Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Don't hate me! I did a spoof on Britney!!

With a little help!!! It's not really my fault......it's Madly Jadly Music's fault!! :) (Hee, hee!!) The pay was nice!!!

If I ever follow the path that she has....feel free to spoof me as well!! WAIT! I've already been spoofed!!! ARG!!!! :)

Check it the links below!

"Pretty Little Britney" Song Spoof Song

Featuring: Karmyn Tyler Karmyntyler.com

You're So Pretty, Pretty Little Britney,
That's Not Really My Flab,
They say I have to go to rehab,
I'm feeling a little bit bloated,
I need another Jelly Donut!
You're So Pretty, Pretty Little Britney

written by: JADonnelly madpod.com Madly Jadly Music ASCAP
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