Saturday, June 8, 2013

Low Cost NYC Theatre Tickets?


If you’ve been to New York before to see a Broadway show, you know about TKTS‘s discount booth in Times Square, but did you know there were other ways to get discounts on Broadway shows?

Being an Actors’ Equity member, grants you access to even more discounts with TKTS with their program TDF. TDF gets off-off Broadway tickets for as low as $9 and Broadway shows for $45. There is a yearly fee of $30, but that’s a small price to pay for a big discount. (In fact, as of 6/5/2013 the annual fee went down to $25…just as I re-upped my membership on May 31st at the old price…poop.)


NOW, did you know that teachers, full-time students, members of the armed forces, retirees and clergy can ALSO join TDF? Yep! Just check out their site! The “catch” is that you have to mail or fax in your information to be approved. So, a few months before your big NYC trip, just send in the info and you’ll get a letter from them with you membership.

A few other ways to get inexpensive tickest are rush tickets, (SRO) standing-room-only, and Lottery Rush tickets. Each theatre has its own rules so check out Playbill for updates.

Speaking of Playbill, it too has a FREE membership of it’s own where you can get discount tickets. You may want to check that out!

Other sites to look at are Theatre Mania, Ticket Liquidator, Broadway Box, and New York Show Tickets. For students, HipTix for the Round About Theatre Company and Student Rush. I don’t personally have experience with these sites, but I’ve heard excellent things! Nytix has some great coupon codes and links to what the term “rush ticket” actually means!

When everything else has failed, you can always go straight to the theatre and ask about their offers. In my experience, Playbill has to most update information!

One last note, the less demanding times for shows are: January, February, September and October. So if you can plan your trip around these months, you’ll have the BEST prices EVER!!!

I hope you find this info useful and that it GREATLY improves your NYC Broadway experience!


Karmyn Tyler Cobb is a member of Actors’ Equity as well as many other talent memberships. Please visit her website, for more information.
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