s ever HOTTER!!!!!!  VAMOS!!!!!!


Awe, he’s hugging his family!! I bet he STINKS to high heaven!! Yuk!! I’d have to pinch my nose!! Eeeee-yoou!


Okay SPEECH!!! Roger – second place!! Awe, he’s so humble!! That’s really cool!!


Nadal: Is he going to speak Spanish, French or English? His English is actually getting REALLY good! He kisses the trophy!!! (hmmmmm…..never mind!) AWE!!! He’s crying!! He has SUCH beautiful features!!! I’m going cry with him!!!! Daddy & uncle are crying too! Spanish men are SOO sensitive!! It’s beautiful!!!


Okay, Roger, you’re really HOT speaking French!! OYE!!!!!!! Okay and that’s the second time you’ve turn me on, Roger….OYE!! I’m just going to have to ignore it!! J Rafa, in Spanish! Arriba!!! He’s SO nice to Roger!!! How sweet!! And he bites his nails!! (**sigh**)


Phrase of this blog by Nadal:

Yesterday: “If I wasn’t playing today, I’d be rooting for Roger!” &

Victory Speech: “Roger is the best on ALL surfaces!” (to which most of the crowd boos…)


Righteous humility is a BEAUTIFUL thing!!


Good night Nadal! Think about me!! (HA! I wish!!)  

Repenting would be a good thing….right before I fall asleep tonight!! (hee, hee!!)

WAIT!! He’s biting the trophy????? Uh……NO comment!!! Repenting, yet again!!!!! God HELP me!!!!

If you don’t like tennis or me drooling over Nadal….don’t read this!!

This is loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong! Just a warning……may separate it!! OYE! It really is noxious! I’ll read this a few days later and mentally vomit, I know!!!


Part 1


I am a sick puppy! I soooo had to Tivo the French, and I thought…man this is going to be anticlimactic. I actually found out who won via cell phone at lunch and I FREAKED OUT in the middle of Applebee’s! Woo-Who!! 60 straight clay court wins!! AMAZING! RAFA!!!!!!! And he’s SO flippin’ cute!! When I looked at the score I though,  “WHOA I HAVE to watch this!!” He won, 1-6 (eek!) 6-1 (ahhhh!) 6-4 (SWEEET!) 7-6 with a 7-4 tiebreak!!


Nadal & Federer are polar opposites!! Nadal has enough energy for 50 people at once and Federer acts like he could play tennis and “do his nails” at the same time!! It is just amazing to watch tennis…a rage of focused energy!! L-O-V-E it!!


How cute!! In the middle of a matches, Nadal has this funny little habit….he constantly, constantly, let me say it again, constantly has a wedgie! It’s like, “can I help ya with that, babe? I’d be happy to help! (and he has SUCH a nice derriere…. Me being the “butt” girl  that I am! (Oh my gosh!!…RANDOM: everything sounds so much better in French….I just don’t want to sing it!!!!) Anyway - just let me be the towel girl!! Or wedgie-girl…whatever…I’m there for ya!! And what’s with this new facial hair thing?? Hmmmmm…. he’s now in his 20’s and trying to look more masculine!! Babe, ya don’t have to try!!


AWESOME point at the 1-6; 1-0 1st deuce!! AAAH!!! Net action!!!!!

(I’m so blogging as I watch!) 


Mary Carillo…AAAHH!! Phrase of the day!! In reference to Nadal and the turn-around in this (the second) set: “He (Nadal) found his “happy place!” ARG!!! That is just too funny!!


Jennifer & Vince are there!!!??? I’m impressed!! Vince is SO tall!! Every time I see him, I think: DODGEBALL!! (HA!)


My goal for next year!! See both of these men play LIVE!!!!! And Andre one more time!  Random aside!


One really cool thing I learn from tennis: Ya can’t let a bad point ruin the way you play the rest of the set!! Ya let it go and move on!!! Another thing….whether you lose by 0-6 or 6-7….you still lose! They have both been playing for a couple of hours and are now going to be even…again….like when they started!! Only they have 3 sets left to try & win! OH and yet another thing! Court surface changes EVERY THING!!


UGH! People are being SO loud…how do you say “shut-up’ in French!! If you’re going to be loud (like me when I watch tennis) watch at home on TV!!!


Listening to Nadal yell at every point SO reminds me of Andre!! (Such fond memories!! But I’m SO ready for some new ones!!!)


Oye! Fed-Head! His eyes like a HAWK!! It’s like Harry Potter looking for the snitch!! For goodness sake!! Nadal is so baseline, baseline, baseline and Roger is SO…..anywhere!


Okay, I'm separating it!!


Stay tuned for….Part deux!

Friday, June 9, 2006

smart & sexy!

Too sleepy (and giggly) to mondo-blog…more on that later….but NEWS FLASH…not really, but yeah…been watching the French….pretty predictable….(boo-hoo) but Nadal/Federer wanna see it!!!!! And WILL!!!!!!!! AAAHHH!!! This should be AWESOME!!! Who do I go for? Rock star or athletic genius?….Judging by the TV shows I like….the athletic genius, BUT one of my favs. (TV) Numb3rs…that guy is just TOO cute & sexy...and SMART!!!!! He’s like Federer & Nadal combined…in the field of mathematics mind you…man if HE was my math tutor in school…..AAAAHH!!…he makes me giggle!! And the info gleaned from the show….(ah)…makes my brain expand…I LOVE that feeling!!! Oye!! I need to go back to bed…at least its dark now!!! Still crushin’ on Nadal though….Vamos! It would, however, a most historic moment for Roger…..I would honestly be happy for him!!