Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Honestly, it's a miracle!! Too late, but too wired!!

Ya know it’s SO late….and I’m a nut for blogging right now! But, something cool happened a couple of nights ago! I got in late Friday night and was about to go to bed when my phone rang. I was going to let the voice mail get it and crawl into bed, but I thought…oh well…I’ll answer. It was Adam…in Orlando, Florida!!! So of course I was going to answer!!!


He said: “You will NOT believe what just happened!”


I said: “…uh…okay.” Thinking, “…man this better be good!”


He said: “Okay, so all of my family is over for my sister and brother-in-law’s birthday, right?


I said: “….okay….”


He said: “And Krissy asks, ‘So what kind of music does Karmyn sing?’ and I said well you know smooth jazz…traditional pop style….actually….it sound like this song on the radio….wait…..that really does sound like her song……WAIT…..it IS her song….I swear that’s Karmyn on the radio!! Then we hear the DJ say, ‘That was former Miss Louisiana, Karmyn Tyler singing Dancing in the Dark/Night & Day’ and we all freaked-out!!!!!!!!”


I said: “OOOHHH MY GAAAAW!!! No way!!


He said: “…uh YEAH!! That’s like the biggest jazz station in Orlando!!”


Needless to say I woke-up with my third wind of the evening! It was wild! After I got off the phone WHO did I wake-up and tell? MOM!! She was excited…but was more excited the next day when she asked me to repeat the story again and then really realized what I HAD said. I honestly thought….“Thank you God!!!”


Okay now, I’m off to bed!


PS – Tom, Kenny….I’m working on it!!! XXOOXXOO

PSS – Mom, I’ll fix the grammar later…for goodness sake!!!

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