Saturday, February 9, 2008

I'm so sorry!!

I have not been able to Twitter, Pownce OR Utter lately! I've been so focused on mixing Forbidden One! So sorry everyone! I'm getting back to all my emails as soon as I can!!

I mixed it down as well as I could, but I did this one on my Garageband too! I'm learning A LOT! :) Anywho, this one is more my style!

I do have to say CONGRATS to Klancy Johnson!! My voice student who just won Miss Diamond Lakes Outstanding Teen tonight!!!!!! Yeah!! She sang the song Listen from Dreamgirls and from what I heard it was AWESOME! :) YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!

Oh and if ya didn't catch the latest Karmyn Kast (30). I'm having a discount for my webcam and phone voice lessons over the next 3 months! Through April! Instead of $50 per hour they will be $40! I guess it's a YEAH the strike is about to be over special! :) I'm getting the new links on my site asap!

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