Friday, February 3, 2006

Austin's "The Guest" & Adam!!!

Isn’t technology grand?  (when it works…) I was looking up random stuff and found some of my friends’ info online, so I HAVE to brag!! I have to admit that in high school I LOVED alt rock!! Well, of course, I dated the COOLEST and most talented guitarist in the universe!!  His name? Jonathan Dubois. Well, at the CAC gig last week Cliff & Jeff from Reaction (…gotta find their website) asked about bands I knew in Austin. Well of course The Guest came up and he freaked and said, “Yeah! We’ve filmed them a couple of times!” So I googled and found their website!! I am SO proud of them!! Jonathan and Matt and I graduated high school together…man do we ever have stories! (But I’ll never tell!)  Honestly, Jonathan IS really talented…he was then and he STILL is!! Kisses to you babe!! (Matt you are too!!)


ANOTHER one? Well, I actually missed his call tonight! Sorry, Adam! (The Adam I usually talk about…and to for that matter)  I have to brag and give a link to his IMDB site!  - I’ll talk to ya later, though! ;)


Without friends, life would not be!

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