Monday, March 31, 2008

VOTE for the 1st Pod5 American Idol!!!!!

You can vote once a day!! The cool thing is when you go to the site and you hear us sing the Podsafe song, Zack then tells you to vote and he plays the song with the original artists!! Cool!!

I did Until You by Dave Barnes!! Tried not to mess it up!!! :) And I didn't use reverb! Ah well!!! It's my RAW!!! Eek!! Give it a listen even if it's just to hear Dave sing!!! The song IS awesome!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Help me with my next album!

Well, I thought that this would be a great idea to help me make my next album. I'm hoping that it will help me with studio time and a computer that I need for the Giga Orchestra software that was given to me as a gift! I have to have a computer that fits the criteria of the software, and it's pretty expensive.

If you can help, that would be great! ChipIn does take a bit off the top, so it may take me a while to get the amount I need. Any little bit helps. Everyone who contributes $50 or more will get their name on my album!

I honestly don't think I'll raise that much.....especially by October, but I thought it was worth a try to see if fans could help. If not, I understand! I'll just have to wait! :)

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Met Opera goes DIGITAL!

Got this from my classical singer subscription!

You have to have Real Player, but it's FREE!! I believe I will be listening! It's pretty early PST! I heard that there was a virus going around the Met and a lot of the understudies were having to sing!! Eek!! But I think that everyone is better! I do  know that Domingo had to fill in for someone! (Can ya believe! OMG!! Heck I'd rather HAVE Domingo!!) :) Anywho, just wanted those who love opera to know! And those who just wanna be more....chic!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Drifting on Clear Channel! Please Help!!

I know this is a little backwards, but Drifting is now on Clear Channel! I wanted to get my new stuff on first!! :)

Again if anyone has time and can listen to Drifting to get my plays up that would be AWESOME!! And THANK YOU to everyone listening to the other's!

Now, I know this one is's supposed to be!! So don't get depressed listening!! Eek!! (That's a stab at my cuz who had to switch songs on her mySpace because it was depressing her!)   :)

Anywho - Here's the link:

AFTRA Contracts they DON'T want you to see!!

Here's a link to a watchdog website for union actors! I'm not sure if this guy is going to get in trouble for having the AFTRA contract out for everyone to see!! Eek!! The guy shows where the problems are in the contract!!! WOW!!

You read - You decide!!

Here's a bit for what he said on the website in reference to certain sections of the contract:

If you
don’t believe AFTRA’s current leadership doesn’t want you see these
contracts, let me exhibit a letter and contract that AFTRA sent me
after considerable pressure on my part.

It is the “It’s a Laugh
Productions, Inc.” agreement between Disney and AFTRA leadership. As,
you read it, remember it sacrifices actors livelihood to a company that
reported annual revenue of *money THIRTY FIVE BILLION DOLLARS--a
significant amount that Disney credited, in the press, to such highly
successful AFTRA cable shows like Hannah Montana and others.

You’ll notice the use of intimidation in the letter to persuade me to NOT reveal the contracts content to you. Sorry, guys, it ain’t gonna work on the Ol’ Dog.


Now let’s look at that AFTRA contract that they don’t want you to see, for good reason.

You’ll notice beyond the residual giveaway in Section 4. (Exhibition Period) the particular Egregious Section 8.
(Pre-Payment of Residuals) that allows the good-hearted folks and
Disney to apply, with no limitations, original compensation against any
residuals that actors, mostly kids, may receive.

(SAG allows buyouts under certain conditions, but there are restrictions not found in the Disney contract.

For instance, the SAG TV
agreement forbids applying original compensation against residuals for
day players and term players. As to all other performers they “may
agree to an advance payment for reruns…provided the payment is
separately listed and is paid in addition to the salary…”)

You’ll notice that this
particular despicable pre-condition isn’t included in Lifetime’s “Army
Wives” contract. (Which I will post next) But then most savvy adult
actors wouldn’t go for that sh*t.

What can we say Mickey loves kids.

Website Link:

Monday, March 24, 2008

XM-Sirius merger approved...well DUH!!

Again I wasn't allowed to digg this!! So here's the article:

XM-Sirius merger approved

Justice Department gives go-ahead to deal



The Dept. of Justice said on Monday it has found no reason to block or oppose the proposed merger between XM and Sirius satellite radio companies.

The Federal Communications Commission has yet to rule on the deal, but DOJ’s announcement is a huge victory for Sirius topper Mel Karmazin, who in the last year has repeatedly appeared before congressional committees and met with regulators to answer questions and parry critics’ claims that the merger would constitute a monopoly.

“After a careful and thorough review of the proposed transaction, the (DOJ antitrust) division concluded that the evidence does not demonstrate that the proposed merger of XM and Sirius is likely to substantially lessen competition, and that the transaction therefore is not likely to harm consumers,” said assistant attorney general Thomas O. Barnett. “We found we should not challenge the transaction.”

Barnett said DOJ lawyers rejected arguments made mostly by consumer groups and the National Assn. of Broadcasters - that satellite radio was a unique market, and a merger would allow creation of a monopoly that would jack up subscription rates.

“There was no evidence to support that proposition,” Barnett said.

Indeed, certain factors argued against it, such as “competitive alternative services available to consumers, technological change that is expected to make those alternatives increasingly attractive over time, and efficiencies likely to flow from the transaction that could benefit consumers,” Barnett said.

Another key point that Barnett said antitrust lawyers examined was the likely effect the merger would have on current competition between XM and Sirius. He said they concluded there would be no effect since the two satcasters don’t really compete against each other at the moment.

“Because customers must acquire equipment that is specialized to the satellite radio service to which they subscribe, and which cannot receive the other provider’s signal, there has never been significant competition for customers who have already subscribed to one or the other service,” he said.

XM and Sirius certainly compete for new subscribers, particularly in retail distribution, vying for consumers to buy one company’s specific radio receivers, Barnett said. Sill, he added, DOJ found that “the evidence did not support defining a market limited to the two satellite radio firms that would exclude various alternative sources for audio entertainment, and similarly did not establish that the combined firm could profitably sustain an increased price to satellite radio consumers.”

Barnett said DOJ was closing its investigation into the proposed merger without suggesting any conditions be imposed on it.

Former FCC chairman Reed Hundt said the news was a powerfully good omen for the deal. “Based on my experience, when Justice blesses a merger without conditions, it verges on the inconceivable that the FCC would stop it.”

Debate over the merger had become a Washington battle royale ever since Karmazin announced it more than a year ago. NAB, several consumer groups and numerous members of Congress spoke out against it, urging that it be denied. About an equal number of pols as well as various organizations urged approval. Committees in both the House and Senate held hearings that often heated up when those in favor or opposed to the merger testified.

A rep for Karmazin said he would not be commenting on the announcement. But reaction from others was swift and strong.

“We are astonished that the Justice Dept. would propose granting a monopoly to two companies that systematically broke FCC rules for more than a decade,” said NAB exec V.P. Dennis Wharton. “To hinge approval of this monopoly on XM and Sirius’s refusal to deliver on a promise of interoperable radios is nothing short of breathtaking.”

“The Justice Dept.’s approval of the merger of XM and Sirius satellite radio is another disappointing example of (the Bush) administration’s blatant disregard for the public interest with regard to media ownership,” said Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-N.D.), a foe of the merger. “This merger will eliminate all competition in satellite radio, and it’s the American consumer that will pay the price.”

“We applaud the Department of Justice for acting in the public interest to provide clarity in the marketplace and confidence to consumers,” the Consumer Electronics Assn. said in a statement. “To the extent consumers have been awaiting a decision on this merger to purchase satellite radio systems, they can now move forward with confidence. Now that the DOJ has approved this merger without conditions, we urge the FCC to move quickly to a decision.”

Watchdog group Public Knowledge repeated its calls for conditions on the merger, urging the FCC to exact a guarantee that the merged entity would not raise sub prices for three years, among other demands.

Earlier this month, FCC chairman Kevin J. Martin said he has directed staff to draw up options concerning the proposed merger but that an announcement probably would not be made before the end of March.

I'm a little MIFFED!!

I have a service that I thought was really reliable!! BUT for the past few months I've NOT been getting emails for jobs!! I thought......that's odd, because I usually get a lot of gigs from it!! Soooo, I double checked my email information and in fact changed it and VIOLA I got emails from 3 months ago!! Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! I'm not going to mention the service because I sent an email going...."what the heck!" Maybe it was a glitch, but I'm responding to these as fast as possible..... just hoping these clients don't think I'm a loser for not responding!!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

AFTRA negotiations!

For some reason I can NEVER digg these!! :( So I wanted to blog and then digg the blog! Which is stupid! I should be able to digg the article! :(

AFTRA ratifies ABC, CBS contracts

Roughly 200 members ink digital deals

Members of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists have
ratified two-year contracts with ABC and CBS for their respective
network news staffers.

agreements take effect May 16 and cover about 200 on-air journalists at
the network divisions of ABC and CBS, including news anchors,
correspondents and reporters.

"These agreements are a big step
forward for broadcast journalists as they improve wages and benefits,"
said AFTRA president Roberta Reardon in a statement. "Given the state
of the broadcast industry and emerging new media platforms in
particular, the new agreements with ABC and CBS protect AFTRA members
as they work in the digital landscape, and secure current contract

AFTRA said the agreements include pay increases for
network staffers, fee increases for freelance correspondents,
improvements in pension coverage, and coverage for work by members in
new digital platforms.

The agreements were approved by AFTRA's
national board administrative committee last week after the terms had
been ratified by the affected members.

Earlier this year, AFTRA
reached a tentative agreement with the recording industry on its sound
recordings code and with the four major TV networks and producers on
the network television code, which covers non-primetime work.

If you have time, PLEASE read this!!

I only need 3 minutes and 25 seconds of your time!! I'm trying to get my plays up for Forbidden Love on this site!! I would SO appreciate anyone who could listen to it all the way through at least once! THANK YOU!!!

Another Ramble with Russel Interveiw!

Russell wanted to get my take on the 'end of strike' situation, so, since there's no Karmyn Kast this can check out his Podcast! :) (Sorry, will get one out this weekend for sure!! And thank you to those who told me that they would miss it!!!!!! You made my week!!!)

I'm on Episode 91:

Ramble With Russel - Episode 91 - A Striking Resemblence

And here's the link to the main site!

Thank you again Russell for thinking that I actually have something intelligent to say! :) I was on Skype at the time and getting a little distracted because I forgot to tell everyone that I was in an interview and they were getting a little mad that I was not responding! Eek!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

FriendFeed ROCKS!!!!

Thank you Bill Giltner!! He introduced me to FriendFeed just now's a feed for all your STUFF!! It's like Plaxo Pulse, but I'm likin' this much better! Not sure if there is a widget or not...but I will check!!

Here's my site:

And the fact that I have 3 (OMG!!!) LinkedIn accounts it just STUPID!! Ooopsie!!!

You rock Bill!!!

No Karmyn Kast This Week! BUT.....

I haven't had time to get a new Kast out, but I will for next week! Gonna have something REALLY cool too......well to me it's cool!!

Anywho, go to the Bad Ass frank Show: to listen to him interviewing me on Episode 41! :)

Also, I'm trying to get my plays up on this site:
So if anyone has time to give it a listen all the way through, that would be AWESOME!!!

Thank you guys & gals!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Karmyn - EXPLICIT!

...I had SOOOO much fun last night on the Bad Ass Frank Show! OMG!!! Frank, Jenna and James are just AWESOME!!! Seriously!!! If you missed it live, it would SOOO be worth seeing it again just to see Frank try to do the crazy warm-ups I do and have my students do!! Ha!!!! Check it out at Episode 41!! yes he has a lot of playmates on,,,,and no I did not take my clothes off........  :)   Eeek!!! 

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bad Ass Hulu!

Just a friendly reminder that I'll be on the Bad Ass Frank Show tonight at 8pm PST!! Or as mom calls it the B.A.F. Show! Eek!! You can call in an chat and everything!! I'm supposed to teach him how to sing!! Should be quite interesting!!!

Also a bit of interesting news! is going big!! Well, at least now you won't have to wait to get a username and password you can just sign on! I love it AND it's FREE & LEGAL!!!

Here's some articles about it that popped up in my view:,8599,1721021,00.html,1,2413303.story?track=rss

Monday, March 10, 2008

Those Ringtones I talked about on the KarmynKast!

Okay, I talked about it and now I'm starting to make them! let me know what you think and have fun listening!

More from Karmyn Tyler at Myxer

More from Karmyn Tyler at Myxer

More from Karmyn Tyler at Myxer

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Day has gotten better......

....and believe it or not this very depressing but AMAZING aria sung by Pavarotti has helped! :) Man, he was amazing!!!! Also the fact that my parents left the classical channel going at their house while they were out and I peaked in on my dog via webcam. She was snuggled up in my dad's armchair and this was playing!!!

Pavarotti signing Vesti La Giubba from I Pagliacci


mySpace - WHAT THE HECK!!??

I was in my Concert mySpace getting some friend links for my next show and my TOP FRIENDS were all different!! HELLO!! What happened!! Did this happen to anyone else?? There was like only 1 friend that was normally in my top 10!!! I'm SO irritated!!!!!

So, if you are normally in my top, but don't see yourself! I'm SO sorry! mySpace did something WEIRD!!! and WRONG!!!! Either that or someone has hacked my page!! And THAT is SO WRONG!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Good News for "Daisies" BAD news for "Moonlight"!!

I tried to digg this, but digg wasn't "happy" with the URL that I gave! Well, hello,  there's a digg button right at the top of the page! :( Ah well, this is worth a read if you are into WHICH television shows will be back this spring or fall!!

TV series take a dramatic pause
(Hiatus triggers some shows to polish, rethink)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Monday, March 3, 2008

"Reel" Estate!!

I want to say thank you to my friends Michael and Julie Jalone!!They are two highly successful real estate agents in California and two of the sweetest people I've gotten to know here! They have been SO supportive of me and my endeavors, and they were very sweet to mention me in their blogs this week! Check them out!!! And if you're looking for a house? These are the two to contact! I sure soon as I get that series! ;)

Julie's Blog

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Pageant OLD News! 3 years ago was a burning question!

Miss America has been in trouble for years! Two times a certain man has wanted to help. I found this in my email archives from a friend back in March 2005. In fact the time/date stamp by AP at the bottom is: 03/11/05
17:22 EST

(AP) - He's a reality TV star, a billionaire and he knows a thing or two about
beautiful women - between the ones he's married and the beauty pageants he
already owns.

better to rescue a damsel in distress than Donald Trump?

has approached the Miss America Organization about buying the famous pageant,
which is fighting for survival after being dumped by ABC because of declining

talked to them, but I have not made an offer,'' said Trump, an owner of the Miss
and Miss USA
pageants. ``It's tough: The networks don't want to put it on, and I'd like to
do whatever I can to help them out.''

he bought Miss America , he
would keep it in Atlantic City
but make it more watchable, Trump said. When asked how, he wouldn't say, except
to say he would maintain the ``integrity'' of the contest.

officials, meanwhile, were playing it close to the sash Friday.

are flattered that Donald Trump called on the Miss America Organization, the
longest-running pageant in history,'' said CEO Art McMaster. ``We are currently
exploring all of our opportunities.''

who issued a written statement in response to inquiries from The Associated
, would not elaborate. He declined repeated requests for an interview
Friday through pageant spokeswoman P.J. Santos.

controls 50 percent of the Miss Universe partnership, which owns the Miss
and Miss USA
pageants. He owns 25 percent personally and 25 percent through his Trump Hotels
& Casino Resorts company.

Trump Hotels share is soon to be transferred to Trump himself, as part of the
reorganization of Trump Hotels, which filed for bankruptcy in November.

doesn't mean The Donald's broke; Forbes magazine puts his net worth at $2.6

he may want from down-on-its-luck Miss
is anyone's guess.

is what you call the vertical integration of the beauty pageant business,''
said Larry Gerbrandt, a media analyst. ``I don't know what it does to Miss
, but you could see a natural merger of Miss USA and Miss America, so
that you go on from Miss USA-America to Miss Universe.''

, by any measure, is floundering.

a succession of new gimmicks aimed at luring viewers back in recent years, its
basic formula - 52 women competing in talent, swimsuit and evening wear, with a
tearful crowning at the end - has gone unchanged.

year, it was watched by 9.8 million people - a record low.

loss of its TV contract means more than the loss of network exposure.

also means less money: In 2003, ABC paid $5.6 million for the rights to
televise Miss America ;
the Miss America Organization's total revenues for the year amounted to $6.9

the staid old beauty contest is pitching other networks in hopes of finding a
place on the dial.

believes the key to reviving interest in the 84-year-old pageant is televising
it as a reality-style serial that allows viewers to get to know the

far Miss America
goes in embracing the often meanspirited nature of reality TV is another
matter, though.

can't turn a Miss America pageant into a reality show,'' said Marc Berman,
senior television writer for Mediaweek, a trade publication. ``There's just so
much you can do with it, and while it can stand some changes, he'd be smart to
know you can't turn it around overnight.''   

17:22 EST

Copyright 2004 The Associated Press. The
information contained in the AP news report may not be published, broadcast,
rewritten or otherwise distributed without the prior written authority of The
Associated Press
.  All active hyperlinks have been inserted by AOL.