Thursday, August 30, 2007

YES!!!!!! Condition???

I am SO'd think I'd just booked a major film, but why am I so happy?? My air conditioner is WORKING!!!!!!! HOT DOG IT!! Of course, now my electric bill will rise, but right now........I just wanna be cool!!!!!!!

US Open going on!! Tennis fans.....GO!!!!

Just too giddy about the air conditioner!!!!!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

KarmKast 16 is about to go up!!!

Hey guys I had a MOST awesome interview with a friend of mine, Will Wallace! He's an actor/director/writer and producer! You have GOT to see this one! Also, his latest movie, Cake (that he directed) is doing FABULOUSLY at all of the festivals and hopefully we will get to see it as well!! Anywho! There's also some great music and such AND.....some AWESOME footage of me and Zack Daggy disco dancing!! :) So get thee to KarmKast 16!!! (hee, hee!!) - for AUDIO ONLY


Monday, August 20, 2007

Go Meghan!!!

Have been so busy, I have not checked my email as often as I like, BUT when I checked it this weekend, I got this from Lydia Hall, director of Miss Texas Outstanding Teen!! Okay, I'm gonna brag....I was SO on this judging panel and I'm SO proud of Meghan!! Not only Miss Texas Outstanding Teen, but again, she was also Miss America's Outstanding Teen!! Check her out guys!!!!


PS - That's THIS Tuesday!!!

Hi All . . .


Just got word that our own Meghan Miller, Miss America's Outstanding Teen
2006, will be a part of the America's Got Talent Finale on Tuesday evening.  So
if you get a chance, tune in!


Please forward to anyone who might want to know this.





Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pod 5 Forum - TONIGHT!!

I'll be there tonight!! I'll have to call in via telephone because I just can't get Talkshoe to work on my PC or Mac!! OYE!!

Are YOU prepared??

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