Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Man was I ever HACKED OFF yesterday!!!!

Something happened yesterday that really hacked me off!! Okay, so I’ve had some issue with my cover tunes on the Podsafe Network. All of that over and done I started putting original material on. Well, I got an email from C.C. (from the PMN) saying that a guy had emailed him saying that he was “catching up” on his missed podcasts and saw that I (he even spelled my name wrong…) sang a Christmas song that Diana Ross did in the 60’s and gave the names of the writers. HELLO?? Well, luckily mom, who usually filters my website email, intercepted and cleared up the matter. The song that she (Diana Ross) sang was not even named the same nor were the lyrics or melody anything like that one I wrote! So, C.C. was just making sure that he didn’t need to take it off the PMN. Man that ripped me! This guy, who hadn’t even listened to the podcast accused me of something I think is foul, stealing a song! When I found out about it, I emailed C.C. and expressed my anger toward the dude…not C.C., I understand where he’s coming from…and I was quite miffed! C.C. responded by saying that he was going to “straighten his…butt…out!” Okay, he didn’t say butt, BUT you get the idea!! ARG!! I’m over it now, but I felt my integrity was at stake! And honestly…all the money in the world can not buy you good integrity and that is something I hold dear! I’m not perfect, but I hate it when people…because of…whatever…deliberately try to hurt someone like that. Maybe the guy was just reacting, but even so, check your facts first, man!!!!! Oye!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2006


 This is SO random!! Okay so I accidentally have 2 mySpaces. ARG!! A friend of mine (hey Wayne Devlin!!) said that it would be a great idea for me to have a mySpace.  So I signed up accidentally for the personal space…not the music one…and then realized that it WAS the music one only AFTER I created one for Chris and I together! ARG!!!


Here they are:



Check me out!

Karmyn & Chris:

Check me out!

Trying to figure out how this blog and mySpace works has been a chore. Wayne D. has had to help me A LOT!! :)

Going to bed now!!

One more thing: 
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Wayne G. (different from Wayne mentioned above!) I love you guys!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

delayed reaction, but....A-N-D-Y!!! Plus some music info...

Well, if you've been keeping up with the Open, you know that Andy has...lost. :( So the match I want to see next? Roger and David! If, of course, Roger wins...hee, hee! Way to go Tommy Haas!!! I love to see Fed sweat! My mom even got into that match!! (It's a little...unexciting to read about it online and then watch. Live is SO much better!!) (BTW – Tommy SO beat Fed a couple of years ago…quite easily in fact! Has Federer REALLY sold his soul to the devil?? I wonder!!)

Temple this weekend and I'm excited! Bill has me pulling out some of my old stuff. I liked the old stuff when I was in Junior High which was weird. :) It should be interesting! Maybe pictures…I don’t know. Same outfits, so…why? No need!

VERY excited also about a feature thingy! I'm going to be featured on 4 different radio stations in the month of February! YEAH!! It was an invite too! VERY honored!! Made a banner up top the blog!

Also, spent awhile on the site to clean it up a bit! And shuffle things around. And about that time I got this email from a dude named Mike. So he emails and lets me know how irritated he was about my music blaring on the album page...the crazy thing is I SO agree! It IS irritating!! So I changed it. (I was going to anyway. And no, Mike, you’re right, it was NOT what I had intended! ) There's a cool site that has all of the song clips (MP3Tunes) with out having to download anything. So I put a link there. The DEMO.mp3 isn't broken. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. I just may have it available to place elsewhere.

Blah, blah, blah...Today was supposed to be the most depressing day of the year! I wasn’t depressed, just blah! BLAH!

Ah, well, must pack...but first...iPod time! It's SUCH a brain release! :) And God knows I need it today!!!!!!

Friday, January 20, 2006

quick Australian Open thoughts…

I was a little bummed when Agassi and Nadal had to pull out because of injuries. Now it’s even more interesting…both Williams’s sisters are out, Blake is out; and WHOA, Hewitt is out. Hmmmm…no comment.


Who am I watching now?



1. Of course, Roger

* 2. Andy…(advice from me…har, har…don’t try so hard, just BE the great player that you already ARE!!! Come on Andy!!!!!!) J

3. Johansson   

4. Nalbandian

5. Tommy Hass (he’s been playing REALLY well! and another cutie!) J

6. and Davydenko

Interesting matches to watch? Grosjean vs. Coria

Interesting possibility just to see survival skills? Haas vs. Federer

Potential Roddick vs. Nalbandian

Potential Nalbandian vs. Federer

Potential Roddick vs. Federer



1. Lindsey! YEAH!!

2. Kim

3. Mauresmo

4. Sharapova

5. Justine Henin-Hardenne

6. and….Myskina

Interesting matches to watch? Potential Davenport vs. Clijsters


Final thoughts…beware of unseeded players…they could be more dangerous then they seem! J In other words, don’t get too cocky!


Picture of the day...words could not express. Sorry LLeyton!



Tuesday, January 17, 2006

AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! I screamed SO loud!!!

Oh my gosh!!!!! Trying to relax after a long drive to Temple, TX, checking out the theatre…which is awesome BTW... Okay! Randomly checking to see what’s on Broadway playing and GUESS WHO’S ON??!! Only my all-time favorite bari-tenor’s in the universe!! (And he’s SO cute!!) Hint…he was Raoul in the original Phantom of the Opera (Webber), Marius in the original Les Misérables, and Alex in the original Aspect of Love….AAAAAHHHHHHH…MICHAEL BALL!! He’s playing Count Fosco!! I honestly haven’t heard any of the music, but I heard all about it via Mary Jo last year. She said it was awesome!! (Christian was in London doing One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest at the time…and was brilliant-BTW!!) Like an idiot I didn’t look up the info…man, Michael Ball in NYC!! Somebody take me to New York!!!!!!


Oh and Paul, (hee, hee) no soap opera’s yet, only Walker, Texas Ranger. But, of course, every Dallas actor has been on Walker a couple of times!! J Thank you for playing Drifting!! J My new mic sounded pretty good on the promo, eh??!! YEAH!! No more metallic sound!!


Monday, January 9, 2006

Podcasting and blackmail photos of me!!! ARG!!!

Hey I had another very cool thing happen! The regional magazine called Images did an article on podcasting and me! Here's a direct link. It really helps people understand the awesome qualities of podcasting! Give it a read and avoid the blackmail pictures of me when I was younger!! 

Christian Bale & Slater; Dad in hospital; Supreme Vocalist Award; Notre Dame needs Ricks HELP!!!

Okay, more back blogging on its way. Hate that, but I just have not had the time.


First off, on the eve of New Year’s Eve, my dad was rushed to the hospital!! The problem: Pneumonia! It was crazy!! The crazy thing was that dad knew. He kept telling mom, “The last time I felt this way I had pneumonia.” And he was right! I gladly toned down my already boring New Years Eve plans and was at the home stead with the parents and a few friends watching movies. My friend brought a movie called Reign of Fire (She LOVES Christian Bale.) And I already had Batman Begins. (Okay, he IS a cutie!) I had never seen her movie, but it was Sci-Fi, so…of course I liked it! J AND a major cowboy Texan was in it: Matthew McConaughey!! AND he was bald AND hot!! Oye!!


BTW – GO LONGORNS!!!!!!! J YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But we won’t TALK about the Fighting Irish!! Ya know they have not won a bowl game since I went in 1994!!!! That’s it! I’m going to their bowl game next year and THEY WILL WIN!!!!! Just watch!! J (One more thing…even with my limited amount of football knowledge…this coming from a former cheerleader (my dark years) who hardly realized when they changed goal sides…even I know what an incomplete pass looks like!! Rick they NEED to listen to you!!! Quickly…my sister’s husband’s oldest brother is Rick Minter. Follow the link and you’ll get it!!


Okay, back to NYE!! This was cool: before the “party” began, I was online with Radio Get Wild and the neatest thing happened. I found out that I had won an award. They voted me….hang on let me look…okay, I don’t think is up yet, but it’s like the Supreme Female Vocalist Award for 2005. Wow! THANK YOU guys!! How awesome!! I’m SO honored!! First the Royal Court with Eban and now this!! Brilliant!! Mom was flippin’ out!! Dad, was...well…excited considering he was back home and in bed. J My friends were like…what?


Any way…more later on this past most awesome…but not so great hotel experience weekend!! J ????!!!! Can you say: fire?


OH one MORE thing! Eban…you are SO very welcome! Angel told me it was your birthday and just HAD to sing for ya!! Sorry about the dry vocals, I still don’t have a clue on how to EQ anything!! All, well! You can thank Angel for reminding me about it! Angel, YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!


EEEK!! One more thing again…sorry, it’s been awhile! A shout out to Mary Jo Slater, momma to Christian Slater, most awesomely talented actor!! I just got your Holiday Card and it’s AWESOME!! Congrats on all of the family’s accomplishments!! I have not looked at the DVD yet, but I will!! BTW – You were…and still are…the BEST teacher!!!! Thank you for your wisdom and honesty!! You ROCK as well!!


Okay NOW I’m finished!! J For now!