Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Another Ramble with Russel Interveiw!

Russell wanted to get my take on the 'end of strike' situation, so, since there's no Karmyn Kast this can check out his Podcast! :) (Sorry, will get one out this weekend for sure!! And thank you to those who told me that they would miss it!!!!!! You made my week!!!)

I'm on Episode 91:

Ramble With Russel - Episode 91 - A Striking Resemblence

And here's the link to the main site!

Thank you again Russell for thinking that I actually have something intelligent to say! :) I was on Skype at the time and getting a little distracted because I forgot to tell everyone that I was in an interview and they were getting a little mad that I was not responding! Eek!!
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