Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Okay, don't freak, but because of a miscommunication I won't be on the Bad Ass Frank Show tonight! We have it rescheduled for March 11th. Sorry about that! Still excited about it! Frank seems really cool! And he gets my jokes! :) (hee, hee!)

ALSO, check this out!! Eban's Reaching For Lucidity Animated Adventure!! I'm in it! Not as an actor, but as myself! It's gonna be SO cool!! Thank you Eban for making me look so awesome animated!! :) Woo-Hoo!! All I can tell you is that in my scene, I scream with horror!!!! You gotta watch!! Go to the site to see the trailer! Click HERE!

Also, Uncle Shag wanted me to let you guys about his show! He played my song (thank you SO much)!! Yeah!! Here's a link to his awesome show!! http://uncleshag.com/

AND Ramble with Russel played me too!! You guys are SO awesome!! Thank you!!! http://ramblingruss.libsyn.com/

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