Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife!!

*If you DON'T know what autotunes is, go here:!

Now, I used to say I'm not a fan because it makes people who CAN'T sing, be able to!! SERIOUSLY!! It MAKES you stay on a pitch even if you are tone deaf! In fact, the MORE tone deaf you ARE....the better you sound!!

My issues on people using it in a live performance is a WHOLE other blog but, THIS *cheese* is FUNNY!!

2 brothers grabbed this news spot in Huntsville, AL and autotuned his voice! OMG!! It's AWESOME!! The BEST thing on youtube right now!!! Seriously EVERYONE'S a star!!

Another thing, these guys now have the song on iTunes and it's CLIMBING the charts!! The brothers are splitting the money with Antoine, the brother's victim!


Autotuned VIDEO to WATCH!!

All I gots ta say is....I wonna T-SHIRT!!! :)

WATCH autotuned video HERE!!

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