Friday, March 19, 2010

Read Unread Gmail Emails FAST!

So, I, like everyone else in the universe who's had email since the 90's, try like crazy to organize my email! In Yahoo, I can easily check my unread messages, so many times on my iTouch, I'll just forward them to an email that I never give out! WELL, I had a genius moment today. Google my problem.....duh!!!! And I came up with this website that will effectively SAVED MY TIME!!

Google Tutor

Basically when you go to your gmail account search box:

Simply type in, "is:unread"

And BOOM! All of your unread emails show up! So now....when I need to get back to an email via my home computer....I can!


Have a GREAT day!
PS - Remember to click on the "Search Mail" button. :)
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