Friday, February 29, 2008

Finally the Media has cought up to Science!!

I've been reading about the Earth's next Ice Age for years! (...books so scientific that my brain has spun remembering what I learned in science and chemistry classes!)  Here is an article that my dad emailed me! Finally the media is starting to realize that it's NOT global warming they should be speculating!! It's quite the opposite!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry Mr. Gore!!! Ya may need to switch gears!!! Like running opposite way!!!

Quarterlife - DOA

I read an article in Variety yesterday about how Quarterlife did go over so well in ratings! In fact, NBC has already pulled it but it could resurface with some minor promise on Bravo. Here's the Variety news about that:

ALSO, I found Tim Bourquin's email on it to which I agree with 100%. One worry that actors have had is that networks were gong to use the internet as a "back-door" to pilots. They are made online for less (paying actors & everyone else less) and then 'pitching' the finished project to  air on a major network under a rerun contract! :( BUT, I do understand that the Quarterlife actors were paid above scale apparently in anticipation of that happening. But as Tim said, "Some content is better for the Internet and some content is better for
television. There's no reason to constantly want to force one into the

Oopsie! Of course this is just more fuel for the studio's constant flame that New Media is still TOO early to guess how much will be made! Especially with a 4 year contract window. We (actors) just need to make sure that they (the contracts) are proactive and progressive!

(entre musik) Dum, dum, dum!!


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Don't hate me! I did a spoof on Britney!!

With a little help!!! It's not really my's Madly Jadly Music's fault!! :) (Hee, hee!!) The pay was nice!!!

If I ever follow the path that she has....feel free to spoof me as well!! WAIT! I've already been spoofed!!! ARG!!!! :)

Check it the links below!

"Pretty Little Britney" Song Spoof Song

Featuring: Karmyn Tyler

You're So Pretty, Pretty Little Britney,
That's Not Really My Flab,
They say I have to go to rehab,
I'm feeling a little bit bloated,
I need another Jelly Donut!
You're So Pretty, Pretty Little Britney

written by: JADonnelly Madly Jadly Music ASCAP

OMG!! You HAVE to see this!!!

How crazy IS this!!!??? And if you go to the link...there's some interesting comments!

Here's a direct link to the site!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm VERY Proud!!!!!

Last night one of my students won the Miss Texas High School pageant!! Yeah, I know it's a high school pageant, but hey, it's my high school and I was blessed to win too...back in the day! :) I talked about her before, Miss Klancy Johnson! (Did I mention that she also won talent?) Well, she also won Miss Diamond Lakes Outstanding Teen a few weeks ago and will be going to the state pageant this summer! I'm proud for many reasons! She's the 2nd student that I've had win Miss THS!! yeah!! The other was Miss Margaret Edwards who was recently crowned Miss Texarkana!! (Yeah, I was Miss Texarkana too...but only Miss Texarkana, AR because I got 1st runner up to Lauren Clem...who is a fantastic vocalist by the way. Well, she aged out the following year for Miss Arkansas so I went in her stead.)

Congratulations girls!!!

Old student news from old site has picts of Margaret when she won Miss THS! WARNING! None of the links to the old site are guaranteed if you want more info about my studio please go to NEW site:

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mississippi & Louisiana Radio Listeners! TONIGHT!!

Hey! I'm excited to let everyone know that if you live in Louisiana or Mississippi and can pick up the radio station KLSM SAM 104.5, they will be playing Forbidden Love sometime between 9-10 pm CST TONIGHT along with the station ID that I recorded for them!

Daylon you ROCK!! I'm so glad that you like the song and that your station is playing it! THANK YOU!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Karmyn Kast 31

Karmyn Kast will be late this week! I've been working on some music and have not had time! I hope to get it out tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Okay, don't freak, but because of a miscommunication I won't be on the Bad Ass Frank Show tonight! We have it rescheduled for March 11th. Sorry about that! Still excited about it! Frank seems really cool! And he gets my jokes! :) (hee, hee!)

ALSO, check this out!! Eban's Reaching For Lucidity Animated Adventure!! I'm in it! Not as an actor, but as myself! It's gonna be SO cool!! Thank you Eban for making me look so awesome animated!! :) Woo-Hoo!! All I can tell you is that in my scene, I scream with horror!!!! You gotta watch!! Go to the site to see the trailer! Click HERE!

Also, Uncle Shag wanted me to let you guys about his show! He played my song (thank you SO much)!! Yeah!! Here's a link to his awesome show!!

AND Ramble with Russel played me too!! You guys are SO awesome!! Thank you!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Forbidden Love?

Yeah, well! I actually copyrighted the song both ways, Forbidden Love and Forbidden One, but either is fine! I chose Forbidden One because true love is never "forbidden" a person may be though! Plus the last song was 'Luv' me so and I wanted to NOT use "love" again! BUT with that said, I guess I Freudian slipped the word "Love" everywhere! And heck whatever Adam wants to call it is FINE WITH ME! (I love you Adam Curry! Won't embarrass my mom  by giving my age and I'm still a folder!)

So, Forbidden Love it is!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

I'm so sorry!!

I have not been able to Twitter, Pownce OR Utter lately! I've been so focused on mixing Forbidden One! So sorry everyone! I'm getting back to all my emails as soon as I can!!

I mixed it down as well as I could, but I did this one on my Garageband too! I'm learning A LOT! :) Anywho, this one is more my style!

I do have to say CONGRATS to Klancy Johnson!! My voice student who just won Miss Diamond Lakes Outstanding Teen tonight!!!!!! Yeah!! She sang the song Listen from Dreamgirls and from what I heard it was AWESOME! :) YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!

Oh and if ya didn't catch the latest Karmyn Kast (30). I'm having a discount for my webcam and phone voice lessons over the next 3 months! Through April! Instead of $50 per hour they will be $40! I guess it's a YEAH the strike is about to be over special! :) I'm getting the new links on my site asap!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Karmyn Kast... going to be late this week! I've just not had the time!

I've been behind on blogs, but I did an email out on my email list about being #1 on the PMC! I've never had a #1 tune before! I'm just grateful it's in the top ten!! Wow!!

Very late for me so I'm sleepy, but I did want to give a stike update....sorta:

Stay positive everyone! :)
" skies, smiling on me!..." and you!