Thursday, June 9, 2005

The French

Okay, most of my friends know that I'm a tennis fan! Yeah, yeah, I fell for Agassi in 6th grade!  (He's still HOT!!) All my friends were going to crazy concerts and I was beggin' my parents to let me go to a tennis match! Well, I was a bit upset when my main tennis squeeze didn't advance past the ....we just won't talk about it, However, I did find another most awesome player to cheer for! Rafael Nadal! HELLO!! He's AMAZING! And from a girl's point of view to be such an awesome athlete as well as...well a perfect Boy Scout! Well, it just makes a girl giddy!!  So, here's to tennis and the French Open and the new "hottie" of tennis: RAFA!!!



Thanks Heni for the photos!!

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