Friday, December 7, 2007

Variety reports: Stirke KILLING Latenight TV!

Yep, this will be interesting! IMHO :) We watch shows out of habit! Ya get used to something (because of the stars in the show or concept of) and 'come rain or shine' you watch it unless it gets WAY out there and stupid! Case with me, I LOVED the X-files and I followed it for years, even through the crazy Titanic-type episode, but I finally had to say nix and started watching something else...don't even remember what! I (IMHO yet again) think that if one finds an alternative the odds of us coming back to their "old" show depends on the length of it's absence, unless there is a date scheduled for it's return (anticipation) and the quality of the program after the absence (and that one's up for debate!) But, here's the article that got me going saying...yep it's gonna start rumbling!
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