Thursday, June 28, 2007

Worth Reading!!!

Death to Record Labels!!!

from Rolling Stone Magazine...Part 1 of a 2 part article!

Been watching cool indie movies!! Two AWESOME ones??
La Vie En Rose - wanna see it again!! love you Jen!! Check this out for the real Edith!! And here too....LOVE this song....!!! She was SO amazing!!!!!! her voice WOW!!!!!

AND - side spiting funny from Frank Oz....who's SUCH a cool guy!! (Hear him speak last night!!) Death at a Funeral!!!

Alan Tudyk is HILARIOUS!!!! Texas boy too!! The only American in the cast!! He's awesome too!! And SUCH a cutie!!! He spoke as well!! Man I learn a lot from those!!! (SAG rocks!!)

Back to Wimbledon! Fed-head, Nadal, Blake, and Andy all still in!! I was SO pullin' for ya Tim!!! Ah! non je ne regrette rien!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007


All I have to say is, ........................................the "game" will be VERY interesting!! And ya'll, I don't watch Reality TV...........................

Check out the video!!!!

Monday, June 4, 2007

KarmKast - Audio Only issue!!

Okay, I'm trying this....I just made a page on Podshow with only the audio and yes you will have to listen to the "Suckless" promo....

Here is a direct link to the archives! CLICK HERE! All of the show notes can be found on

it's nothing fancy, yet.....until my mom gets a-hold on it!! Eeek!!! (mom you're awesome!!)

KarmKast 14.....already!!!!

I know this is quick, but I had some thoughts going and wanted to play around with my....stuff!! My mom DOES talk on this one......about church....and SEX!!! OMG!! I freaked out!! Anywho, thank you Mickey for you comment! I'd love to have feed back from other people!! (Mickey you're not the only one!!)

I did think of you guys and I upload mp3s (audio only) of the video podcasts on  If that's not working, I'll just start an audio podshow page. Love some feed back on this!! mp3's, emails, call me....just let me know guys & gals! :)

BTW - i went to a Survivor concert tonight!! OMG!!! It was AWESOME!! I was like scream/singing "Eye of the Tiger"!!!! Rock on!!!