Thursday, April 3, 2008

NEW Dave Barnes Album Out!!!!!!!!

I got an AWESOME email from Mike, with Razor & Tie about Dave Barnes's new album!! You'll have to wait until KK37 to hear about it!! I'm SOOOOOOOOO excited I'm havin' a FIT!!!! But here's a link to his new album HERE! PLUS, don't forgot to check out his website: (His website ROCKS!!) He's just ROCKIN' AWESOME!!

PLUS, go to the Pod5 idol Page and listen to to me sing Until You (by Dave Barnes) which was the song I picked for the contest. (FYI - It's on his new album!!!!) You can vote for someone by emailing (Put the contestant’s name in the subject line.) All of the contestants donated $5 and the winner gets that money donated to the charity that they chose. I chose the ASPCA. I love animals!!

And I'm SO sorry!!! Yes, I've been late on stuff this week because of splitting the Ghost Hunting KK35 into 2 shows......KK36 - Part 2!! ARG!! Finally got KK36 finished...sorta and it will be available THIS weekend...I SWEAR!!! But I will also UStream about it soon so watch twitter...that's where I'll let ya'll know!!

FYI - I DID find EVPs in my apartment!! And I reveal them on the KK36!! I let you know what I think they said and you can let me know if you agree!! I have a good friend who is getting with me on the EVPs I found......he's a REAL ghost hunter, NO JOKIN' this time!!!
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