Monday, June 4, 2007

KarmKast 14.....already!!!!

I know this is quick, but I had some thoughts going and wanted to play around with my....stuff!! My mom DOES talk on this one......about church....and SEX!!! OMG!! I freaked out!! Anywho, thank you Mickey for you comment! I'd love to have feed back from other people!! (Mickey you're not the only one!!)

I did think of you guys and I upload mp3s (audio only) of the video podcasts on  If that's not working, I'll just start an audio podshow page. Love some feed back on this!! mp3's, emails, call me....just let me know guys & gals! :)

BTW - i went to a Survivor concert tonight!! OMG!!! It was AWESOME!! I was like scream/singing "Eye of the Tiger"!!!! Rock on!!!
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